Siam Shipping – Your Logistics Partner on your E-Commerce in Thailand

The logistics of e-commerce is specific in Thailand, and must be managed by a recognized professional. Siam-shipping has established a partnership with the famous e-commerce site: Foot Addict, specializing in customized Thailand jerseys.

Foot-addict has enjoyed great success with unique products, Thai football shirts that customers could customize to their coats, adding sponsors, logos, their name and number of their choice.
“In view of the numerous orders, we needed a freight forwarder who could deliver all our orders on time, with a concern for efficiency, speed and commercial follow-up. Siam shipping, a French freight forwarder settled in Bangkok and very well reputed, responded to our call for tender and we began to work with them, it’s a key to our success, ” CEO of Foot-Addict
“We were relieved of the quality of the work provided, and very important commercial follow-up. Indeed, the tracking numbers are sent after the delivery and the package is traceable until the final delivery and the signature of the customer ”

Siam Shipping allow you to manage your Online Shop from wherever you want !

Here are the different steps of an order at Foot-addict:

⁃ Customer order via the website
⁃ Production of the jersey in 3 days
⁃ Folding
shipment by airmail service, cooperation between the Thai Post Office and the various posts in the destination countries
⁃ sending the tracking number to the customer
⁃ follow-up of delivery to final delivery

All the packages are taken in photos before departure and those to ensure a traceability without fault.

For all E-commerce companies present in Thailand, we strongly recommend the services of Siam-Shipping.

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