The replenishment in Thailand

Like many French and international entrepreneurs, you may have chosen Thailand as a supplier. With a quality workforce and at a very advantageous price, the country of Siam is the ideal place to do business.

Whether it’s clothing, footwear or electronics, you may need to make frequent orders in Thailand, so you can manage your stock and replenishment.

What is replenishment?

The principle of replenishment is simple. It is a matter of ensuring that your merchandise is renewed, whatever it may be, to avoid any stock shortages in store (physical or online). It allows to anticipate the demand of the customer to best meet his expectations. It allows to favor the purchase in point of sale, which will engender the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers.

For example, you are marketing a product that is imminent and important and that you did not anticipate. In a few days, you may have to deal with a stock shortage.

To avoid wasting time by setting you on Asian schedules or by trying to communicate with a supplier who does not speak Shakespeare well, Siam Shipping can help you manage your replenishment.

Your sole mission will be to contact us by e-mail or phone, to give us the details of your supplier, the product and quantity you wish to order and the address where you want us to deliver it to you. Then we take care of everything: contact, order, freight, customs clearance and delivery.

We respect the deadlines and the mode of transport you prefer, to ensure a timely delivery so that your activity can continue to run at full speed.

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