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How does the LCL freight work?

What is the LCL process to send? In seafood there are two bulk containers: Low container loading (LCL) and full container loading (FCL). As the name suggests, LCL contains a product that takes less space than a full container, meaning you need to share containers and FCL simply means you have all the containers for you. To learn more about these two types of containers please do not hesitate to contact us.   CONTACT LCL Expedition:

Shipper’s issues

11 Matters of shippers For those that belong to necessary relative with the industry of merchandise of ocean, this seems to be complicated. It  includes many different devices, and every device has his own rules and rules of being followed. To understand it is part of the work. To predict that the potential of the problems is an oyster sew. Having said it, are here 11 common matters of this meeting of station in the site of remittance. Inspections of the customs The

Check list to export

The ultimate check list for the export Since Siam Shipping entered in service about 10 years ago now, we treated our just part of importers and exporters. It includes experimented senders and budding businessmen who make their entrance to the world of the maritime freight for the first time. The sea transport represents approximately 90 % of the world trade and, unsurprisingly, it is the first choice of importers and exporters for the transportation of goods. But at the same time,

Cross border services from/to Thailand

Cross border transportation for CLMV region. Growth of the GMS trade The Asian economic community expects to strengthen Thailand’s positioning as the key transportation hub for the Greater Mekong subregion (GMS), according to a study by Solidiance. Indeed, Mickaël Feige, responsible for the country of Solidiance, believes that the AEC would increase the trade of the Kingdom with the surrounding countries: Myanmar, Malaysia, Laos and Cambodia but also countries like China and Vietnam. Thailand has gradually benefited from reducing import duties on products shipped

Shipping by air from Thailand

Express Air Cargo Thailand ________________________________________ Express airship cargo Thailand is a service consoling, extremely proficient thus substantially less demanding. When you require it, you can rely on SIAM-SHIPPING coordinations for an expedited service benefit. Airship cargo Thailand pioneer additionally for all your critical shipments to and from Asia dispatched to the world. However, thanks to the optimized use of the best international express delivery services, for example, FedEx,

Partnership between Thailand and Europe

Thailand and the European Union This article provides an overview of relations between the two countries in scope like areas such as political, economic and commerce relations, monetary collaboration and humanitarian help. Political relations The two countries have arranged a Partnership Collaboration Accord. The Partnership Collaboration Accord could supply a complete system that would greatly go up collaboration between both. Nevertheless, the European Union will not approve the Partnership Collaboration Accord with Thailand until the government is democratically elected. This signify that an ancient


Cooperation between ASEAN and the EU Introduction To commemoration of fiftieth anniversary of European union and the fortieth anniversary I will begin ASEAN from overview of attitudes between EU and Asia. Extremely it important to understand attitudes between these two regions as a whole, in order to understand and to classify EU attitudes only with ASEAN. EU-Asia Relations 1.1 The EU’s Asia Strategy EU admitted Asia as region with co-ordinating centre and developed the conception of Asia in 2001. She is directed to strengthening

Custom Clearance in Thailand

Duties and tax regulation in Thailand The proficiency of Siam Shipping for worldwide moving permits you to advantage from efficient well-organized customs services, rapid, and no disclosures. Your customs clearance is frequently measured standout among major essential and highest phase before the deliverance system, we speak of nonstop stoppage, and further expenditure is immeasurable all over the system for export as an import. That supposed SIAM SHIPPING cargo forwarder is here and will perform your customs

Logistics Professional standard in Thailand

The Development of Occupational Standard and Professional Qualification in Logistics Significance of Professional Qualification System In the world of work requires not only knowledge but also skills and expertise in many aspects of learning and practical training. Everyone who works both with and without education qualifications degree in the field that has the potential to develop the ability to work in their duties. Using the knowledge, skills and abilities to apply to occupations call “competency”. Each field area of occupations and duties a

Development of the cross border from/to Thailand

Border Trade: A Future Direction or the Thai Economy in ASEAN The near future, it seems certain that Thailand will 11 become a hub for land-based trade in Southeast Asia and a gateway for the movement of goods through the region, because of its strategic location at the heart of the ASEAN Economic Community. As a result, the country will enjoy an increase in the value of cross-border trade transactions as well as more tourist arrivals, consequently boosting the Thai economy. This