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An intermodal container is a great standard shipping case, designed and built for intermodal freight transport, which means these can be used in different modes of transport – ship, rail or truck – without unloading / reloading their cargo. Intermodal containers are mainly used to store materials and transportation efficiently and safely. These containers are known by several names: cargo container or cargo container ISO…
Intermodal case are available in different types and a number of standard sizes, but 95% of the world container fleet are called “dry goods” or “general purpose”. They are durable steel boxes closed.

For more information on the dimensions and volumes of containers look like the following:

container 20 and 40 foot


Like cardboard boxes and pallets, these are a way to group goods and easily manipulated, moved, stacked and store safely. Intermodal containers share a number of key design characteristics to facilitate handling but also to be identified more easily.
In 2015 there were about 22.5 million intermodal boxes in the world. The containers have largely replaced the traditional break bulk cargo.

We can also find them since few years in architecture. Indeed, it’s really easy and cheap to build a structure with containers and then to customized it as needed.

We can also talk about air freight container which are totally different. These are adapted to fill airplane and so to optimize the small space we can use on an airplane.