Dangerous products

Siam Shipping, through Docshipper is well known in Thailand among importer, and exporter, because of an amazing capacity to ship DG goods from Thailand but also to Thailand.

Transport of dangerous products: What is the best freight solution ?

Air freight

Our aircraft load advantage covers general objectives with versatility. Collaborate with the key air bearers; we engineer your freight dispatch at the best rate with hoisted prerequisite advantage marvelously on time.

Sea freight

Sea freight benefit Docshipper Thailand enhances with global freight exchanges through the business collaborations. Your load is protected by proficient bundling servings to keep away from destruction through the transportation operation.

Multi modal

Multi modal Freight can reserve you time and dispatching price. Docshipper offers Sea-Air cargo benefit when it’s reasonable for your shipment. Our specialists and associates around the globe deal with the procedure from pickup to delivery.

Door to Door

The administrations begin when your door unbolted. Docshipper offers pick up and carriage servings from door to door, to anywhere around the globe. Picked delivering can be via air freight, sea freight, sea-air freight or even express dispatching.

Express shipping

Send small shipment quickly around the world. Follow the progress through a live tracking system. Ideal for weights below 150 kg, the express shipping may be the solution.

How can shipping handle Dangerous goods from and to Thailand ?

The transport of dangerous goods is subject to national and international regulations. This type of transport must be secure as possible and fulfill all the conditions imposed by the competent authorities.

For air freight, it is crucial to measure the consequences of potential differences in temperature, humidity and the risk of damage from vibrations during subsequent handling.

Docshipper is specialized in the transport of dangerous goods to and from Thailand, we control all steps and all regulations, the choice of packaging, labeling and documentation. here is a list of the products we are able to ship:

  • Chemical products
  • Petrochemical
  • petroleum products
  • liquefied gas
  • Aerosols
  • Cosmetics
  • Painting
  • Batteries
  • Dry Ice
  • Explosives

Can I check the hazardousness of a product through labelling?


1 = Product Identifier
2 = Signal Words
3 = Hazard Statement
4 = Precautionary Statement
5 = Supplier Information
6 = GHS Pictograms (Diamond-Shaped Symbols)

Our services include:

  • Handling, packaging and documentation for dangerous goods, UN standardized packaging from our warehouse or the place of abduction
  • Removal and storage
  • Identification and labeling in accordance with the law.
  • Re-packaging of damaged goods
  • Space optimization
  • Legal documentation IATA
  • National and international transport
  • Safety Tips for dangerous products
  • Carbo-ice
  • Bio-logistic service laboratory.
  • Goods can be delivered directly at our warehouse. Our office and warehouse strategically located in Bangkok guarantee a fast delivery to all customers worldwide.

Custom clearance

Docshipper handles Customs clearance and legitimate systems to make transportation quicker and dodge any bother. Regardless of whether you’re sending out or bringing, we would say get your loads cleared to assure straightforwardness and fulfillment.

Packing services

Proficient bundling services gave by experienced staff in view of the global models to guarantee the honesty of your products during the entire delivery operation. Besides, Docshipper can pack your particular products.

Why Choose Docshipper over Other Freight Forwarders?

Why should you choose Docshipper over other freight forwarders? Not only do we have one of the best networks on the market, but we also provide the following unique advantages:

  • Delivery Assistance: We make sure to get your goods to their final destination in the most convenient way, by providing inside deliveries, pallet jacks, and any specific service required by special shipments.
  • Superior Tracking & Timing: Our tracking solutions allow you to stay on the loop with your valuable belongings during the whole shipping process. We are committed to provide the best cost-effective shipping solutions, ensuring the best tracking system and timing compliance.
  • Carrier Connections & Volume Discounts:  We maintain good working relationships with the best carriers throughout South-East Asia to benefit from the best prices for trucking services. We are delighted to make our customers benefit from the hardly-negotiated volume discounts and reduced shipping costs.

Through our experience in the industry, we have learnt over the years how to overcome quickly and efficiently any obstacle that may arise, and how to work under pressure.

We invite you to read our dedicated page here: transport of hazardous items



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