Shipping to Brazil

International freight from/to Brazil

Siam Shipping will be the best solution to ship freight between Thailand and Brazil. We are the market leader in Thailand Brazil and we can help you with freight between these two countries. Whether it is sea freight or air freight we can offer you a service that meets your expectations. We also ship your personal belongings that have a container of 40 feet or more, regardless of the type of cargo.

Even if it is the first time you ship something, for your company for example, we will advise you and you will benefit from the expertise of Siam Delivery and our experience to make a good purchase. We know all the rules of importing products in Brazil which facilitates you the task. So we will be there in any type of transport and you will be well guided.

Air Freight to Brazil

We regularly send goods to Brazil from Thailand. We strive to have as much responsiveness as possible for your transportation.

We offer door-to-door service with airfreight or ocean freight. We will process customs clearance and you will be delivered directly to you. As far as air cargo control is concerned, we are used to working with all customs in the world at many airports. We release your goods from customs more quickly which will make shipping your merchandise faster. It is also possible to choose a complete transport insurance that will protect your merchandise for the duration of your transport.

We can also organize the storage of these goods in Thailand or Brazil. We strongly recommend using pallets for transport in Brazil if you have more than 2 boxes to carry.

In fact, your items will not be separated from each other and the clearance time will also be shorter. You may not be able to carry your merchandise on a pallet, it will then be possible for our team to pack the goods received in our warehouse.

Click here to learn more about air freight regulation in Brazil : Brazil customs from IATA

Sea Freight to Brazil

We have a wide offer of merchandise transport for Brazil with weekly departures.

It is possible for us to collect your goods directly from your premises with our collection team. You will also be able to deliver our goods to our depots in Thailand. When we are going to have partial load cargo, it will be very strongly recommended that your goods be packed on wooden pallets or in plywood boxes. We can provide complete palletizing service from our warehouses or pick-up location for light shipments.

When it comes to freight wagon full load, we bring you the empty container in your premises so that you can fill it. It may not be possible for you, so we will receive the goods in our warehouse and we will pack them ourselves.

Door-to-door service is available for all ocean freight shipments. We will take care of every step of the transport process and the freight will be delivered directly to the consignee in Brazil. We also offer port-to-port services and in this case the recipient will be responsible for local customs at the port.

Full marine insurance is possible with Siam Shipping, it will protect you from many risks during transport and will allow you to offer a storage in Thailand or Brazil.

Freight Cost from Thailand to Brazil

For what will be the price of transporting your goods, this will depend on the size and weight of your goods. The method of transport by boat or by air will also affect the price. Small shipments do not always fill an entire pallet, this will make its transport less expensive, especially for the use of a service for door. When transporting in larger quantities shipping will be the best compromise despite a much longer transit time than by air, for example by using a complete container for you.

To get the most accurate quote possible when transporting goods to Brazil, we need the exact dimensions of your goods. If the goods are on pallets this must be able to stand perfectly.

If you do not provide us with the exact dimensions of your goods we will have a precise estimate of the price only when we will pay the invoices once the exact dimensions are known.

Freight transit time from Thailand to Brazil

By using maritime transport or air transport the transit time of the goods will be very different.

Air freight will take about 5 to 7 days between Thailand and Brazil, there are daily departures between these two countries.

Ocean freight will take several weeks to make the journey, 5 to 6 weeks for entire containers and 6 to 7 for partial load containers. Transit times are fluctuating and we cannot guarantee a specific time. So check the transit timing of your goods, especially if the delivery time is very important to you.

Customs control in Brazil, as in most of the countries of the world, is indispensable. It is also necessary to take into account in transit time, the time that your merchandise will pass to the customs. You will be able to count a delay of 1 to 2 days for an air cargo customs clearance whereas it is necessary to count a week for sea freight.

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Import customs procedures in Brazil

Import Procedures

When importing goods, you must be registered with the authorities responsible for foreign trade (SISEX) to be present in the customs computer system (SISCOMEX).

This registration is relatively expensive. Indeed, it takes a fairly large minimum capital. There is an automated process for issuing export licenses. This license is essential for the transport of merchandise although it is not compulsory for some (rare) products.

Specific Import Procedures

With certain specific products, you will need a specific agreement from the relevant ministry: beverages, pharmaceutical or veterinary products, weapons and ammunition, as well as many cosmetic products, rare metals, radioactive products or those that can damage the environment and oil and all its derivatives. In general, everything that can affect the human body is regulated pharmaceuticals, vitamins, cosmetics and medical equipment / devices. Brazil goes even further, and you cannot sell this type of product if the importing company does not have a local Brazilian manufacturing unit or a local office. The foreign company may also appoint a Brazilian company to deal with the distribution and marketing of these medical products. Importation of certain types of meat is also prohibited.

Importing Samples

The imported samples will be considered by Customs with a certain value, unless otherwise agreed depending on the quantity and size of the samples.

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