Shipping to Mexico

Sea Freight from/to Mexico

Nowadays, importation to Mexico by Sea is commonly used and good working. The country’s free-market economy is continually growing. With the growing number of Free-Trade Agreements signed with different countries, the foreign trade is more and more important until Mexico became the America’s third economy, after Brazil and the US.  Mexico even overtook Spain in 2015. When choosing ocean freight exportation to Mexico, you will enter a market with billion dollars of GDP. Moreover, in a country that succeed in reducing interest rates and inflation.

LCL: Groupage and FCL: Full Container

In the first place, when you use ocean freight to export to Mexico, you need to know if you used a full container or a shared container. A shared container is a very interesting option when don’t have enough goods to fill a container completely. It is what we call Groupage: when you put your goods with goods of other people in the same container. In consequence, costs are deeply reduced.  However, you can take a full container if you have enough merchandize to fill it or if you don’t want to have your goods with others goods. To imagine the capacity of a container, we consider standard pallet whose dimensions are 1.2 meter by 1 meter.

Sea Freight Routes

10 ports used for business trade are implement in Mexico and more which generate more than $380 million dollar. Thanks to their geographic location and natural, Mexico became in foreign trade one of the giants on the American continent. There is Mexico City, Altamira, Ensenada, Veracruz, Progreso, Lazaro Cardenas, Mazaltan, Puerto Morelos, Manzanillo and Guaymas.


The Great Port of Mexico, Veracruz, attracts each year many tourist, one of the most attractive destination of the country, but it is also a very important for business trade, almost 20 million tons of good, circulate each year.

11 shipping lines are provided by the port in order to transport a huge number of commodities. It covers principal routes of the world every week. Moreover, 12 piers, varying from 27 to 42 feet of depths, are boasted by the port (4 Band Sur, Muelle de cementos, 1,2,4 Banda Norte, 5,6,7 Muelle de la T.U.M., 8 Muelle de contenedores y Muelle de la T).

And the port is also linked up by highway routes and Ferrosur-Ferromex to the most important cities of the country, from Puebla (close to Veracruz) to Monterrey, more than 1,000 miles away. It is also connected with the United States


More than 16 million tons of merchandise circulate in the port of Altamira each year. Like Veracruz, the port provides 11 shipping lines and therefore is connected and regular services are provided to the most important ports in the world. 30% of the exportations are about chemical products shipping to the United States and Canada (NAFTA partners), 20% to Europe and 18% to South America’s countries. Most of the importation are natural minerals and gas from South America and liquid petrochemicals coming from North America

The port area is closed to 3,000 hectares and concentrate 12 maritime terminals: IPM, VOPAK, STYROLUTION? COOPER T. SMITH, MCDERMOTT, IPA, ATP, OTM, TEPEAL, INSA, TMZ, TERMINAL LNG DE ALTAMIRA.  Depending on the sort of cargo (general cargos, liquid natural gas, agricultural or mineral bulk, or liquid), the cargos will be unload in a specific terminal. Highways and railway lines are also connected to the port, which facilitate the transport inside the country

shipping to mexico

Air freight from/to Mexico

Welcome to Siam Shipping, your go-to company for air freight services from/to Mexico. Perhaps you have seen that we cover a wide part of the world with our air freight services and Mexica happens to be of the destination we can with great pleasure ship your cargo. You may however wonder why choosing us?

One of our strength is our capacity to understand your needs more than anyone. With your laptop, tablet of smartphone, you can easily have for any freight forwarding the contact details. But that’s not the difficult part of shipping one product. After that you have to find which company is the right for you, and that is not something easy. If you want to export to Mexico, it is essential to find a professional, knowledgeable and highly skilled company and we have the skills to help you and it is what makes our difference. As the Thai leading freight forwarding company, we’ve been providing multiple air freight services, every day since years and Mexico is a services we can offer among many. Thanks to our experience we know that people do not just want to have air freight services to Mexico. There is nowadays so many options to ship goods that understandably, the most affordable services are researched. Air freight is often considered to be an expensive service but it doesn’t have to be. In the first place it can be expensive but thanks to travel time and huge reduction in insurance costs, it can become the best and most economical choice. The cost is not the only thing we can benefit from air services. Time is also a huge benefit you have to take into account. Depending on time variations (regular or express are freight to Mexico) and the size of the shipments, we are able to provide everyone’s needs.

Mexico’s Airports

We not only have the knowledge of air freight but also an in-depth knowledge of the destinations, like Mexico, we deliver. Are you aware that in North America the third largest economy is Mexico? And it is also one of the most developed aviation industries? Thanks to our thousands of clients and years of experience in Mexico we’ve found airports to be among the most advanced in Latin America with millions of passengers using it every year. Guadalajara International Airport (GDL), Cancun International Airport (CUN), Mexico City International Airport (MEX) are the three principal airports. Mexico City International Airport, in Venustiano Carranza is the first airport that serve Mexico City. The 100,000 passengers every day, makes him the biggest airport in Latin America, and of course Mexico.

It used to be a little airport for civilian but become more and more important until meeting international standards. It is now a developed airport for passengers as well as for business exportation and importation. In the Yucatan Peninsula in Quintana Roo, CUN is located and owns three terminals and two parallel runways. As the second airport in Mexica, 21.4 passengers took a plane in this airport in 2016. The last airport, Guadalajara International Airport, also called Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Guadalajara International is, in term of serving Guadalajara, the second largest city of Mexico, the principal airport and the third in Mexico.

As a specialist freight forwarding company, we have the capacity and knowledge to connect many international and Thai airports to export and import your merchandise. We cover this way, almost any place in Mexico.

Which documents do you need to export from/to Mexico?

Once again, Siam Shipping is here to help you. One of our priority is to provide you the best and easiest services. To do so, we help you with all the documentation needed, which is a difficult but important part of the process. Obviously, it is good if you get familiar with the documents needed. Among the documentation you will have certificates of origin, SAD, Single Administrative documents and export cargo shipping instructions. You can also look at air waybills (AWB) and Standard Shipping Notes (SSN) but before getting scared because of all the documents needed, don’t forget that in Siam Shipping we are here to help you. We will tell you exactly what is required, how to complete it, at what time you have to deliver it and to who. Thanks to our experience we have understandably acquire a lot of knowledge of which paperwork are necessary. We will make your life easier. We will have your shipment ensured and check all necessary legislation. This way, you can be sure you will not face any problems because of uncomplete documents.

That’s is why we would like to offer you our air freight services to Mexico. It can be an express shipping in the coming days or the most affordable option, Siam Shipping is the company you need.

For any other information don’t hesitate to contact us. It will be a pleasure to answer your questions.

To have more information, visit the following link : Air freight regulation in Mexico (IATA)

air cargo to mexico

What are customs procedures to import in Mexico?

Import Procedures

All administrative formalities are handled by importing agents and have to request authorization to allow customs clearance. That’s why, it is important to have experienced importing agents working with you. An import requisition delivered by the Ministry of the Economy, a bill of lading, a certificate establishing the origin of goods, a commercial invoice and an exemption permit have to be presented by the importing agent to apply the correct duties/taxes.

The Tariff of the General Import and Export Taxes Law classify in conformity with the tariff bracket the imported goods. General import taxes depend on this classification.  The Mexican Tax Allowance Table proposed in relevant free trade treaties. All Mexican importers have to apply for tax purposes and be registered on the Importer Registry, called ‘Padron de Importadores’. This Registry is in the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit. In order to eliminate or at least reduce tariffs, Mexicoa has developed PROSEC, ‘Sector Promotion Programmes’ on several sectors. Since 2013, there are six basic rates: 20%, 15%, 10%, 7% 5% and 0%. For healthcare products and foreign manufactured medical devices, you have to add legally appointed representative or distributor in Mexico and ask the Ministry of Health to be registered.

Import Procedures for specific import

In the General Rules on Foreign Trade (in Spanish) for 2012, the customs classification list some import goods that companies have to registered in the Mexican Importers Registry for Specific Sectors. Cigars and cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, and other products have special charges on production and services (IEPS). Depending on the product, charges are between 25 to 160 %.

Average Customs Duty (Except for Agricultural Products)

In 2015, the MFN tariff rate for Mexico was on average 11,2% and has now dropped down to 6.2%.

Preferential Rates

To help local industry to develop, some customs duties are reduced or even exempted, according to the ‘Maquiladora’ Programme.

Mexico has 43 FTAs, Free Trade Agreements, more than any other. The principal FTZ are:

  • ALENA (since 2009, customs duties are reduced until being suppressed)
  • Other trades with Latin American countries: Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, Venezuela and Costa Rica.
  • APEC

How to calculate Duties?

Thanks to Cost insurance and freight value of goods, CIF, customs duties are calculated Ad Valorem. However, we use the Freight on board value, FOB; for goods coming from Canada and the US.

Import Taxes (Exempt for Consumer Taxes)

On imported goods, taxes are:

  • 15% for standard rate
  • 10% when the company’s activities are done in a neighboring region
  • 0% in the case of some specific goods: books, articles for human consumption, agricultural products, medicines.

There is 0,8% charged on the declared value for processing fees and customs rights.