Shipping to Spain

Sea freight to Spain

With Siam shipping you will find many international shipping solutions in Spain. The sending will be the fastest and most efficiently routed to Spain. We know that our customers expect Siam shipping to be extremely responsive, and a real accompaniment on behalf of our freight forwarding company. This is a very important factor. We will offer you all this at a fair price. We can provide you with 2 types of transport services, air and / or sea transport, these are the most common means for long distances. We are based in Thailand in Bangkok and we have several relays all over Thailand.

We are, Siam Shipping, an international freight forwarding company with experience in this field of nearly 8 years. We have professional partners all over the world including Spain which will provide you with a cost effective shipping solution for your business from and to Spain. We have a real experience in transporting containers to and from Spain. In all, there are hundreds of containers that we have transported to Spain and thousands around the world. With these containers we have transported goods of all kinds to many different customers, individuals, companies etc … As for the type of goods we can absolutely move everything: machines, excavators, cars, buses, mining equipment, industrial machines, clothing, second-hand items, military machinery and equipment, major art shipments, spare parts for ships, display equipment, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, the list is endless!

The team of Siam Shipping is a team of professionals who know their trade well and who will usually transport your goods to Spain in particular.

We have many different ways to ship ocean freight to meet all our customers’ needs no matter how difficult. We can offer you several sizes of containers, 20 or 40 feet, flat racks, open containers and high cubes, Break-Bulk and project cargo and heavy for shipping heavy objects overseas. We are used to working with many ports in Spain (Valencia, Bahia de Algeciras, Barcelona, ​​Las Palmas and Bilbao with connections to Madrid, Sevilla and Malaga) but for any other port you can contact us.

Ocean Freight Routes to Spain 


This harbor spans about 2,400 hectares and has about 12 miles of wharves. It also has a depth of 52.5 feet. It ranks ninth in the ranking of the largest ports in Europe and is the third in Spain. In 2001, almost 43 million tonnes of cargo had passed through this port. Storage areas are also present in this harbor, 460 hectares.

More information about the port of Barcelona.


In Valencia, it finds the largest port on the western Mediterranean coast. In terms of area it is 1,500 acres and nearly 40,000 feet of wharf, with 45 feet of depth. Its annual traffic capacity is over 4,210,000 TEU and 62 million tonnes. Its facilities are modern in order to better manage the traffic.


It is also a well known port in Europe. It does not only carry freight but it will also carry passengers. There are 6 miles of wharves in different basins; In terms of figure, it is 70 million tons of total traffic, or about 2.8 million containers.

Madrid (dry port)

In Coslada you will find the dry port of Madrid. It is 1.5 million square feet and has very large warehouses. In terms of transport infrastructure, there are two train lanes and four lanes for loading and unloading trains. There are direct links to the main ports of the country.

Zaragoza (dry port)

This dry port of Saragossa manages more than one hundred thousand TEUs per year. It develops a lot and will reach a record in 2014. It is the point of distribution of goods arriving in Spain by sea.


The port of Bilbao occupies 773 acres of land and over 4,000 acres of water over 10.6 miles of waterfront. It is the largest port in Spain and it has a container terminal that s’ occupies different types of products.

Bilbao port, the largest port in Spain


Air freight service to Spain

Our company can also handle air cargo to Spain. We can provide this service from all Thai cities. We can answer all your questions, so do not hesitate to contact us we will be happy to answer you. The most common destinations in Spain for the transport of goods are Barcelona, ​​Madrid or Valencia. We can not guarantee you a specific duration of transit time in Thailand and Spain but be aware that it will run between 5 and 7 days. Nevertheless, we can offer you this service faster. Contact us and we will work on the best solution. Siam Shipping is a company which is now well established in the freight transport sector, which is why we have a large network of agents in Spain that will allow your cargo to arrive as quickly as possible the place where you want to be book. The Siam Shipping service is a complete service where you will be advised as much as possible for your transport to meet your expectations, regardless of your merchandise.

To know more about air freight regulation visit the website of IATA (International Air Transport Association) : Spain Customs, Currency & Airport Tax regulations details

shipping to spain

Duties and taxes required to import to Spain

aware of the procedures to follow. For non-European companies You need to know how to get your EORO. You will need to file your tax returns and deduct your import tax in Spain or Europe.

In order to better understand your expenses when buying products abroad you will have to be aware of all the extra costs caused by an import. You will have to pay customs duties in Spain for products coming from outside the European Union which are calculated according to the value of the goods that will be imported. In the rest of this article you will see more clearly about the additional costs on your foreign products.

Import Duty

Spanish import taxes range from 0% to 17%. “Technology” devices such as laptops, mobile phones, digital cameras and game consoles are tax-exempt. But other products will have additional customs duties depending on where they come from. You will find this on bikes made in China up to 48.5% for example. This is called dumping. This allows foreign products not to be sold below market prices where it is imported.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

In general, products imported into Spain will be subject to VAT at 21%, but for some products this rate may be reduced to only 10%. This tax is calculated with the value of the goods plus the cost of international shipping and insurance. It is also necessary to add the import taxes.

Minimum thresholds for paying import duties and taxes

Import duties will differ depending on whether it is a business or individual that imports the good. There is no customs duty if the value of the goods does not exceed € 22.

Price of shipment including transport Duties General Percentaje general applied [1]
Internet purchases (when sender is a company) Less than 22 euros Nontaxable 0 % duties – 0 % VAT
Greater than 22 less or equal to 150 euros Should pay duty but not Taxes 0 % duties – 21 % VAT
Greater than 150 euros Should pay Duties and Taxes 2,5 % duties – 21 % VAT
Shipments between individuals [2] Less or equal to 45 euros Nontaxable 0 % duties – 0 % VAT
Greater than 45 euros Should pay Duties and Taxes 2,5 % duties – 21 % VAT
[1] These percentages will be applied if its not indicated the classification that applies to the goods
[2] Not applicable to shipments constituting commercial expeditions



In the event of a change of residence, an exemption from duty and tax can be made on your personal belongings (furniture, computers, books etc.). All these personal effects are non taxable if they are less than 6 months old. We therefore advise you to keep your invoices to prove, at the time of the passage to the customs of the veracity of your remarks. This will save you some unpleasant surprises.

Other taxes and special fees

There are special taxes for tobacco or alcohol, for example. Additional customs charges will be applied and this will increase costs.

More information about: Spain – Customs regulations