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Warehousing – The Ultimate guide 


Want to know more about the services that Siam Shipping offers in terms of warehousing and realization?

We offer warehousing and third party realization services (3PL) or public warehousing services. We provide warehousing service, order fulfillment, inventory management, pick-up and packing, delivery, kitting, co-packing and return services for companies that would be interested in servicing, Warehousing and construction in Bangkok.

What are the benefits of using a third-party warehouse and delivery service?

– Third-party storage allow business to integrate new markets with minimal risk and local ability.
– You can benefit from the relationships that shipping companies have with public warehouses (3PL) in order to have a rebate on volume that they already perceive.
– Screening centers in the company and the need for safety and certification.
You pay only for the space that your inventory occupies and for the services performed by the execution center, so you can concentrate on the core of your business.
– You can assemble a product composed of several parts by kitting or by light assembly of finished products thanks to the production warehouse. However, this product will have to be consolidate in order to assemble them as we pick them up from different location closer to the end user, so you will save shipping costs but also other costs.

What is Logistics?

Logistics includes the planning, implementation and control of transport, storage and effective inventory control from point of origin to point of consumption while meeting customer requirements.

All of the following activities come together under the so-called logistics umbrella: shipping, warehousing, warehousing, order fulfillment, inventory control, picking and packaging, co-packaging, kitting, return and logistics reverse among many others.

What are the signs of a high-quality third-party storage facility?

Security – Execution centers used to store your inventory should be in a secure area, provide off-site surveillance and be equipped with video surveillance and fire extinguisher systems.
Cleanliness – The warehouse must be proper and with a real international organization concerning the disposition of every goods; this reflects how your product will be processed inside your inventory.
SOPs – Third Party Logistics should operate with standard operating procedures and manuals tailored to the specific needs of each customer.
The Right People – an experienced, customer-friendly staff who can be contacted by phone or email is the key for your 3PL provider to continue to grow your business and build success.

What is the supply chain ?

A supply chain represent a whole process in logistics including: organizations, people, technologies, activities, information and resources.

What is Supply Chain Management?

SCM is the design, planning, execution, control and monitoring of supply chain activities to create net worth, build competitive infrastructure, leverage global logistics, synchronize Supply with demand and measure performance on a global scale.

What is accomplishment?

When an order is received, it must be completed. The execution of the order consists of all the activities of warehousing, ordered inventory location, packing and shipping to destination.

How long will it take for my order to be filled?

If an order is placed in the morning, it will be shipped the same day in most cases. However, if the delivery of the product cannot be carried out for an unforeseen reason, we guarantee the shipment within 24 hours of receipt of the order.

* Provided that the inventory is available in warehouse and that the order is not very important, with hundreds of different items. This can take a long time to check the products and pack them.

Can you handle returns?

Yes! We inspect returns and we advise you, especially if your orders can be repaired or cleaned.

Reverse logistics is an area in which we are specialized.

With which shipping companies do you work?

Many of our shipments are made with UPS or FedEx, but we regularly use freight carriers. If your supplier for a cargo business, we work with them.


Are you shipping to people or homes?

Yes, we asked ourselves about anything, undertaken as private individuals. However, you should know that companies like UPS do not make deliveries to a PO Box, and some more and more shipping companies are looking for a residence.

Are links compatible with both B2B and B2C execution?

Yes, our activities are spread almost evenly between professional and consumer activities, and retail distribution in chains and independents.

Can you perform physical inventory accounts?

Yes, we can do complete inventories or periodic audits. Please note that there may be an additional charge for labor.

Can warehousing and ridership help with inbound logistics, and understand customs clearance ?

Yes. Those services help you to understand and get an overview of your entire supply chain. Our associate carriers include air and marine carriers and freight forwarders. We provide the goods to the factory and to the organizer for transportation to your door, including customs clearance and import duties.

Do you need barcodes?

No, but it is very useful. We suggest your product. This saves time when receiving goods and sending orders.

What do you charge for your services?

Customers who bought this product also bought: Customers who bought the product, characteristics of the request, method of shipping volumes and specific needs of customers. Once we have all the detail needed, we can send you a quotation very quick.

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Basic things to know about storage


What is a material handler?

A warehouseman is commonly designated by a company as part of the implementation of the 3 PLs (three logistics parts) for applicants.

Is the depositor?

The depositor is the customer that agree with the warehouse to manage all the requirements of its 3PL to avoid their internal management of storage and distribution.

What is 3PL?

The three logistics parts (3PL) define a company that takes over the ownership of products held in the warehouse in order to process of all required tasks related to the receipt, storage and shipment of the product to the name of depositors.

You can have a look biggest 3PL companies’s website:

What advantages can I gain from public storage?

  • Improved efficiency.
  • Well-defined expenses.
  • Security provided by the warehouse.
  • No capital investment in facilities
  • No equipment or human resources.
  • Eliminate hazards and damage to private facilities.
  • Saving money with predictable services for storage and handling.
  • Avoid any issues by using the 3PL technologies, which also means to save lot of investment.
  • The depositor’s distribution system is isolated from industrial disputes.
  • Warehouse security and regulatory pressure are not the concerns of the applicant.
  • Avoid obligations for compensation of workers.
  • Reduction of the Custodian’s tax exposure does not pay property tax.
  • Ability to consider market photos and creations monthly.

What do you get from the contractor?

  • Advanced technology to handle individual depositor requirements.
  • Facilities to meet all your shipping and handling requirements.
  • Competent professionals who control your