International Multipurpose Terminal

Volume and Project Cargo

No matter what your shipment is, whether it’s food, animals, industrial machines, or multi-ton transformers you want to carry, Siam Shipping provides you with hands-on experience Handling, for standard and oversized cargo. Whether it’s a large volume, a special weight, a high value or a very sensitive product, your freight project will be managed quickly and safely on our terminal by our experienced teams. We have specialized equipment, state-of-the-art technology, simplified processes (on-site clearance) and qualified personnel. These various elements are our strength, and enable us to safely manage the shipping needs of our customers.

Coastal Shipping

As one of the leading operators in Thailand, the Siam terminal can offer a variety of coastal shipping options that meet the varied needs of our customers. Indeed, we are ideally located near the river, which allows us to avoid the ultra-frequent traffic jams in Bangkok. We can handle any type of conventional and containerized cargo, including containers requiring refrigeration, with our inland waterways and coastal shipping opportunities.
Our daily barge journeys in Bangkok are a quick, efficient and safe choice. We also support a broad range of lighter formats, both express and non express, and offer lighter services for bulk, heavy, extra-large and low value cargo. To minimize costs and time in the transport process, we also provides a direct transfer between containers and transit ships.

For any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact our team. We will answer you with pleasure within 48 hours to better understand your project and your expectations.