Logistics in Asia

Logistics Industry in Asia

1. The dictatorial government of Myanmar is seen on the wrath of other democratic governments. Indeed, this country is poor was born. Thus, Myanmar is disqualified from the race for world development because it is very difficult to be able to trade with them. However, the Asian Highway 9 crosses the country, making it an important logistics corridor office used by Thailand. This highway connects Thailand with the western sector and the eastern seaboard (China and India). This allows Myanmar to develop with a cheap logistical workforce. This route is mainly used for land freight by truck (trucking).

2. Laos does not have logistical capacity. However, this state has other advantages, notably thanks to its border location to China, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. For this reason, Thailand has implemented many projects with Laos.
With no access to the sea, road freight is used with China, Cambodia and Vietnam. It is one of the main road transport interchanges, linking the major economies of ASEAN.

3. Cambodia is a border country of Laos and Vietnam. Although this country had been marked by a war with Vietnam, the two nations decided to agree on trade. Cambodia is used for highways, which allows the transport of Thai products.
In addition, Cambodia is a country that is equally rich in raw materials, and has a cheap labor force. These two elements are used advantageously. They are not operated, but use to work by Thailand, which has met with an important logistical plan on the area.

4. Vietnam has enormous potential for growth because of its area and its 3,000 km of coastline. It has important seaports such as Da-Nang, Saigon, Haiphong or Dong-Ha. It is an essential element of ASEAN for its ocean freight.
So, Vietnam is a shore land with a sea riding on the area, with important seaports such as
Concerning road freight, the ASEAN Highway No.9 links Vietnam-Laos-Thailand-Myanmar. Vietnam is expanding and as a supplier to the other countries of South Asia.

5. With its 1.5 billion people, China is completely economically viable. It represents the largest potential market in the world. It now positions itself as an ally of the ASEAN countries in their protection and development.
From a logistic point of view, the country is recognized as a gateway to Southeast Asia. Its high rating and airports provide almost continuous air freight and sea freight, and its highway system provides distribution throughout Asia.

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