Our advantages

Siam Shipping is a French freight forwarder based in Thailand, Bangkok. We use our know-how and experience to serve professionals and individuals. In our day, logistics is an essential criterion for developing an international activity, especially in highly competitive markets.

Every customer, every request, every shipment is unique. That’s why we devote all our energy to preparing and assisting every shipment around the world. Our transit services are tailored to each customer, whether an individual or a professional, in order to fully satisfy their demand.

In addition to transport, we also offer a range of ancillary services, highly appreciated by our customers. These are designed to make your shipments simpler and faster. So no matter what type of transport you choose, we keep in constant contact with you, to explain each step of the journey in detail.
Whether it is sensitive goods, perishable goods, vehicles, industrial equipment or personal effects, we treat each case according to the specificities it requires.
Thanks to our experience, we also have a knowledge of the customs rules that govern Thailand and its border countries. This allows us to fulfill our promises to our customers.

One of the main assets here is a competent and multilingual team. Our employees speak fluent French, English, German and Thai. In this type of market, which is growing and which is constantly undergoing new changes, it is really appreciated to be able to communicate in the native language of the premises.

Our clientele remains extremely varied. Whether individuals, NGOs, multinationals or SMEs, each customer is unique. We are constantly thinking about new shipping methods; To guarantee you speed, security, savings and satisfaction.

our strengths