Our Equipment & technology

At Siam-Shipping, we know that up-to-date and regularly maintained equipment is crucial for successful operations.

That’s why we’re continuously improving our infrastructure to meet all your needs, from the public and private sectors.

Gantry cranes

Our ship-to-shore gantry cranes each have a lifting capacity of 40 tons with lifting rates of more than 25 movements per hour.

Cranes on pulleys

Cranes on pulleys allow us to exploit to the maximum the capacities of our fleet of activity and to reduce the time of storage and shipping of the containers.

Mobile port cranes

Our port cranes can support 40 tons and handle standard or oversize goods.

Fixed electric harbor cranes

With the new generation of electric harbor cranes, each offers a capacity of 40 tons. Thus, we can handle the handling of containers, conventional or oversized cargoes with much less CO2 emissions.

Level Stackers

Our fleet of stackers can withstand maximum masses of 42 tons and ensure container transfers within the terminal.

Container Handlers

Our terminals also manage large empty container flows. With powerful and fast empty container handlers, we are able to maximize our empty container shipments and minimize truck waiting times.

Hustlers and chassis:

Our fleet of trucks within our fleet moves containers quickly throughout the area, while solid chassis helps secure containers safely.


For efficient material management, our fleet of high-end forklift trucks allows for the management and organization of containers throughout the storage and shipping area.

our logistics infrastructures