Packing Tips

Packing advices

Exporters should be aware about the packing during international transport. They should keep in mind four potential problems when performing an export: sensitive, moisture, theft and / or excess weight.
Generally, goods are transported in containers, but sometimes it is shipped as general cargo. Besides the normal handling encountered in transport, a bulk shipment transported by sea freight can be loaded on ships in a net or a sling, conveyor which puts additional pressure on the packaging. During the trip, the goods can be stacked and / or get violent contact with others goods. Overseas, handling facilities may be less sophisticated and cargo could be dragged, pushed, rolled or even fell during unloading.
The humidity is a constant problem, because condensation may develop in the hold of a ship, even if it is equipped with air conditioner and dehumidifier. Another aspect of this problem is that the cargo can be unloaded in precipitation, or the foreign port may not have covered storage facilities.
Buyers are often familiar with port systems, and therefore know the characteristics and packaging requirements. If the buyer does not specify it, be sure that the products are prepared using these guidelines:

• Package in solid containers, filled with adequate ways and sealed if possible.
• Make sure the weight is distributed in a container
• The goods must be palatalized and containerized if possible.
• The packaging must be made with moisture-resistant material.
• To avoid theft, do not write contents or brand names on packaging. Other safeguards include using straps, seals or filming of property.
• Observe the packaging required for dangerous products.

In many cases, the standard packaging is acceptable, especially if the product is durable and there is no problem for the condition of the packaging. In other cases, the goods must be protected by bubble paper to absorb potential shocks.

packer expert
Finally, because transportation costs are determined by the volume and weight, the lightweight packaging materials have been developed for export. These new packages is more efficient and allow to save money. It is highly recommended for professional and individuals to pass by experts in packing service if the supplier does not plan to do it. This service is generally provided at a moderate cost by private freight forwarder company.