Shipper’s issues

11 Matters of shippers

For those that belong to necessary relative with the industry of merchandise of ocean, this seems to be complicated. It  includes many different devices, and every device has his own rules and rules of being followed. To understand it is part of the work. To predict that the potential of the problems is an oyster sew. Having said it, are here 11 common matters of this meeting of station in the site of remittance.

  1. Inspections of the customs

The random custom that the control is of to be necessary slightly common in the maritime world. Only 2 % of to 10 per cent of of everything you send to be actually to pictures. It is a relatively small fraction. Nevertheless, if you acts the export on and import a regular base, needs of the customs characterize his remittance for the inspection. Already be that they are a customs fact of order and of the USA Dutch or other one divides, you will know for what to wait when his load is selected for a random inspection.

  1. Problem of exhibition

The priorities for the department for order of every country are different. Some of them take the random inspections. Other aims  are the specific matters with specific of the type of remittances or are – provincial specific. An example in process would be the requirement for the unconformist – Zika’s treatment of China for the USA of the export of Florida. The importers must supply companies of transport with the precise information always. To cheat that the information leads to the distrust and is of necessary was wishing for customs officials! The exhaustive information assures the soft transport, the less headache and the unproductive unexpected time! This brings us to our next  problem: it delays them.

  1. Reduce expenses

Cancellation and examination prove in he them delays. This includes fees and expenses related to the delay. The thesis is spreading backward authorization of articles to inspections due to to variety of reasons. The sidra he delays common they are the tie, the jail and the subsidies of unemployment. They are necessary equally. Make sure itself that you should know how they are different, could negotiate with his shipper or shipper of agreement with you.

  1. Lacking documents

The original bill of lading is the sidra important document during the whole process of sending. To move them is one of that of the problem that the companies of transport face. If they disappear, you can wait for ends of the problem with that of his remittance, which you need from the forward to them delay. Make sure itself that his original bill of lading should be sent on a confidence channel. If you have sufficient statement – hip with the confidence of his suppliers, you can choose a telex or version I express. To depend on the sending that it send that the sending is sent and the port to which his you May the need specific documents.

  1. Lacquer of the custom and the taxes

Depending on the shipping you send and the port to which your shipment is sent, you may need specific documents. The goal is to protect the economy, the inhabitants and the environment in every country. These are deducted from the value of the shipment. Some products are not allowed, others require special permissions.

For example, automatic shipments require very specific documents. Please check the HS code for the item you have supplied, as you may have to pay additional fees and costs for your shipment. To make sure your shipping runs smoothly, make sure you have the documents required for the various ports.

  1. Damage of the property

It  is not seldom  that cargo arrived damaged. One, in order to guarantee that his  cargo is sure properly in initial container. At least 95 % cargo harm is due to insufficient packing. After statement of it, you mainly should be capable, for placement of the container. It includes , in order to know, how many palette are in his container, 20 or 40 legs.

Harm  to the cargo due to improper control. the terminal is very rare. If his container is damaged, you should present his requirement of insurances. Follow  for pertinent procedures and pertinent channels, in order to guarantee that you receive compensation. But his  best still additional mile should enter will guarantee to his cargo, in order to avoid any change.

  1. Weight load

The is too hard or unequal distribution in the container – it one of the most common problems which face forwarders. Sometimes container weight does not correspond presented documents. Problem arises, when the lorry takes container. He  can need other equipment, in order to raise container. Or he  cannot take it, as he  is at the breaking point of allowed weight. It is the best  thing to guarantee, that you know  checked gross weight and the rule of gross weight IMO loading containers.

  1. consignors Sanctions

The should expire frequently with rules, in order to import goods. Otherwise, penalties and grief  will be well expert. Such example is an agency of safety of the importer , as well known similarly to 10 + 2, from which  importers are responsible. Know responsibility of his sender. One, in order to guarantee that you send it in time up to  the leaves of his  sending  of the last foreign port. Otherwise, heavy fines imposed by EU, are prepared to pay Customs house. As well, in order to be prepared there, in order to verify his goods of the arrival.

  1. Strike

Loaders, lorry drivers or all complicated unforeseen and unforeseen closes closings.

Unforeseen – during total sending It can happen in the source  or in assignment  and to cause disorders due to stop. Even if work пере-accepted, it will take sometime, in order to remove bottlenecks.

Natural accidents as well can cause closing of unexpected port. Though meteorological agencies could predict hurricanes and storm, ports choose frequently more besides it he treats that due to his  vast nature and nearby ports. It is nature.

  1. Lost containers

If Malaysia Airlines can lose a Boeing 777, you can be sure that shipping containers disappear from time to time. Harbors have large areas and continue to grow, especially with the development of megabites increasingly. When the containers arrive and the docks release them, it is not uncommon for these unloaded containers to disappear. Searching in a complete port area for a single container adds a new meaning to finding a needle in a harvest bag!

  1. Holliday

National holidays and celebrations vary from one country to another. Be sure to investigate in advance to anticipate port / terminal closures at the end and at the destination. Make sure your schedule is flexible and adjust it to avoid delays. Ideally, you should make sure that your shipment is completed before the holidays. Otherwise, you will have to fight with the other loads and containers stacked in the port overload when the port is reopened.


In summary, the process of sending and the possible problems faced by senders often lead to a vicious circle. The lack of documents, missing goods or damage to the cargo is one of the many problems that transmitters face. And they happen And if they happen, they cause a delay in loading. This causes delays in the rates, which generates unforeseen shipping costs.

The hiring of a cargo agent at the destination facilitates work and stress, and we recommend this option. But if you decide to travel the distance yourself, be sure to double and triple everything from your end and tie all the loose ends before sending them.

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