Thai silk, Fabric and textiles in Bangkok

Wholesalers in Bangkok

The sourcing of textiles is a serious business in Bangkok. This magical city in Thailand has become a huge wholesale market.

If you are one of thousands of contractor walking in the streets of Bangkok in search of wholesalers, then this article is for you. We receive many requests for advice sourcing clothes. Find products is one thing, transporting them is another.

Do not think it’s easy, and here are some basic tips:

1. The owner should be your main contact

Often, the customer speaks with the seller of the shop but it is best way to talk to the boss, because he used to be alone and will be able to make you some discounts. Don’t forget to take the business card and call the owner. Tell him exactly what you need, what you want to design. Never pay in advance, tell them that you already have a forwarder to receive the goods. Negotiate with a smile and respect.

2. Store your contacts in safe place

Like many, you may have already lost business cards. After a day to meet with suppliers and collect business cards, save them on your computer. More importantly, build a long term relationship. Call often, ask for news on the progress of operations, even if you order small quantities. A good way is to use the Line application, very popular in Thailand.

3. Check and inspect the goods

Confidence does not exclude the control, so be careful. Check everything and verify that everything are 100% consistent with your expectations. The forwarder can control quantity, but quality control has to be done by yourself before and after shipment. If for some reason you cannot do it yourself before shipping, we advise you to entrust the mission to a quality control expert on ProcurementFreelancers.

4. Short list of freight forwarders

Before coming to Bangkok, make a list of potential freight forwarders companies who can transport your purchases. Compare their working methods, their rates and terms of sale. Request quotes via their website. Prefer a forwarder with your native language staff because communication is very important.
Finally, we advise you to choose a forwarder on the same point of purchase, pay attention, these carriers offer you attractive price, but are mostly crooks. You will have no recourse.

Docshipper is a freight forwarder conveniently located in Bangkok and also an excellent partner for sourcing. We offer French and English sourcing accompanying you and show you the best places for shopping.

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