TOP 10 tips E-Commerce logistics

Top 10 tips E-Commerce logistics

E-commerce logistics, besides managing the products, inventory and packaging, the logistics is set of troubles if you do not have knowledge to handle it. Here are top 10 tips for the E-commerce logistics;

  1. Keep your Deliver promises

Main promise of retailers to their customers is to getting parcel to them quickly, safely and with visibility of parcel status. This is the promise of retailers to their customer where E-commerce logistics have to keep the retailers promises. Keep this promises and the next sale is all yours.

  1. Don’t limit your service

Normally your client have different delivery needs such as delivery within 1 day, some businessman are fine with 3 days delivery, some businessman want free delivery. So, if you limit your logistics service then it is likely to affect your sales. This is important aspect that you provide your client every service they need.

  1. Creative warehouse

If you are investing on warehouse then you can first see what is there around you to store products. Some empty room, old garage, backyard or any room that you don’t use much. Do not forget that CEO of, Jeff Bezos started his e-commerce business with the storage of old garage.

  1. Upgrade your Shipping

Delighting your customers, instead of just delivering what they expect on time, is a low-cost strategy that can help you boost sales, loyalty, or both. Always evaluate your shipping process for its efficiency because shipping to customers is very important part of sales where your behavior and service role plays big importance.

  1. Cloud based logistics platform

Retailers can make their delivery service more efficient by adopting different logistics technology that can track pick-up, drivers, provide comprehensive data analytics and utilize automatic notifications along the delivery route. Added benefits include improved customer satisfaction and reduced support burden as well.

  1. Hire professionals

Sometime moving boxes and adding shipping labels does not make you more money. Third party services are available to do this quicker, cheaper and more efficiently than you can ever do on your own. Evaluate your business process and hire personals to handle your work process in more efficient and reliable way.

  1. Always ask your customer

Customer are important part of the E-commerce, to make them loyal and satisfy always ask them what they want, how and where. Understanding your customer is always fruitful for the logistics process. You can provide them exact service they want from enquiry. So, concerning about customer can reduce your risk of business failure and chances for brand shifting.

  1. Impress your customers

Even though the customers are from different clients, but actual person customer see as a product representative is your delivery staff. At this point never hire someone with low social skills, there should be impressive communication and behavior from delivery staff because he is the only one to deal with customer face to face. This could be the opportunity to promote your goodwill on public directly.

  1. Tracking system control

It is not necessary to track everything you deliver like very cheap products or which is less important. You can filter these kind of delivery so you can focus on only valuable deliveries to run it smoothly. Your data for tracking should be very important to both consumer and logistics but more better if you can filter the products nature.

  1. Don’t take simple things for grant

All packages must be packed and sealed securely. Customers must be informed about the dispatch of their packages and when they can be expected. If you have to deal with orders from multiple marketplaces you can avail of multi-channel inventory management software. Also, you have to be careful about the packed parcel like is there any damage on packaging, defects on product and obviously legal concern should be in mind.

top 10 tips e-commerce logistics