Cold storage services refer to storing products or goods at low temperatures to prevent spoilage or degradation. These services are commonly used for perishable products like food, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive products.

Siam Shipping's cold storage services can help businesses reduce product waste, improve product quality, and extend shelf life. They are an essential component of the supply chain for many industries, especially those that deal with perishable goods.

Our Cool Chain management

Our company has set up a high-quality solution for the circulation of fresh perishable products through export and import offers. Indeed, in addition to the Cool Chain management services, we also offer our clients diverse services such as:

  • Practical assistance and export assistance services by competent industry experts.
  • Airline selection services corresponding to customer management, delivery, and pricing requirements.
  • Coordination and planning of packaging requirements to optimize shipping costs.
  • Consultancy specialized in the control of the temperature of the chain, as well as the planning of the exports and the reduction of costs.
  • Paperless broker and e-custom services.
  • Expert advice on shipping documentation procedures and regulatory compliance.
  • Domestic delivery services by refrigerated transport.

As a result, the fresh cargo has introduced a low-cost solution that protects fresh perishable products and is sensitive to transit temperature, while ensuring a lower overall cost for shipping.

Now, our service is used to ship new and pre-cooled ULD and maintain temperature control within 2–3 degrees during transit periods up to 20 hours.

This service combines good logistics practice, cold chain control, pre-conditioning, and delivery to the ramp using specially insulated thermal protection trolleys for the protection of tarmacs before loading them into the aircraft or reefer container.

We also offer other benefits to our customers:

  • Disposal of gel and foam packaging.
  • Reduce handling damage.
  • Improved use of the load.
  • Lower air cargo cost.
  • Increased lift capacity for airlines and carriers.
  • End-to-end temperature control and control.


Benefits of Renting a Cold Storage Warehouse

There are two different options for cold storage facilities. There is the possibility of building a refrigerated warehouse or you can purchase the refrigerated freezer.

At the budget level, renting a warehouse can sometimes get you back at much cheaper prices. Indeed in the following article we will reveal to you all the advantages of renting your warehouse.



Your storage needs for your product will increase more and more your business will grow. In order to deal with this problem, you have to find storage spaces for refrigeration, so you can hire them. The lease will give you flexibility in the contracts, so you can cancel your contract whenever you want. It should also be noted that the degradation and upgrading of the building is a real cost that is not always easy to quantify.

For foods that are frozen, the temperature should be -25 °C, whereas a temperature of 25 °C is considered for temperature-sensitive products. With SIAM Shipping, for all the solutions we offer, we offer you the flexibility to grow your business. We limit temperature fluctuations in our warehouses with only two doors in the buildings and with zones for each type of product. We have placed some of our central kitchens right next to our refrigerated warehouses in order to optimize the transport between the two points.


No long-term commitments

Some companies only need a cold storage warehouse. Or wish to test this warehouse before committing full-time. Renting a warehouse is therefore a very good way. We will tailor your contract specific to your need. Indeed, rental contracts give you more flexibility and an important negotiating margin. This will be as perfect as the short-term storage needs.

Perfect capital management

Having a warehouse can save you a lot of money compared to buying cold storage equipment and facilities. The lease will allow you to have a small overview of the costs that can generate a warehouse.

You will also find it much easier to track your outbound expenses by renting and paying by installments. It is also worth noting the tax regulations for rental. Indeed this one will allow you to reduce your expenses. You will thus increase your profitability and this will therefore increase your finances but also allows you to stay above your ROI.

No additional expenses

In each of your cold storage facilities maintenance of these is very important. This daily maintenance in your warehouses will improve the efficiency and durability of your cold storage facilities. The employees of your refrigerated warehouse must be qualified employees. With the hiring you will forget the expenses of regular wear. It also saves time because you will not be worried about repairs. All your efforts will be invested in the productivity of your business, not in the places you use.


Extra services

Warehousing and shipping are the basic services provided by outsourced refrigerated storage providers. But you can get a lot of other additional services if you wish. This includes services such as packaging, aggregation or labeling. Personalized services like billing or placing your logo on packaging can be provided. Waste management is also possible.

We already have a network in the area where we are located, so we can help you to market your products. The association between our two companies can only be beneficial for both of us. Indeed your business will generate revenue by allowing direct access to foreign markets. A door-to-door delivery service is also available on our side, so your products will be delivered directly to customers.

In addition to being much more expensive, buying or building a cold storage warehouse brings much less flexibility. To quickly increase your storage capacity, only one way is available to you, the rental of a warehouse. The lease agreement will be easy to realize but also to understand. You just need to choose the type of cold storage and your logistics company will handle the rest for you.

cold-storage thailand

Perishable products – Quality first

Developed in Thailand, our new process allows a highly perishable, temperature-sensitive pre-cooled shipment to be prepared and shipped by air while maintaining the temperature between 2 ° and 8 ° Celsius for a global travel of 20 hours, without using expanded polystyrene, foam board or gel pack.

An ideal shipping service for products such as asparagus, corn and exotic fruits that offers significant benefits about improved freshness, lower damages and reduced transport costs to ensure freshness, competitive prices and Sustainable profits.

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