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How do I make money importing goods from Thailand?

Every expatriate or resident in Thailand already thinks about importing Thai products in his own country. This idea has crossed the minds of many people.

Whether it is in containers filled with crafts, or direct sales via eBay, the temptation is great when you know the competitive prices offered by wholesalers and factories.

But before launching headlong, there are things to know ...

Assess the market

The first problem encountered in the niche market is the choice of that niche itself. It’s easy to get ideas for products, just walk through Chatuchak market in Bangkok or Walking street in Chiang Mai and your mind will be filled with ideas.

Finding an unfailing niche that will make you rich is very difficult. You have to use your thinking skills and be patient, otherwise, you will end up overthinking and doing nothing, this is called analytical paralysis.

Pay attention to selling on eBay

Since I was a child, I dreamed of being a trader. I've always loved selling merchandise. It’s not the profit that appeals to me, but the indescribable feeling of doing business. I have become a recognized seller on eBay in the US. I moved to Thailand and thought about how to continue this business and earn a comfortable salary.

I started with crafts, and textiles, without much success. What I noticed was that the moment the customer found out that the product was from Thailand, the order was canceled, due to lack of trust or fear of the scam. Southeast Asia has a bad reputation

In addition, the Chinese competition in textiles is such that it is almost impossible to compete.

I could also be wrong because I know some people who make money selling clothes on eBay. They are sellers of costumes, personalized t-shirts, or sportswear.

Find a good supplier

Finding a good supplier in Thailand is a difficult thing, although it is improving year by year. We are now in 2021, and the economic boom in Asia is leading to better B to B relationships. It still lacks a good database on the internet.

For all English speakers, We obviously highly recommend the SIAM Shipping team. The first asset, they are French! They are able to manage your supplier, to assess his reliability and his honesty. The goal of working with them is to make your investments as secure as possible, to save precious time, and to be sure that you have mastered all stages, from purchase to sale. Centralize your purchases in one warehouse in Bangkok. If you are not there, SIAM Group will take care of restocking for you! You wonder why I advertise to them, simply because I owe them a big part of my success.

Follow your instinct

I think the most important thing is to follow your instincts, and not get caught up in too many projects. If you have an idea, go for it, do not fear failure. Every success has its share of past failures.

But before you make your decision, you need to consider the following parameters:

  1. Follow your feelings. If you don't feel it, take a step back. Be methodical in your approaches. Be patient and it will pay off eventually.
  2. Choose a niche with high added value. For example, if you sell 500 hats per month, you must earn at least 1500 euros.
  3. When you shortlist products, think about transport, and prefer products that are easy to transport.
  4. Do not try to compete with the Chinese, they will always be better priced. Differentiate yourself!
  5. Market research should follow a logic, before investing, be sure you know where you are. You have to be knowledgeable in the chosen market.
  6. Establish a budget that includes communication and marketing. Do not neglect any aspect, you are a business owner and must ensure.

Making money in Thailand is possible, thousands of people are doing it, but they won't tell you what products they export, or to whom and how they sell them.

Buy wholesale in Bangkok

For shopaholics or business-hungry entrepreneurs, you won't be disappointed with Bangkok markets. Rare are the cities where you can do business while enjoying an exceptional atmosphere and lifestyle.

You probably already know the Pratunam market or the Chatuchak market. The Bobae market in the heart of Pratunam offers a high concentration of wholesalers, especially with the two Bobae towers.

This area is recognized as a woman’s paradise because 70% of the offer is made up of textiles for women. The clothes are sold at very low prices, and you can only buy them in lots. Over time, Bobae has become a must-see for shopping in Bangkok.

Here is a list of the specialties of this market

  • Textile
  • Fabrics
  • Furniture
  • Costume jewelry
  • Fruits and vegetables

Find products in Bangkok

Benefit from an experience of more than 10 years for the research of semi-wholesale products. We have the best Thai sourcers to serve you. Mainly in Bangkok in the most famous markets, Pratunam and Chatuchak, we put a person with the driver at your disposal. Depending on your needs, you will go to the wholesalers in Bangkok, and get the best prices, much better than going there alone.

Bangkok Wholesalers

You save time and therefore money by benefiting from professional. There are tens of thousands of wholesalers in Bangkok, charging different prices, some offer unique pieces, others can customize them. Don't be fooled by unscrupulous middlemen and ask us for a quote for a day or more of sourcing.

Our sourcing network extends well beyond Bangkok, particularly in the north, to Chiang Mai, and the central regions which have increasingly high-quality artisanal production. With us, you no longer have to walk for hours, negotiating prices with suppliers who don't take you seriously.

Import furniture from Thailand

Thailand is famous for its crafts and woodworking. Thai furniture is of excellent quality and reasonably priced. The two main sources of supplies are Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

You have the option of purchasing the furniture already manufactured or having it custom-made for your customers or for yourself. You should know that 80% of Thai handicrafts are made in Chiang Mai, so this is the best destination for purchasing them. Note that the Chatuchak market remains the benchmark in Bangkok, if you know how to negotiate, and if you can walk for hours to find what you are looking for, here you are!

I want to buy, how do I proceed?

Have you found the rare gem and want to acquire the item and bring it back to Europe? SIAM Shipping is here to assist you:

  • We first get in touch with the supplier in order to check the products, their nature, weight, and dimensions. Some woods like teak require specific permissions, so be careful.
  • If you wish we can act as a payment platform, the supplier will ask for a deposit between 30% and 50%. Never pay for everything in advance! The products will be delivered by the supplier to our warehouse, we check the quality and quantity. Once all the checks are done, we pay the remaining balance to the supplier.
  • Once the goods are in our warehouse, we will pack them for transport. We offer different types of packaging, wooden crates, cartons, and pallets, the packaging is suitable for the products and the type of transport.
  • Export must be done on behalf of an exporting company with an office in Thailand. You cannot export on your own behalf. We offer this service, we have our own company with an export license.
  • All the transport documents are issued, and it is crucial that an importing company is in the country of destination. You cannot import into Europe or the US without a company. This company must have an identification number (EORI for example in Europe).

Your goods are paid for, checked, packaged, and fumigated, transport documents are legally issued, and everything is ready for departure.

Don't take a risk doing it all on your own, too many people get ripped off, even the most experienced. SIAM Shipping is your partner for your purchases and for international transport in Thailand, consult us before initiating import-export procedures.

This assistance in your projects also applies to all types of products, such as textiles, jewelry, crafts, electronics, or any other products.

SIAM Shipping Advise : We help you with the entire sourcing process so don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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