Send your small parcels worldwide from Thailand

We guarantee a much faster customs clearance than with other freight method. Note as well that we provide ultra-competitive fares on certain destinations.

Short transit time

The latter is characterized by its speed, which is much more important than conventional means of transport. Delays of 2 to 7 days are at your disposal for goods weighing less than 100 kg, such as for an on-site purchase or a surplus of luggage.


Transit Time (days)

Austria 5 – 8
Belgium 7 – 9
Finland 7 – 9
France 5 – 8
Germany 4 – 7
Italy 7 – 9
Poland 7 – 10
Spain 5 – 8
Turkey 9 – 10
United Kingdom 4 – 7
Rest of Europe 8 – 14
Australia 5 – 8
Hong Kong 2 – 4
Japan 3 – 5
South Korea 3 – 5
New Zealand 6 – 9
Taiwan 3 – 5
Singapore 2 – 4
Rest of ASIA 5 – 10
Canada 7 – 10
United States 5 – 8
Argentina 8 – 14
Brazil 7 – 10
Algeria 8 – 14
Cameroun 8 – 14
United Arab Emirates 7 – 10
Qatar 7 – 10
Iran 6 – 9

*Transit time are just estimation, please feel free to contact our SIAM Experts to have further information about it

Tracking system

A tracking system allows us to tell you, in real time, where your property is located. Thanks to a unique tracking number generated by us, a total trackability tool is at your disposal.

How do we calculate chargeable weight?

The calculation of the taxable weight is calculated based on the volumetric weight and the actual weight.

The most important weight will be considered for the estimate. For information, here is the basis of calculation:



Packing before departure

We offer a customized packaging, whether it be car parts or fragile products, wooden or stainless-steel goods, we guarantee you a study adapted to what you are carrying.

Customs clearance at origin and at destination

Finally, do not worry about any customs formalities, our specialists take care of you. Overall of the service, we keep you informed of the progress of your shipment in real time and until final receipt.


Let us ship your excess baggage, we might be cheaper than airlines.

Are you preparing a trip or holiday to Thailand, and you already know that your luggage exceeds the weight allowed by the transport company? Then you will surely pay a surcharge for luggage transport.

*Better to organize now the transport of the excess baggage between your home and Thailand.

You work in a company and you have voluminous or heavy samples to be delivered from Thailand to your home or vice versa? Expect to have excessive international courier service charges for the Baggage and Freight Transport.

Door to Door luggage solution by express services

We offer a luggage delivery service from and to Thailand. The carrier picks up the package, parcel or cardboard at your door, carries baggage and cargo between your home country and Thailand, and delivers to the address you want.

Our luggage transport service worldwide is equally valid for the delivery of parcels and any other cargo of merchandise for private individuals or companies.


A specialized carrier for your packages

We choose our partners for their seriousness and competence as well as for their competitive rates. 

You are looking for logistics and/or sourcing services ? You need a dedicated assistance ?
Our experts will answer you within 24h !

Our commitment

You will receive within 48 hours one or more proposals at competitive prices for your transport. Once the choice of your transport has been made and the order has been placed, it will arrive on the day scheduled at your door and will take care of your luggage, parcels, personal belongings, will handle freight and Forward as agreed, within the time frame you have set.

*Finally, we also offer a pick-up and delivery service, from or to the location of your choice.

As with any merchandise on board an aircraft, packages are checked by an X-ray system or a decompression chamber, which have absolutely no impact on its content, whatever it is.

Services for drop shipper

We do offer an express transport service perfect for drop shipping business.

The Drop shipping is a method of realization of retail where do not look for the products that it sells in stock. Instead, in search of a product, it buys the item from a third party and ships it directly to the customer. Do not worry we can do that for you !


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