Containers in Thailand

Containers in Thailand

An intermodal container is a great standard shipping case, designed and built for intermodal freight transport, which means these can be used in different modes of transport – ship, rail or truck – without unloading / reloading their cargo. Intermodal containers are mainly used to store materials and transportation efficiently and safely. These containers are known by several names: cargo container or cargo container ISO…

Intermodal case are available in different types and a number of standard sizes, but 95% of the world container fleet are called “dry goods” or “general purpose”. They are durable steel boxes closed.

For more information on the dimensions and volumes of containers look like the following:


Like cardboard boxes and pallets, these are a way to group goods and easily manipulated, moved, stacked, and store safely. Intermodal containers share a number of key design characteristics to facilitate handling but also to be identified more easily.
In 2015 there were about 22.5 million intermodal boxes in the world. The containers have primarily replaced the traditional break bulk cargo.

We can also find them in a few years in architecture. Indeed, it’s really easy and cheap to build a structure with containers and then customize it as needed.

We can also talk about air freight containers, which is totally different. These are adapted to fill airplanes and optimize the small space we can use on an airplane.

5 practical tips to consider when using maritime transport services

More than 90% of world trade represents products that are shipped by ocean freight, where logistics managers are required to obtain fast and cost-effective ocean freight services. There are many factors to consider when investigating freight services with 3PL freight forwarders, although they are experienced in logistics and cargo management.

In addition, these practical tips can have a significant impact on the delivery of services and the costs associated with the shipping you will be paying. Any transport company requiring maritime freight services must take into account several important details, such as ship routing, in-depth knowledge of incoterms, choice of loading and unloading port, Accurate shipment, and the correct transport documentation/information.

Take a look at the 5 practical tips from Docshipper that will help you better understand your purchases of ocean freight services, whether in Australia or internationally:

Read on to learn 5 tips to consider when buying ocean freight services in Australia or globally.

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Do you know your routing of goods?

Transportation costs and delays are having a major impact because of the routing of the cargo, that is, the route the ship is going to take. In order to deliver faster, ships look for shorter routes, but this also leads to higher costs and vice versa. Freight forwarders are used to working with international trade routes such as China to Australia or the United States to Australia every day. In addition, to help customers decide which haulage and freight most closely match their real-time needs, freight forwarding companies are trying to gain more and more experience.

Select your Incoterms wisely

Incoterms (international trade terms) can sometimes prove to be high and have an impact on your landing costs. Global Incoterms determines fundamentally the costs, insurance, and freight divisions between the seller and the buyer. It can also have an influence on potential risk, paperless and control of your goods as you go through each stage of the supply chain. As a result, you should consider discussing all your wishes regarding shipping with a specialized marine freight forwarder before opting for the Incoterms or selecting a sea freight service.

Carefully choose port loading and unloading:

When requesting a marine freight service quote, choosing the best port for loading and unloading is crucial, and requires significant expertise in transportation. Specialized companies are likely to choose ports that are less congested and more efficient, guaranteeing a fast and safe operation. International shipping companies are constantly updating on ocean freight services and can advise you on choosing the best port for your export or import.

Choose the size of your cargo container

It’s essential to select the most suitable freight method to optimize the availability of your products, their costs, and delivery times. Before selecting the service, it is necessary to measure the volume of your products to determine whether you have a lower load than the container (LCL) or a load that completely fills the container (FCL). Then you can consider delivery on time, freight costs, and the flexibility offered by the service while making your decision as a sea freight provider. Suppliers specializing in marine transportation services can assist you with all these options depending on your specific needs.

Provide correct documentation and information

Providing the proper documents as well as all information about your cargo is a key step to releasing your belongings quickly at the national customs and then delivering until the place is needed. We have essential contract logistics capabilities that innovative freight forwarders provide to customs clearance consultants and marine cargo specialists in to assist you.

To improve your freight operations and avoid surprises later, speak with your freight forwarder and consider these 5 practical tips before planning your ocean freight services to or from Thailand and internationally. For more than a decade, we have continued to help small and medium-sized businesses to offer cost-effective contract logistics solutions that include marine cargo services from major ports around the world.

Multi-Modal freight Thailand

Multimodal transport services from Phuket

Multimodal freight transport consists of a freight delivery under a single contract but is carried out with the support of several options to ship your belongings. The multimodal freight forwarder signs a contract with the customer and will act as a single carrier under his own name, even if the transport is organized by different operators. In addition, this single carrier is responsible for all the transport subject to the grid system if the standard conditions and terms are in force for different modes of transport.

Segments of DocShipper’s multimodal systems

  • Container shipping from China, Korea, India, Egypt, and the United States to the ports of the Russian Federation, the Baltic States and Finland
    Container transport by rail from China with transport from the transshipment depots to the consignee
    Road transport of containers by road from the seaports of St. Petersburg, the Baltic States, and Finland to destinations in Russia
    Direct contracts and long-term relationships with shipping lines and spacer operators in Europe and Russia give SOVTRANSAVTO the advantage of being the first freight forwarder and offering quotations with very competitive prices for shipping containers. Shipping from China, Korea, India, and other countries.

Docshipper Scope of Multimodal Logistics

  • Choice of route planning and delivery method to achieve the best compromise in terms of delivery and cost to the customer, identification and approval of transshipment and handling procedures in seaports, And freight deposits.
  • The issuance and review of shipping documents is linked to a designated delivery time after INCOTERMS 2020, letters of credit, and terms and conditions of the sales contract.
  • Monitoring and monitoring of containers in real time while controlling planned arrivals at sea ports and railway stations.
  • Container handling and unblocking services, toll charges and tariffs, and payment regulations for shipping companies.
  • Customs clearance of containers in the railway terminal or seaport, the provisions relating to customs clearance from departure of the goods to the internal customs deposit.
  • The shipping containers included in the transport from the port of arrival to the warehouse of the consignee as well as the reinstallation of the empty containers, the door-to-door delivery of the railway containers.
  • Optimal terms and conditions for insurance of the goods, insured and fast reimbursement in case of loss, all with minimal paperwork.

Advantages of multimodal transport

This means of the transport system is organized one by one in order to gain in terms of time, and money and reduces the risk of degradation of the goods at the transshipment point as well.

The market is physically reduced because of the multimodal transport system because goods move quickly from one point to another. However, this makes it possible to reduce the distance between the base materials and the customers, which is very advantageous. Since only one operator handles all modes, it is not necessary to create multiple documents for each transport segment.

The recipient of the goods merely has to deal with the MTO, also called Multimodal Transport Operator, in relation to the transport of goods. This is the main function of multimodal transport, eliminating the need to establish a connection with all entities separately.

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door to door services thailand

Door to Door service Thailand

Shipping in Bangkok, Thailand

DocShipper is a group with a service door to door distribution from Thailand with head office in Bangkok and associate worldwide is one of the rank finest in cooperation matter on Southeast Asia, we present a whole diversion to drive release counting a Door Gate – a resolution sends extremely modified to your total approval. Our resolution is full door to door distribution as the name indicates two-time we approach your door at moments that go well with you, no issue where you wish for to pick up and distribute, whichever the metropolis or peak and still on the islands, transversely the globe, we are persuaded DocShipper swears deliverance. We will perform to envelop all your consignment from resources necessities from A to Z, we will perform in the highest concern on anything, compilation, stuffing, papers, shipment and last deliverance, we desire afterward you can pay for to speak I have a dependable associate, and it’s DocShipper. We present distribution in Bangkok, door to door distribution with a worldwide deliverance.

We supervise management all phases and facts of your all distribution such as loading and unloading such as new manufacturer we do not shatter the sequence of freezing, Gratitude to our knowledge in conditions of things chill or other particular or precise merchandise. Our services door to door distribution may consist of all phases of the cargo or sea Air, we will fold up in 4 to distribute up to you and at the time you inquire, ended fingers crossed for trusted time deliverance, DocShipper is nowhere and takes care of your deliverance with the highest reliability for the happiness of our clients.

We take care of manipulative a highway simple for your consignment, rapid and reasonable to send tender with high-quality and cost.

Our group is at your complete clearance, we talk three languages smoothly, and we are glad to obtain you in our workplace with any inquiries, suggest and extremely modified learning.

We will be enchanted to assemble you, and you clarify all the procedures.

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Packing services Thailand

Commodities stuffing service by DocShipper assist you to decide and apply the best covering for all your goods and stocks.

Your deliverance has together import export was instant to inquire you is very significant but convey with no scratch is still more essential than that. The resolution DocShipper commodities stuffing services.

DocShipper present with a selection is elasticity in your limitation many resolutions will be planned in ideal according to your commodities and all principles of diverse countries.

Our residence estimates all the expenditure and will lessen the rate to the pleasure of the client review.

Docshipper finished of first-class embalages on the gauge and protected to keep away from scratch and every day disturbance while regarding the cost of walking and occasionally even 30% less expensive than the contender we present a high-quality exchange, and you will be fulfilled. Very reasonable in conditions of price gratitude to our supply of limited employment and our diverse storehouse in Thailand. Nevertheless, we have a system of business stuffing all around the world, and we will be satisfied to send you a price tag that is in the marketplace. With our specialized covering services by knowledgeable employees, based on the worldwide principles. Furthermore, DocShipper can wrap up the particular commodities.

We build up commodities stuffing service and optimize the covering of your goods to make sure the protection of your commodities according to your form of transportation of your selection. Our covering services resolution with our covering services, your consignment will be sheltered from the dealers at the end of the release, make sure the honesty and stability of your delivery sequence.

From easy trial parcels to maritime freight containers, you can depend on DocShipper to manage expenses, meet up the target, make sure the privacy of content, and optimize all your coverings. Our resolutions incorporated from plain boxes, pack with sturdy, covered boxes, metal boxes, timber pallets, timber crates, fumigation, and bubble-pack and as well the fragile propel will be crammed with bubble wrap, and we hold with concern. Will be satisfied to gather you in our workplace and make learning and a free of charge quote for your drive, our covering has set up an accustomed all, and our limited associate will take care to value your desires and needs. Jealous to please our client, we stay at your removal for your expectations approximation.

*We will recommend you with satisfaction on your plan.

DocShipper Advise : We help you with the entire sourcing process so don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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