Multi modal freight

The combination of Air freight, Sea freight and Trucking

Siam-Shipping has met all requirements to give multi-modular cargo offers.

To permit you to join the time and cash we offer you a complete scope of new transport, to the colossal fulfillment of our clients. Contrasted with a full sea cargo transport, you will spare time and a hold on the cost of airship cargo which is not ignored by today. It is as yet a decent bargain for little or huge organizations that needs an answer with a few transports. We can make your shipments at times, brief imports which will permit you not to pay costs, for example, responsibilities and goes on your property, however, your stock must return whence it comes, we will be glad to give you subtle elements and clarifications to execute this. We have set up a substantial gathering of viable operators for import and fare; we will cost all phases of your send even the most troublesome and broad will be overseen because of our experience. We will supervise each part of your shipment. Since a pressing ultra-secure to at last arrive at your preferred place and we can even make unloading. To empower your business to pick up leverage by adding to your rival you to create and assemble a repeating association with the import and fare all streams. We will happily make all your application in everything about elucidation. Since all the start of the technique, we will do all the important strides. We are experts of cargo additionally universally, and we know every one of these viewpoints reacts to particular circumstances, for example, yours.

We ensure a basic and simple Multimodal cargo and customs clearance for you. Request a quote to affirm the qualification of your shipment, we will concentrate worldwide standards, and we will even adjust the bundle. Our group is multilingual, and we will clarify every one of the means.

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Why choose multimodal freight services ?

To permit you to mingle the moment and capital we proffer you an entire assortment of fresh transportation, to the immense approval of our clients. Contrasting to a full ocean freight ship, you will keep moment and preserve on the charge of air transportation which is not unnoticed by today. It is still a superior negotiation for small or large organizations that require an explanation with some ship. We can create your consignments in some events, temporary importation which will permit you not to give expenditure such as responsibility and goes on your assets but your commodities must come back hence it comes, we will be joyful to present you information and clarifications to apply this. We have put up a huge collection of experienced mediators for importation and exportation; we will outlay all phases of your carriage yet the majority complicated and extensive will be deal with thanks to our skills. We will direct each feature of your consignment. As a stuffing specially protected to reach your destination at the place of your selection lastly and we can still make unloading.

To facilitate your commerce to expand an improvement by furnishing to your contestant you to build up and construct a permanent connection with the import and export all streams. We will cheerfully compose your entire appliance in all element and explanation. As all the commencement of the method, we will perform all the necessary strides. We are specialized of cargo also globally, and we identify all these facets respond to challenging circumstances such as yours. We assure a smooth and simple Multi modal freight and customs clearance for you. Request for a quote to verify the suitability of your consignment, we will learn the customs of worldwide for you, and we will yet familiarize the parcel. Our group is multilingual, and we will clarify all the steps.

Example: From Thailand to UK via Dubai

The multi modal cargo is a mixture of sea and air freight. This cargo is to combine these modes to meet the requirements of our customers. Sometimes it is best to compromise between a cost-effective shipping distribution and a quick but somewhat expensive air transport. That is where multi-modal freight forwarding comes in. We have experience dealing with this option.

We have customs transit solutions at very competitive rates.
Example: Thailand – UK via Dubai (UAE)
• Departure from Bangkok towards Dubai by Sea freight.
• In Dubai merchandise transits through the international airport, to be transported to UK via air freight.
For maritime transport, MSC, Maersk, CMA-CGM and UASC are our partners, as are Fly Emirates, Air France, Etihad for Air freight. Our agent in Dubai allows us to guarantee a rapid and safe transit of your goods.

Our goal is to ensure an optimal service.
Administrative and customs documentation is sent by express mail to the agent in order to ensure rapid clearance, to avoid any loss of time or bad surprises on arrival.

Our network of agents allows us to provide you a tailored service and fast customs. Our agents in the transit area involved the following services:
port unloading Supervision
Customs declaration
• Transportation from the port to the airport,
• Loading Supervision


Multi Modal freight – Overview

What is it?

Multimodal transport (or combined transport) is the transport of goods made from a single contract, plus with fewer means of transport; In this case, the carrier with whom the contract is carried out is responsible for all the means of transport, even if carried out by the total routing is carried out with the help of other companies. The carrier is not the master key to possess all the vehicles used, which is the most frequent case. Part of the routing agrees on the sub-course. The carrier responsible for all cargo is designated as MTO.

Article 1.1. The United Nations Convention on International Multimodal Transport of Goods (Geneva, 24 May 1980) (International Multimodal Transport) means the carriage of goods by less than less cheap Two different modes of transport on a multimodal transport contract in a country where the goods are taken over by the multimodal transport operator in a designated place of country “.

To know more about the United Nations Convention on International Multimodal Transport of Goods, we invite you to follow this link : United Nations Convention

How it works?

Transients have become increasingly important players: they have ceased their unique mission of shippers, accepting greater responsibilities as so much on the market. The main shipping companies have also switched to multimodal freight services;

Now, they provide customers with door-to-door service. The carrier shall return the goods to the address specified by the consignor (his premises or his domicile, general inland) to the address of the consignee (usually also inland). Freight forwarders not in possession of a ship (even if the carriage includes a portion of sea transport) are designated as non-ship carriers (NVOCs)

Multimodal transport was developed as part of the “Container Revolution” of the 1960s; As of 2011, public transport is by far the most popular international expedition. However, it is also important to remember that multimodal transport is different from container transport: indeed, multimodal transport is feasible without a container. MTO, which works directly with the customer, guarantees that its products are delivered with the greatest efficiency.

Legal aspect

From a purely legal point of view, multimodal transport has some shortcomings. Unimodal transport (one transport) is currently controlled by incoterms, which are international and mandatory conventions. These agreements provide different bases and limits of liability for the carrier.

Since 2011, the solution at this stage is the principle of “network”. According to this, the different conventions remain the same. The liability of the carrier is defined according to the violation of the contract (for example, the goods have been lost or damaged during transport). However, problems occur and the contract violation is repeated several times.