Packing service

Importance of the packaging 

Siam Shipping is recognized as specialized in the customization of packaging of fragile, large and valuable items such as computers, servers, arts and antiques. We make sure to provide good types of packaging to protect your merchandise.

Professional packing service

The space is too limited and the time too precious to store your goods from the packs of bulky supplies. If you choose to use our company  as a packing and shipping service, we can ensure that your goods are packaged using state-of-the-art packaging techniques. It can be an element or a thousand, we will always have the solution to meet your wishes in terms of packaging.
We also offer a Gold service that allows your packed and delivered items to be protected in case of loss or damage. We attach great importance to the peace of mind of our customers.

Personal Effect

Our professional packaging services to transport your freighter in a safe and efficient way.
It’s not that simple to move from one place to another with all the furniture at home. It is even difficult to determine how many articles we really have, going from books to furniture, until it’s time to pack and send them. And this is just the beginning of the adventure, indeed once in your new home, you have to unpack and put away all the stuff once again. It would be so nice that someone would take care of it!

Security of your business

However, you are in your right if you want to want to pack all your belongings for transport yourself, but there is a non-negligible factor to consider: security. It is very important to have a solid packaging that can preserve even the most fragile items because it would be extremely pitiful that after all this journey, your vase arrives at destination in thousands of pieces.

Consider hiring professionals

You will probably already be overwhelmed by the prospect of your move and in addition to that, a random particular doesn’t have professional packaging material at hand, so you should be interested in paid packaging services. Most of the time, these services can be offered by moving companies who work with skilled and experienced employees. Of course, if you ask your moving company for packing services this may entail additional expenses but it is a luxury that it is best to agree if you want professional packs for your goods.

Professionals Keep your goods safe

If you plan to work with professionals, be aware that they will take great care of your merchandise, especially everything relating to items to disassemble, since each piece is stored separately.

Professionals save you time
Packaging services can be especially useful if you need to move in an emergency. If this is the case, they are able to pack all your inventory in one day, while you might need a week just to understand the process. Indeed, you may not have the necessary knowledge about the amount and type of packaging materials to use (but we are here for that!). Professional packers will use appropriate packaging supplies for each item. For example, padded packaging for your fragile items and specific boxes for smaller pieces.

You become eligible for insurance

Most moving and packing companies offer insurance for your cargo. Indeed, in packaging services, the risk of breakage is extremely low, but even if unfortunately one or more of your products is damaged, the company must pay to compensate you.

Cost Savings

While paying for packaging services represents an extra expense, professional services them, end up saving you a lot of money. Note that professional packagers will provide you with a very accurate estimate of everything you need. Conversely, if you buy the packaging material yourself, it is very likely that on arrival you will exceed the quantity required.
The fact that the company gives you an estimate of the work, equipment and the necessary working time, this can help you to budget everything precisely. However, you can always opt for a partial packing service, which means that professional packers will provide only services for prescribed items such as large furniture, arts and lamps. Another tip that can help you reduce the cost of your move.

Foam in Place

The foam packaging is perfect for packaging fragile, large and precious items. We can offer you a state-of-the-art foam packaging method. It is an injected material that grows in the box in order to adapt to any shape and any element, without damaging it and offering a secure and personalized cradle. Your valuable item is then surrounded by a thick, ventilated foam cushion. This method is perfect for packing and moving fragile, large and valuable items such as computer and scientific equipment, but also for artwork and antiques. Contact us to get information on how we can professionally pack your equipment with foam in place. In addition, foam packaging allows you to minimize your shipping costs as the weight is ultra-light.

Boxes, Boxes and Cases

We have at our disposal a wide range of corrugated boxes of different strength to meet your protection needs for your goods. Even if we do not have the correct corrugated box, we can manufacture corrugated boxes adapted to different sizes.
Some items require packing in wooden crates or boxes before they are shipped. At Siam Shipping, we create custom wooden crates and plywood crates. A very solid protection that allows you to sleep safely when sending your fragile and precious items.

Antiques and Works of Art

Works of art and antiques are precious goods that require skilled and experienced professionals in the packaging and transportation of goods. Our packaging standards are internationally recognized. We are used to dealing with art management at national and international level. No matter the sensitivity or value of your object, you can count on our team specially trained to pack and transport your works. We offers a wide range of professional packaging services as well as delivery, safe and secure. We give you an exceptional flexibility that will motivate you to organize the displacement of artistic and antique works, with a single company able to take charge of all your logistical needs. Our company has a unique know-how. In addition to being able to pack and move artworks and antiques, we also offer to insure your property in the event of any damage or loss during transit.

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Packing and cargo service for antique dealers

Boost your international sales

For your business, our team can become a quality partner. We can support you in gaining access to an international market by offering fast, safe and secure transportation. Our years of experience have proved that the various antique dealers and art dealers can vastly increase their sales, offering to the Internet buyers a professional quality packaging and a delivery service all over the world.

Electronic and Computer Equipment

Our packing department offers a wide range of state-of-the-art packaging techniques, along with domestic and international freight services. We have special techniques for your fragile assets, such as moving computers and other electronic equipment around the world. We praise our flexibility and we will help you, with the greatest efficiency, to send a smartphone or to send a whole computer service abroad. Siam Shipping is one of the leaders in the transportation of electronic equipment, especially fragile ones that require special attention. Our many years of experience in packaging and freight equipment for the medical, laboratory, communication, broadcasting, data processing and data processing industries allow us to meet your requirements

Sensitive freight

We offer you a wide range of freight services for fragile products, to ensure the safe transport of sensitive equipment such as servers and finely tuned scientific equipment. Our freight service specially designed for sensitive goods offers the safety of a vehicle equipped with a compressed air suspension to minimize road vibration.

Returns of computers and electronics

We are able to offer you a relatively simple solution that ensures the safe and secure return of equipment with a warranty to repair, end of lease or recycling. We organize the collection of equipment, professional packaging and express messaging to inform you in a timely manner about the location of your products. If you have a product that needs to be returned to the manufacturer, or if you are looking to develop a solid logistics strategy to establish customer loyalty, please feel free to contact us by email or via our website.

Packers in Bangkok

Products packing service our warehouse team help you decide and execute the perfect bundling for every one of your items and stock. Your conveyance has both import export was so as to ask you is vital however convey with no harm is much more vital than that. The arrangement SIAM-SHIPPING merchandise packing services. We do offer with a decision is adaptability in your imperatives various arrangements will be proposed in immaculate agreement with your merchandise and all models of various nations. Our homes compute all the cost and will diminish the cost to the enjoyment of the Customer Review. Our entity cargo forwarder made of great packing on the measure and secured to maintain a strategic distance from harm and day by day bothers while regarding the cost of strolling and infrequently even 30% less expensive than the contenders we offer a decent exchange off and you will be fulfilled. Exceptionally reasonable as far as a cost because of our hand of neighborhood work and our different stockroom in Thailand.

In any case, we have a system of organization packing the world over, and we will be satisfied to send you value that is in the market. With our expert packaging services by experienced staffs, base on the global norms. Also, We can bundle the particular products. We create merchandise packing service and enhance the bundling of your items to guarantee the well being of your products as indicated by your method of transport of your decision.

Our packaging services arrangement

With our packaging services, your shipments will be shielded from the provider at the purpose of conveyance, guaranteeing the honesty and progression of your inventory network. From straightforward sample packages to sea cargo compartments, you can depend on SIAM-SHIPPING coordination to control costs, meet due dates, guarantee the classification of the substance, and advance all you’re bundling.

Our answers included from straightforward boxes, containers with heavy, wrapped boxes, metal boxes, wooden beds, wooden cases, fumigation, bubble-wrap and furthermore the sensitive send will be stuffed with air pocket wrap; We maneuver carefully. Will be satisfied to meet you in our workplaces and make thinks about and a free quote for your send, our packaging has built up a balanced each and our nearby accomplice will take care to regard your requirements and solicitations. Desirous to fulfill our client, we stay available to you for your future appraisals. We will prompt you with delight on your project.

We, at Siam Shipping, aim to work only with certified packing team worldwide. In order to guarantee an optimal service, we select only competent partner certified ISO. Clicl here to get further information about the packaging standard.

Is it necessary to pay for a packing service?

Moving is not an easy task. In addition to the time it takes, the expenditures it requires may be significant. One of the easiest places to remove is packing boxes. Indeed, why call a specialized company to take care of it while putting clothes in a cardboard is not very complicated and does not require great “muscular capacity”. Think again! Those who have already experienced a move will tell you that organizing a move can be a full-time job and that avoiding this part is not a luxury.

What are the advantages of outsourcing the packaging of its boxes?

– Beyond the time and effort, they will save you, they will help you preserve your back. For many people, moving is synonymous with lumbago.

– The packaging is not as easy as it seems, especially when it concerns heavy or fragile objects. If anyone can pack books or cushions, what if you have a large mirror to carry? After you realize that you do not have a carton large enough, you will cover it with a blanket and then stuck it in the bottom of the truck between two pieces of furniture in hopes that nothing happens to him. But, on arrival, you may be disappointed and not be able to look you in the face!

Why do you make your own cartons?

– Because you kept the protections used (large blanket, bubble wrap, storage bag …) on a previous move
– Because you do not have any fragile objects to move
– Because you do not have the financial means to call in a mover

Another solution: Do it yourself!

You can decide to pack your own clothes and entrust the fragile or precious objects to the expert hands of the movers. Ask them for a quote. Alternatively, if you have chosen to move alone (with a commercial vehicle), you can contact people specialized in packaging. You can find them on the exchange of services websites.

You can also check the website of IAPRI (International association of packaging research institutes) to get further information about packaging standard.