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Siam Shipping is an established air freight forwarder. We have been offering air freight services to/from Thailand for many years. We are able to provide air freight to many airports all over Thailand.

Booking air freight from/to Thailand is simple with our dedicated air cargo department located in Bangkok airports

Booking air freight to the USA could not be simpler. We currently offer a range of flexible services operating from airports across the UK. Our prices are competitive and our airlines top notch.

Booking air freight services from/to Thailand is easy with Siam Shipping. We provide various services, collaborating with many airports all over the world. You will enjoy our price-competitiveness and our top notch network of airlines.

If you want to get a free quote, just provide us with the weight and dimensions of your shipment. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with the best price on the market. Select both your departure and arrival airports.

Obviously, we also offer an optional pickup service directly in front of your door, for your entire convenience.


Can every type of cargo be shipped the same way?

Most of cargoes can be loaded on any type of aircraft. Nonetheless, some specific cargoes such as hazardous ones can be restricted or even banned from flights. It is our specialized team’s job and responsibility to check regulations and ensure rules compliance. After that, we’ll make sure to bargain for you, and obtain the best rates with the carriers. We now have a very long-lasting working relationship with many carriers, ensuring us to benefit from the best rates.

To get an easy, quick, and cheap quotation, please fill our quotation form.


Air freight rates from/to Thailand

Get an easy quotation to benefit from our highly-competitive prices, alongside excellent customer service. In case of a high volume, we can even negotiation spot rates for you. We are committed to mix low prices and excellent customer service. Every dollar we are able to save is one dollar we saved on your behalf.

If you require any assistance during the booking process, please don’t hesitate to contact our staff at We’ll be delighted to answer all your questions and help you.

Air Freight Special Offers

After being in the business for many years, we can now guarantee the best rates for you.

  • If you require a pickup service, we will send you the cheapest and most efficient team- whether it is TNT, DHL, or another company.
  • As mentioned before, we can negotiate on your behalf for high volume, in order to obtain discounts and save a lot of money.

As well as our competitive regular rates, we also have air freight special offers sometimes:

  • Regularly, we come up with punctual discounts for specific regions, and volumes.
  • If you want to benefit from these special prices, your shipment usually has to exceed 100 kgs.

If you want to ship a high volume, please contact us to see if there is an available spot rate for your shipment.

To find further information, check our dedicated article about Airport in Thailand.

International Air Freight Shipping: Definition

Ocean freight still accounts for 90% of international freight, but air connects the whole world in a few days only. This is for example true for a shipment from Thailand to the USA: 20-30 days by sea, 4 days by air cargo.

A difference must be observed between air freight and express freight shipments. Express freight is often handled by one carrier (UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.) that ensure door-to-door services for low volume, in less than five days. There are often not exceeding 1m3; weighting less than 200 kilograms). International air freight comes most of the time with much higher volumes, and implies various carriers’ involvement.

International Air Freight Charges: What are the costs for shipping by air?

Weight and volume are key indicators in Air freight. Air carriers’ pricing method is based either on volumetric weight (also known as dimensional weight) or actual weight, depending on which one is more expensive.

The most common method to calculate it is to multiple the item’s volume in cubic meters by 167. Let’s imagine a parcel with the following dimensions: W: 55cm, H: 55cm, L: 55cm. The volume would be 0.1663. If we multiply it by 167, we get a volumetric weight of 27.78 kg.

When the volumetric weight is higher than the real weight of the parcel, that becomes the chargeable weight for your shipment. You can use this chargeable weight calculator.

Why Ship by Air?

  • Fast– Imagine getting a product from a Chinese warehouse to the USA in five days. Air freight is 30 times faster that ocean freight. Passenger jets cruise at 575 mph, while slow-steaming ocean liners move at 16-18 mph. Air freight is usually 5 times more expensive than trucking service, and 16 times more expensive that ocean freight.
  • Reliability–The freight industry is getting more and more aware about the importance of ensuring a decent traceability for the shipments. Air freight comes with an excellent freight tracking, ensuring you are kept on the loop on the status of your shipment.
  • Protection– Your goods are much less at risk through air freight, as compared to ocean freight.

Why Not to Ship Cargo by Air?

  • Cost– As mentioned before, air freight comes with a higher price than ocean freight. Comparing air and ocean freight, a medium size 2000 lbs box from Shenzhen, China to New York, USA, can cost $1,200 by ocean but it can go up to $4,000 by air.
  • CO2 emissions– Of course, air freight also means greater emissions. For instance, according to UK government research, 2 tonnes shipped for 5,000 kilometers by ocean will lead to 150 kg of CO2 emissions, compared to 6,605 kg of CO2 emissions by air. Definitely not the most environmental-friendly way to ship your goods.
  • Heavy Shipments– Freight shipping has been for many years mainly focused on shipping containers, which are great for shipping large, heavy items. As air freight is priced on the basis of size and weight, price can go up very quickly.

What goods are generally shipped by air?

Since air freight is quite expensive, it is usually used for small, high-value or time sensitive items. Here are some example:

  • Electronics. We all have the example of Steve Jobs in mind: he purchased the whole air freight capacity between Asia and the USA to ship the first iMac before the beginning of holidays.
  • Apparel. Seasonal trends are changing quickly in the fashion industry. Therefore, companies need to get their products from warehouses to the stores as soon as they are ready to be sold.
  • Pharmaceuticals. Given their small size and value, medical goods are frequently shipped by air.
  • Documents and Samples. Air freight is still the most cost-effective way of shipping documents. DHL Global Forwarding got it started by taking ocean freight documents by air to get them to a new West Coast-Hawaiian ocean line.
  • Seasonal shipments. Whatever the product is, if there is a high international demand at a certain point, air freight will be required to get shipped as soon as possible.

Beyond the air freight, which is calculated based on the cost above, the air freight price will also likely include:

  • Fuel surcharges
  • Security surcharges
  • Container Freight Station / Terminal Handling charges
  • Airport transfers

In addition, for door-to-door costs, the price will also include

  • Customs brokerage
  • Pickup and delivery
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Accessorial charges

Are International Air Freight Quotes & Prices Changing?

The air freight industry is growing slowly, with less than 1% growth in 2015. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), air freight went down from 5% in 2014 to 2.2% in 2015. The main reason for this decrease is the growing reliability and trust for ocean freight in the industry.

Ocean freight keeps on getting cheaper, due to massive ocean freight overcapacity. On the other hand, the number of air passengers is growing years after years. Therefore, there is more and more belly cargo space to store air freight, but not even the half of freight capacity is being used.

As a result, most of companies do everything they can to avoid air freight, leaving only time-sensitive items to air freight.

Please note that all our partners are certified IATA (International Air Transport Association), an international reference in this field.

Top Five Air Freight Forwarders

Air freight is quite a heterogeneous market, with the top 5 air forwarders accounting only for 39% of the market. The top air freight forwarders have remained ahead of the pack for years:

  1. DHL Global Forwarding: In 2015, DHL Global Forwarding air freight revenue reached $5.4 billion dollars. In 2015, DHL shipped 2.1 million tonnes of air freight, which represents 60% more than the next forwarder in the ranking.
  2. DB Schenker: Headquartered in Germany, the freight giant employs around 100.000 people around the world. In 2015, it saw $3.8 billion in air freight revenue.
  3. Kuehne + Nagel: Between ocean and air freight shipping, this company accounts for 10% of the freight market. In 2015, air freight revenue reached $3.3 billion.
  4. Panalpina: Founded in 1936, the Swiss forwarder is worth $2.5 billion in air freight revenue in 2015. The company also holds a Boeing 747, leased from Atlas Air Cargo, which it called “Spirit of Panalpina”.
  5. Expeditors: A relative newcomer, founded in 1979 in Seattle, Washington, this US forwarder had $2.51 billion in air freight revenue in 2015.

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