From departure to arrival: Leave us your shipment with the peace of mind

You probably realize that a door-to-door shipment is the option to choose if you don’t want to get involved in the shipping process. You are right!

Our partners based worldwide enable us to offer door-to-door services. In other words, it is an “all inclusive” service. Our services begin at your location (your home, your premises or your providers’ warehouse or factory) and your goods are routed to the arrival (your home, your premises or your client).

SIAM Shipping with Docshipper provides:

  • Pick upPacking and transfer of your goods from your starting point
  • Preparation of transport documents (packing list, commercial invoice, bill of lading, certificate of origin …)
  • Handlingloading and unloading at the port or airport and customs clearance
  • The freight to all ports / airports worldwide
  • The delivery to your final address

SIAM Shipping info : Siam Shipping is the only company that can arrange your shipment from start to finish, without you having to do anything. Tell us about your needs, so our experts can find the most appropriate solution for your freight and give you tips on how to save on shipping costsContact us, we'll answer any questions you have! You have a question ? Call us now.

Advantages of our door to door service: One Stop solution

  • Only one freight forwarder, from the beginning to the end.
  • Do not waste time waiting for several customized quotes
  • Get a quotation in a short amount of time, and book your shipment in a clear, transparent and quick way for LCL, FCL 20ft, 40ft and 40ft HC containers, but also Air freight, trucking and other transportation methods according to your needs.
  • Our rates include delivery or pick up in the main urban areas near the ports where we are present.

What our door to door quotes do not include?

We invite you to carefully read quotation, before to sign.

  • Our quote does not include duties and taxes, as you will pay it at destination customs
  • Our quote does not include fees due to customs inspection, it happens sometimes
  • Our quote does not include insurance, unless you want to subscribe it, to do so, we need the packing list and proforma invoice.

Your shipment is fully covered from origin to destination

If you’re concerned about what might be a relatively difficult delivery process at first glance, you’ll be pleased to know that door-to-door shipping services ensure the safety of your product or shipment.

You will never have to worry about losing track of your shipment or its location, and you will receive regular updates on their position. Of all the different shipping options you will get when you are working with a logistics company, door-to-door shipping is the simplest you can choose.

With door-to-door logistics, your work is done when the shipment leaves your place or your facility, and everything is taken care of by the company you have chosen as a logistics service.

SIAM Shipping info : You will not have to worry about middle-man jobs, such as paying extra costs when shipping to the left, and you will easily base yourself knowing that your shipment is secure to its destination.

For insurance matter, please contact our SIAM experts or check directly our dedicated page: Siam Care coverage program

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Don’t be confuse between CIF, DAT and DAP Incoterms

Many importers/exporters in South-East Asia choose to require shippers’ services for part of the transportation, or even for the full process.

We can identify two main solutions when it comes to importations:

  1. DAP (or DAT) : The exporter/seller is in charge of the freight transportation from door-to-door. The importer is only responsible for customs clearance, duties, and taxes before the shipment is released for delivery. The difference between DAT and DAP is the place of delivery, DAT means Delivery At Terminal which could be a port or airport.
  2. CFR (or CIF) : The exporter/seller is in charge of the freight transportation from door-to-port/airport. The importer is responsible for customs clearance, duties, taxes before the shipment is released for delivery, and transportation from port of arrival to door. The difference between CIF and CFR is the Insurance which is included in the CIF Incoterm.

We will analyze and compare in this article only 2 of them: CFR and DAP. Let’s see in detail what are the pros and cons of each solution mentioned before.

DAP: Delivery at place

The first solution in which the shipper provides a door-to-door service may be perceived as the best one for the importer, as he would just have to handle customs clearance, duties and taxes.

Nevertheless, after the goods are cleared by the customs, the shipper takes the control of the shipment back to set up the delivery. At this moment of the supply chain, we often witness important delays, because the importer has no more control on the delivery, or on which company is going to handle it.

About ocean shipments, often the shipper will book the door-to-door service with the same shipping line that set up the freight. When the customs clearance is done, the ocean line will basically assign a trucking company to proceed to the delivery.

This solution implies involving too many parties, which can lead to mistakes, misunderstandings, unmet deadlines, etc. Communication is a lot more complicated and it can often lead to delays. This can be a cost-effective option though, as the rates are often cheaper when booked entirely from door to door. However, by choosing this option, you are giving up a lot of control over the delivery process.

SIAM Shipping info : Siam Shipping is an international freight forwarder that organizes the transportation of your goods from the supplier's warehouse to the final destination. Relax, because we take care of everything: from packing, to organizing the transport, to customs clearance and administrative procedures, regardless of the shipping method (air, sea, road, rail).

Contact us to receive a free estimate in less than 24 hours. You have a question ? Call our consultants for free.

CFR: Cost and freight

The other solution to consider is to book your freight transportation from door-to-port or airport.

After the freight is released from customs clearance, the importer looks out for the best transportation company and routing for delivery to door alongside customs brokers.

They can use their working networks to find the best solution for the importer, providing both efficient routes and cost-efficiency. The main mission of the customs broker is to fully understand both the operating procedures and the needs and wants of the importer.

At SIAM Shipping and more generally DocShipper, we collaborate with our customers to identify their needs and expectations, on a case by case basis.  Every shipment we are in charge of is routed according to these needs to avoid unexpected costs and delays.

The door-to-port solution implies greater control, less parties involved, better communication, anticipated delays, and direct link between importer and custom broker. The importer can have a better control of the shipment, allowing to better plan the process and reduce risks.

SIAM Shipping Advice : Another key aspect to keep in mind when choosing which service is most-suited to your needs is which Incoterm to use for your shipment. You should pay attention to where the responsibility begins, stops and transfer during the shipping process.

You still have some doubt about Incoterms ? Please contact our SIAM experts or check directly our dedicated page: Incoterms

The door-to-door service in your business model

Why door to door shipping can help you growing your business?

Products sold by door-to-door are generally of the same type as those that can be bought in the shop with reduced prices (balances, promotions).

The products with the largest market share are cleaning supplies and equipment, household appliances, press subscriptions and home improvement products.

As of 2018, the marketing model of many companies (using a standard marketing model) has changed, notably through the development of IT. Dozens of door-to-door products are now increasingly available: tickets for events, sports ticket subscriptions, subscriptions to a home television service or fiber Internet services.

From the seller of goods, shoulder bag, to sell to the public decreased with advances in technology and Internet sales, there has been a tremendous progress in door-to-door sales in recent years, In the energy and solar industries.

To save money

Door-to-door logistics will save you valuable time. Going up and installing your business is the only thing you will have to do!

Standard shipping services generally include only the tariff for moving goods from point A to point B. However, they do not include customs, import or other expenses that may be incurred during the journey.

SIAM Shipping info : Logistics services are created to provide you with a minimum service. However, make sure that you, the customer, do not have to worry about additional costs before signing your contract. Everything needs to be taken care of, and you do not have to ask yourself if your shipment includes traps along the way.

Multimodal shipments are simplified

Door-to-door delivery also supports a complicated process: one step by step.

Door-to-door logistics services simplify this process by delivering the empty shipment container, cargoing, collecting transport documentation, providing intermodal services for rail and truck shipment, and by receiving the shipment and routing of the delivery to its destination.

Ask for a door to door service and let us manage everything: from the departure to the arrival, by air or sea freight.

SIAM Shipping thanks to DocShipper is an organization with a door to door service from Thailand with the headquarter in Bangkok.

Thanks to a worldwide network, we offer an all-included service to fulfill your exact needs and let you with the peace of mind from departure to arrival.

Our solution is a complete door to door carrying as the name proposes the whole logistic process from your door in the departure to the destination needed, regardless of where you need to ship it, either the city or mountain and even on the islands.

SIAM Shipping info : At Siam Shipping, we don’t have geographical limits! We will act to cover every one of your shipments from A to Z, we will serve with a professional service standard. Contact us now !

From the beginning to the end, we keep a 100% control on all your shipment by keeping a daily tracking with your cargo.

  • The departure with a physical presence from your home/factory to the port or Airport. We will be in charge to declare your shipment and load it on the boat or Airplane. If needed, we will pick up goods in your place and pack it.
  • The arrival with a physical presence from the port or Airport to your home/factory. We will clear your shipment by coordinating with local customs.  Then, we will deliver product in the place needed and unload the container (if any).
  • Our door to door services may incorporate all parts of the air or ocean cargo, we will remain at your disposal to satisfy your needs in terms of timing and location. DocShipper is here and deals with your transfer with most extreme dependability for the joy of our clients.

Why SIAM Shipping / DocShipper group

Our main advantages are based on our proximity with customers but also the quality of our logistics services and our competitive offer. Our group is at your full disposal, we talk three languages fluently in order to avoid any kind of communication problems, and we are glad to get you in our office with any inquiries, exhortation and profoundly customized reviews. We will be happy to meet you and clarify every one of the procedures.

SIAM Shipping info : **In order to optimize our services, Siam Shipping and Siam Relocation are now part of the DocShipper group. Our customers can now benefit from total supply chain coverage. Therefore, Siam Shipping team became DocShipper team**


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