International removals

How to choose a reliable international movers in Thailand ?

Many companies claim to be international movers, claim to know Thailand, and appeal to you with low rates. Beware because many people get scammed, here are our tips to avoid the bad surprises:

 The contact

You must be able to reach your contact person by e-mail, phone or physically, at any time. For e-mail communication, the response time must not exceed 48 hours. Prefer a company with staff able to communicate in several languages, and if possible in your native language.

People’s opinions

Go to the specialized forums and look for reviews on the moving company. Send private messages to old customers, do not rely solely on a site or ad. Search until you are on the good reputation of the chosen company.
You can also base yourself on some certified source such IAM (International Association of Movers).

Avoid the comparators

We offer a wide range of international moving companies. Be very careful, because the site where you make the request will then send your request as an auction, you will be offered an attractive offer, often at the expense of service. Prefer a company with a dedicated and fun website.

Physical presence in Thailand

Check that the company has a physical presence in Thailand, and that it does not treat it all. Subcontracting is detrimental to the quality of service, and will leave you with enormous surprises.

Freight forwarder or mover?

A freight forwarder in Thailand can offer international moving, but this service is for him an extra, and it is better to leave a company dedicated to the transport of personal belongings. The reason is that personal effects are not managed in the same way as commercial merchandise. Many customers use freight forwarders to pay a lot more, because the freight forwarder did not know how to manage the key steps.


Ask several carriers of personal belongings, compare quotes, not just the price, but also in terms of services. Do not focus on the price because a price too low probably hides a mediocre service.

Ask questions

Do not hesitate to ask a lot of questions, and expect clear and precise answers. You are the customer and the company that will carry your belongings, must be able to respond quickly and accurately.

Read and understand specifications

A quotation must be read and understood before signing. Verify the services includes and excludes quotes, packaging, unpacking, delivery, and all ancillary services. Again, ask questions, better is too much than not enough.

Do not pay down payment

All international movers have a pre-paid payment policy, ie everything must be paid in advance. Beware of companies that just ask you for a down payment.


Take advantage of this in advance, whether you are looking for a carrier or for your administrative formalities. Siam Shipping has his own agent to handle every custom clearance step with official Thai customs.

Siam-relocation has become a must-have mover for a whole generation of Thai lovers, whether French, American or Japanese. We are proud of our success and warmly thank all our customers for their confidence.

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International House moving

Siam Shipping allows you to advantage from the practices and experience how of its worldwide system of cooperation associates to guarantee that you shift globally to or from Asia. The Residence eliminations are a worrying, however, the exhilarating selection at the moment. Gratitude to our cautious cooperation functions, you can depend on us enlightened that all the strides of your worldwide travel are taken concern of rapidly and proficiently from the covering and exclusion of your commodities to their release in full protection at your new address. That supposed when it approaches to delivering to the global, is superior currently to have the excellent spirit hang-up. Among innocence and expenditure, all this desire to be managed by a proficient so SIAM SHIPPING elongated are extremely custom-made action and goods for restricted or worldwide exclusions we will be capable of presenting you a suitable, all-encompassing and lacking exertion on your element may pattern you loosen up and stay for your commodities at your residence silently. We can present as well complete services counting a loading and unloading or only a typical deliverance, certainly, this will not be the equal so not divide the similar cost, but we promise dependable, extremely modified cost on your appeal and we create it as well cost-effective.

Removals from and to Thailand

Formerly your examination and stipulation are, we prepare your deliveries with the dates that go well with you. We will present the needed freedom to gather your requirements whether it is a bottle, trucks, carton or huge consignment by timber containers or pallets, Air or Sea Freight. We moreover take care of every steps and paperwork (cooperation, transportation, customs …) with the aim of making sure a protected and locked exclusion of your luggage, with a worldwide or modified services wrap up. We will rate your commodities and receipt all with security and take care of your possessions to guarantee no smash up to your approval. It supposed that the loading and unloading appear immense profession, it is suggestive of the important expenses that you can utilize to individualize your latest residence because it’s forever pleasant to keep capital and during our job with qualified employees we can create you beam so it leftovers reasonable. We would be enchanted to gather you, take dimension, photograph and systematize all your removals with enormous care. You could also speak with our old customers to ask their judgment concerning our services, and we recognize as the work is close you as well connect our happy clients. Go currently is the moment to appeal a free of charge quote.

International removals services

SIAM-SHIPPING coordinations empower you to profit by the experience and know-how of its global system of coordinations accomplices to guarantee that you move universally to or from Asia. The house evacuations are an upsetting yet energizing decision at any given moment. Because of our cautious coordinations operation, you can depend on us realizing that every one of the means of your worldwide move is dealt with rapidly and proficiently from the bundling and expulsion of your products to their conveyance in full Security at your new address. That said with regards to moving to the worldwide, is better now to have the heart great hang.

Amongst simplicity and cost, this should be managed by an expert, so SIAM-SHIPPING extends exceedingly customized action and cargo for nearby or worldwide evacuations we will have the capacity to offer you a convenient, comprehensive and without exertion on your part may setup you unwind and sit tight for your merchandise at home discreetly. We can give too thorough services including a pressing and unloading or essentially an exemplary conveyance, obviously, this won’t be similar so not have a similar cost, but rather we guarantee fixed, very customized cost on your demand and we make it likewise conservative.

Relocation in Thailand

Once your examination and details are, we plan you’re sent with the dates that suit you. We will give the necessary space to address your issues whether it be a holder, trucks, boxes or large load by wooden cases or beds, Air or Sea cargo. We additionally deal with every one of the means and conventions (coordinations, transport, traditions … ) keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee a protected and secure evacuation of your effects, with a worldwide or customized services bundle.

We will charge your products and be unloading all with wellbeing and deal with your property to guarantee no harm agreeable to you. It said that the stacking and emptying appear to be a difficult task; it is reminiscent of the huge costs that you can use to customize your new home since it’s constantly pleasant to spare cash and through our work, with the nearby staff we can make you grin, so it stays reasonable. We would be charmed to meet you, take estimation, photographs and sort out every one of your evacuations with incredible care. You could likewise converse with our old clients to get some information about our services, and we know when the occupation is complete you additionally join our happy clients. Go this is the ideal opportunity to ask for a free quote.

Siam Shipping has already built 6 years experience in international moving. You want to move from old home to your new home? You will probably need a professional team that will be able to take you from departure to arrival.

Siam-Shipping is here for your removal !

We provide professional packing service to ensure a safe shipment. Transport can be carried out by plane or boat, we can present you a quote combining the two options in order to have a comparison. Our 8 years of experience in international freight forwarder allow us to deliver a professional service while ensuring ultra-competitive prices. We are available to advise you on every steps to achieve. For added security, we will assist you throughout your move. The customer service is fundamental in Siam Shipping.

Moving process

After all that traveling, you have finally made that bold decision to pack your things for good and move to another country. Before you make that drastic move, how would you know whether the country is the right country for you?

Perhaps you have been traveling to the country several times in a year, however the duration may not be enough to give you a clear picture of the advantages and disadvantages of adopting the country as your new home.

Over at Siam Relocation, you can rely on the skills and expertise of our diverse team of global relocation specialists. Based in over 50 countries, they are well-versed with the local knowledge and take pride in helping our clients to make clear and insightful decisions. Known for their ability to arrange comprehensive and personalized preview trips, all you have to do is to notify them of your interests, needs, concerns and requirements, and they will do their very best in furnishing you with in-depth information.

As specialists in this field, we are well aware of the amount of stress our clients may have to endure after they have made the decision to move. We assure you that our relocation specialists are capable of providing a smooth and hassle-free moving experience.

Here are some guidelines on what is to be expected throughout the consultation process with our relocation specialists.

Before you set the appointment:

  • Set aside at least an hour to talk to our relocation specialist about your needs and concerns.
  • Do an inventory of items you would like to move and leave behind. Do the same for items you would like to bring along with you instead of having it moved by our team.
  • Bring along some toys and/or books if you are moving with your children.
  • Check the compatibility of your electrical items if you are moving it to another country.
  • Go through and understand your employer’s Relocation Policy if the decision to move is your employer’s decision.

During the appointment, our relocation specialist will:

  • Discuss on your needs, requirements and concerns.
  • Go through and finalize your inventory of items to be moved and left behind.
  • Determine the right packing and handling procedures for fragile and/or expensive items.
  • Assess your items and determine appropriate protective packaging.
  • Determine the packing and moving date(s).
  • Discuss on additional services including house cleaning and transporting your car, pet, liquids, food and/or alcohol.

Our relocation specialist will also furnish the following:

  • About Siam Relocation and how we can work together to ensure a smooth and stress-free moving experience.
  • Our protective packaging and transit options.
  • Information on the required paperwork.
  • Customs regulations and other requirements for overseas relocation.
  • Risk management and policies.


You do not move often in a life, let alone in Thailand, so choose your carrier, do not entrust your belongings to any company, check his reputation, check out the specialized forums, do not rely solely on price. Ask questions and expect concise answers.