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We have a wide range of state-of-the-art facilities, flexible and always designed to serve you the best. We manage with ease your goods, whether containerized or not, so that you are fully satisfied.

A. Infrastructure

At Docshipper, we are aware that choosing a freight forwarder is crucial for your business. That’s why in addition to a wide range of storage and handling options, we ensure a total visibility and transparency on your shipments.

SIAM Shipping by Docshipper only provides the highest-quality services through the latest technologies. In fact, our warehouses are equipped with a WMS (Warehouse Management System), every single shipment we handle can be followed in real time thanks to our tracking system, and you will receive an electronic POD (Proof of Delivery) to be notified upon delivery.

B. Our warehouse

SIAM Shipping by Docshipper is proud to offer premium warehousing services, allowing our customers to store their goods and whole containers in the safest way possible. Monitored every minute of the day and with the best security conditions (adverse weather, fires, theft), you can entrust us your goods with full peace of mind!

We offer distinct types of storage units. Whether you need to store domestic, international, cargo or consolidation cargo, every single unit is well-suited to accommodate every commodity.

C. Free Trade Area

*We are fully aware that a free trade zone can save you time and money.

We have one to simplify operations in ports. This area reduces your logistics costs and saves time in customs procedures. The free trade zone is well used in some specific business in Thailand which are impacted by heavy duties and taxes: Alcohol, cars, motorbike.

Most of products imported from Europe and America are subject to specific regulations with taxes ranging between 150% and 400% of the declared value.

D. The Customs Zone

In every international trade, the customs process is long and complex. To counterbalance this time-consuming but essential logistic step, we have set up an on-site customs clearance system that saves valuable time.

In this way, we allow your imported or exported goods to be shipped as soon as possible. We use an electronic system that saves paper and time, and that makes our operations more environmentally friendly.

logistics warehousing thailand

Different warehousing services in Thailand

Self-storage service in Thailand

SIAM Shipping is offering the cleanest and safest warehouse in Bangkok. Indeed, we have been offering this service for the last 8 years, providing weekly and flexible storage.

All types of items can be stored, from the smallest (suitcases, backpacks) to the most voluminous, boats, cars etc. Electronic products can also be stored, cameras, computers in a specific & safe area of the warehouse.

The price of the largest products is calculated on the space they occupy.

Warehouse facility within the port of Bangkok

Thailand has had a significant economic recovery after the crisis, mainly by using a free trade policy. Commercial competition is much more intense nowadays. To attract customers with cheaper consuming products, it is fundamental to have the lowest raw materials and shipping costs possible.

Bangkok Port’s Bonded Warehouse is, in this case, an optimal option. It is a tool to improve Thailand’s competitiveness for importers.

In fact, the goods that are being stored in these warehouses stay there for almost a year and are withdrawn at your convenience. Thus, the customs duty will be paid only at the time of withdrawals of goods. This allows the importer to pay for it only prior to final delivery, even after having already amortized the purchasing cost of the goods.


SIAM Shipping offers storage services directly within the port of Bangkok, as we know how crucial it is to ensure a presence there.

Why should you choose a Warehouse facility in the port of Bangkok?

More convenient

*The official customs warehouse is also based within the port of Bangkok.

One of the main strengths of this port is that it is strongly connected to the market thanks to the decent road and rail networks. In this way, you can easily and quickly get your products delivered in Bangkok and its surroundings.



Every movement or handling of merchandise comes with a risk. Every time your goods are handled by an operator of the logistic chain, it can lead to breakage, loss, or whatever else. This is why the port of Bangkok is optimized in order to generate the least possible movements of goods.

This is feasible also thanks to our port-based warehouses. The transportation of your goods is minimized before they reach our storing units, ensuring a safe and secured handling.

More modern

Indeed, verifying its inventory has become easy for inventory management of customers making it a very modern port.

Some of our customers will complete their shipment and not think about it again until it reached its destination. But many are willing to be updated on the status of their shipment throughout the shipping and delivery process.

In fact, 75% of our customers declared that shipment tracking is a key part of their satisfaction when shipping internationally.

Obviously, as your satisfaction is our main concern, we adapted our offer to respond to your expectations. You can now track your shipment at any time and contact your Siam Docshipper Expert for further updates!

Airport Warehousing Service

When choosing to ship by air, we are aware that you are choosing fastness and efficiency. In this way, the other logistic steps and facilities have to go in that direction too. This is why most of the steps requiring handling are now automated, thanks to our up-to-date facilities and equipment.

Handling air cargo is all about ensuring the safety of the goods shipped, while respecting the international standards of safety and security related to air freight. Efficient warehouse operations will ensure a quality delivery to your business, at competitive rates required to be cost-effective in a challenging market environment.

Our Air Cargo Warehousing Solutions:

  • Cross-dock count and condition verification
  • Full range of receiving, inspection, and verification services
  • Consolidation
  • Packing / Re packing
  • In-house Carpentry and crating
  • Climate control
  • Controlled cargo
  • Specialty services

You are looking for logistics and/or sourcing services ? You need a dedicated assistance ?
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Halal Warehousing service in Laem Chabang

*The Halal certification was obtained by SIAM Shipping from the Central Islamic Council of Thailand (CICOT).

halal certification logistics

Thailand’s interest in halal products is increasingly felt. Despite the strong enthusiasm observed for this, only a few warehouses are certified halal in Thailand. Given the ever-increasing growth of this market and the flooding demand, we have therefore decided to obtain this certification. Our certified warehouse units are located near Laem Chabang Port.

The warehouse, the entrance and the exit for the trucks, have been renovated according to the halal specifications. The halal area is separated by sheets, and there is a special hand washing area. Staff have been trained in very precise handling procedures, using hand lifts and pallets in this area.

We offer you a halal logistics service in trucks and warehouses. Following our first certification we will continue in this direction, i.e. continuing to develop our halal transportation network. All this will also be done in collaboration with Malaysia, the supply chain will meet the needs of customers as a logistics provider.


Why choose us ?

For the many reasons mentioned above, you can see that Siam Shipping is truly devoted to providing updated services, being always aligned with the latest trends and technologies. We are striving to constantly evolve and be the best services-provider available on the market.

*When you decide to work with us, you are deciding to benefit from the services of a dynamic and efficient company!


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