Store your belongings/goods in the heart of Thailand – Bangkok !

Because at Siam Shipping, we know that your belongings are valuable, our warehouse are protected by temperature changes, and have different labels ensuring the reliability and quality of the infrastructures.

It is possible to carry out any type of storage: normal, controlled temperature, or even freezing. It is also possible to store in the Free trade Zone, for example while waiting for the clearance of your goods or in order to avoid tax until goods are sold (Imported car for exampl

Once you are ready to receive your goods, you may consider picking up your belongings yourself or delegate the task of delivering them safely to the place of your choice. At Siam Shipping, we always try to adapt our solution to our customers needs : implicate yourself in the “logistic” and save money !

Whether you are looking for short-term or long-term storage, we provide warehousing service for professional goods and personal effect. Located in the heart of Thailand, Bangkok, you may just find what you exactly need !

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Warehousing service in Bangkok

Our warehouse located in Bangkok will furnish you with a casual personality; we think about conveying anywhere in Thailand, Trucks, loading and unloading, with individuals, forklift or crane. Capacity in Thailand by SIAM-SHIPPING coordinations, we likewise offer expansive services pressing, Bubble wrap, container boxes, wooden boxes or plastic beds. We offer to stockpile for medium or huge cargo. Put it inside to store your merchandise or place outside, for the vehicle if fundamental. The security watches secure our stores at the entrance who check and note everything is going back and forth.
VGM – VERIFIED GROSS MASS (SOLAS) From June 2016 the correct weight is required.
Storage in Thailand by SIAM-SHIPPING coordinations, we additionally utilize a measuring gear, bearers and their standard in cargo need to measure all shipments. Successful July 1, 2016, the new SOLAS direction will also require shippers or their delegates to present a verified gross mass (VGM) for all shipments.

Special warehousing – Cold storage in Thailand

Siam Shipping provides refrigerated warehouse in Bangkok area

To carry out a transfer of sensitive or perishable goods, it is sometimes recommended to use climate storage, a rare commodity in Bangkok, but which Siam Shipping can provide.

Do not hesitate to contact us to explain your expectations in detail, we will find you the most suitable solution.

Here are 3 tips to better understand and manage air-conditioned storage:

Management of temperature and humidity:

Almost all of Thailand has a warm and humid climate, which is harmful to fragile material and certain foodstuffs.
Moisture and temperature control often go hand in hand, both must be managed in the same storage space. When the humidity in the air increases, the temperature can remain unchanged. On the other hand, when the humidity in the air is falling, this creates an impact on the heat of the air that needs to be adjusted.

Ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems ensure that the temperature is maintained at a preset temperature. Dehumidifiers are used to manage humidity over hours and days. Air conditioners can vary the humidity levels by lowering the temperature in the storage space. On the other hand, they are little used for goods requiring a strict temperature.

Use the best dehumidifier:

The two main families of dehumidifiers have mechanical or dehydrating functions.

Desiccants (or desiccants) work with a chemical to remove moisture from the air. Because they use the heat from the air as a power supply, they can achieve great energy and financial savings. They are widely used to handle extreme humidity.

Mechanical (or refractory) dehumidifiers are the most used. Like air conditioners, they use a refrigerant that removes moisture. They can also handle extreme humidity, but also be adjusted. It is recommended that you contact a professional who can tell you the correct setting levels. Works of art and books require this kind of storage.

Different storage for different goods:

Depending on your different goods, they may not require the same type of storage.

  • Fabric: Clothes, some furniture or toys dating from the early 20th century must be kept between 1.6 and 23 degrees Celsius, with a moisture content of around 55%. They must first be washed and packed with tissue paper or cedar.
  • Electronics: Your electronic equipment (phones, speakers, cameras) can be invaded by mold if they stay too long in the air. To avoid this kind of inconvenience, we advise storage between 10 and 26 degrees with a humidity of between 30 and 60%.
  • Discs: Although they are less and less present on our shelves, CDs, DVDs and video games must also be kept in a cool place, ideally between 17 and 21 degrees and 45 and 50% humidity. Direct sunlight should be avoided to avoid damage to the surface. The vinyl’s must be stored in their original packaging.
  • Paper items: comic strips, magazines or books can turn yellow with heat. They require a humidity of less than 35% for a temperature between 1.5 and 23 degrees.
  • Metals: Poor preservation of your metals can result in copper becoming green, silver blacking, iron rusting and lead dissolving. They should be kept between 1.5 and 23 degrees for a humidity of 35 to 55%.

Niko’s BOX – A tailored storage at your door

Besides, SIAM-SHIPPING coordinations will deal with your measuring it specifically to our distribution center, we take the heaviness of the truck previously, then after the fact the stock. Notwithstanding for a 40-foot holder, we will have the capacity to guarantee and control the weight of your stock. Storage in Thailand. The staff from our distribution center will be available from Monday to Friday 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM, however not just, also; we are currently pleased to state that some of our services can be in real life 24/24 7/7.

For any need, the unusual time required or potentially on Saturday and Sunday, our group is available to you, exceptionally formed for work when available time is off.

storage and warehousing in thailand
In conclusion, please take contact 24 hours before for capable a move. Most important our distribution center is open and free for our cargo export or import.

Basics things to know about the warehousing

What is a Warehouse ? – Why is it so important in the logistics chain? – What are the different types of warehouses?

A warehouse usually identifies itself as a place of storage or accumulation of goods, large or small. From a logistical point of view, the storage stage is carried out by the warehouses used to store the goods.

Nowadays, warehousing is done everywhere before arrival at the recipient; Large warehouses exist on the outskirts of large cities, where different products are centralized before being sent to the recipients.
Warehousing is also defined as being subject of the responsibility for the storage of goods. Throughout the year, goods are stored in warehouses and are released as and when they are requested. As a result, storage creates utility time.

Storage Features

1. Storage:

This is the basic function of warehousing. Surplus products which are not needed immediately or in a short period can be stored in warehouses. They can be provided according to the needs of the customers.

2. Price stabilization:

Warehouses represents a very important stage in the process of price stabilization. It is achieved by creating the utility of time by warehousing goods. Indeed, a drop of the prices of goods can be observed when their supply is abundant and in an other hand, an increase in their prices when the slow season is avoided. Warehousing has a cost that is increasing day by day, so it is important to pay attention to the time spent by goods in warehouses.

3. Scope of risk:

Goods that are stored in warehouses are often exposed to many risks such as theft, damage, fire, etc. Of course, warehouses are built in such a way as to minimize the risk of deterioration or fire (even caused by a natural event). However, theft is a more difficult risk to avoid. The lease contract works when the goods and merchandise are stored in warehouses.

The person in charge of storing the goods acts as a boiler and it’s the same role for the warehouse keeper. A warehouseman must take care of the goods and try to protect them against the various risks mentioned above. The owner of the goods guarantees the goods stored and will be liable for any loss or damage that the goods can suffer during their stay in the warehouses.

4. Financing:

The goods stored by the owner can be used as financial loans, which can be taken from the warehousekeeper. The goods in the warehouse serve as a security for the warehouse keeper, who can use them as a means of pressure towards the owner. In this way, warehousing can be a source of finance for businessmen in all aspects of business operations.

5. Classification and packaging:

Nowadays, warehouses are starting to have better equipment and thus provide facilities for packaging, processing and classification of goods. Indeed, the goods can be packed according to specific sizes indicated by the owner.


Importance of Warehousing in Trade and Trade Development:

Warehousing refers to placing the goods in storage until they are dispatched to consumers. Most of the time, there is a time gap between production and consumption of products by the end user. It is therefore by filling this period that the storage creates a useful time.

The storage of goods is compulsory because it makes it possible to make the goods accessible at any time to all the buyers according to their needs. At each stage of the marketing process, a certain quantity of goods is stored. Indeed, it is essential to make appropriate and adequate arrangements for the sale of property in perfect condition, it is the only key that leads to the success of marketing. It is common for storage to be made in anticipation of future demand.

A warehouse is used to store or accumulate goods and it can also be used as an assumption of responsibility for custody of the goods. These warehouses represent a very important place in the business circuit because they allow businessmen to continue their production throughout the year by offering and selling their products whenever there is an adequate demand coming from the customers.

The warehouse need becomes very important because some goods are produced only during a particular season when they are requested throughout the year. In contrast, some goods are produced throughout the year but are sold only during certain periods of the year. Warehousing thus facilitates the organization of large-scale production and distribution of goods.


Advantages of warehouses:

1. Regular production:

To ensure mass production, raw materials must be stored in warehouses. Sometimes the goods are stored in order to anticipate a rise in prices depending on the time of year or other factors.

2. Time Utility:

As for the time factor, the warehouse makes it possible to create a useful time by reducing the gap between the production of goods and their consumption. As a result, warehouses help to manufacture goods according to the requirements of the final consumer.

Some goods are marketed for specific periods such as wool, raincoats, umbrellas, heating, etc. On the other hand, some products are requested throughout the year, but they are produced in some areas and therefore require storage during their exports, wheat, rice, potatoes, Etc. In addition, there are also goods that become more precious with the passage of time like rice, tobacco, alcoholic beverages and jaggery.

3. Storage of surplus property:

To make it simple, a warehouse acts as a store of surplus property that is not available immediately. Indeed, goods are often produced in anticipated form, so as to predict demand. As a result, they are stored in a warehouse and stored until they are requested by customers. Some goods that are not requested immediately may remain a certain period in a warehouse before they can be sent for a customer request.

4. Price stabilization:

Warehouses also reduce sharp price fluctuations by storing goods when their supply exceeds customer demand and releasing them when demand exceeds current production.

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