Shipping to India

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Air freight from / to India

According to different situations, it will be more judicious to use this or that means of transport, for example, air cargo will be used for transport with valuable objects or transport which must be done quickly. It is possible to occupy a complete plane for its goods if they are very heavy or very imposing, the fractional load is also possible if your goods do not complete the whole plane.

  • Delivery will be faster, all airports in the world can be reached in just a few days by air freight. This will reduce the risk of theft of merchandise or damage. Comparing with sea or land transport, up to several weeks, the speed of air transport is well recognized. When you carry more sensitive products, such as pharmaceuticals, they often travel by air cargo
  • More safety: controls will be more important for air freight, which translates into much less freight and damage during transport.
  • Less packaging: you will use much less packaging with airfreight because the delivery will be faster and more secure. Indeed, when there is less packaging the savings in freight will be greater, cost of packaging and cheaper labor.
  • The cost of insurance is lower: it is a faster and more secure means of transport than air or land freight, which will result in a lower insurance price

To have the delivery time that suits your needs you need to choose the best airfreight service providers, high performance, flexibility to meet all your needs. We have a lot of providers of this type of service and professionals who will guarantee all the specifics of your requests. To do this, you simply need to request a quote, you will get it for free without any obligation. We will also be there to answer all your questions.


Sea freight from / to India

Siam Shipping will also be able to accompany you with regard to shipping by sea in India.

This option is often cheaper than air shipping. This is the most cost-effective way to ship goods to India, they can send their goods through different types of containers. With containers containing only their merchandise (FCL) or a container shared with goods belonging to other persons (LCL). As for container sizes, they are generally 20 feet or 40 feet.

If your goods do not complete an entire container, you can choose the LCL option, so you will not pay the entire container but only the space you occupy which will be a more cost-effective solution for you. Siam Shipping will be able to provide you with quality shipping to India.

Our many different suppliers will be able to offer you the quality and the reliability of transport that you want, as well with sea freight and air cargo. Ask us for a quotation and we will provide you with the prices of our service. Reliable and safe shipping.

Main port in India:


Customs Regulation in India

A customs examination is carried out on all goods imported into India. Following this the authorities will evaluate the tax adapted to your goods. This will also allow them to verify that you are carrying nothing illegal in the country. You should also know that you must have an IEC number issued by the DFGT or you will not be allowed to import into India. This number is not required for the importation of personal effects.

Bill of Entry

The entry invoice is prepared by the sender and is presented to customs, it will decry the value and nature of the goods. The invoice must be made in 4 copies and deposited by the importer who clears the goods. The original and one copy will be for customs, a third will be retained by the importer and the latter will be kept by the bank to make the money transfers. Product information may be erased due to the EDI system. The importer must therefore file a cargo declaration containing the information required for the entry of the goods into the territory. You will also need the following documents:

  • Invoice
  • Packing list
  • Bill of Lading or Delivery Order/Airway Bill
  • GATT declaration form duly filled in
  • Importers/ CHA’s declaration
  • License if necessary
  • Letter of Credit or Bank Draft
  • Insurance documents
  • Import license
  • Industrial License, if necessary
  • Test report in case of chemicals
  • Adhoc exemption order
  • DEEC Book/DEPB in original
  • Catalogue, Technical write up, Literature in case of machineries, spares or chemicals as may be applicable
  • Separately split up value of spares, components machineries
  • Certificate of Origin, if preferential rate of duty is claimed
  • No Commission declaration

Amendment of Bill of Entry

If you have to correct something on your documents after submitting it, you must have the approval of the Assistant Commissioner.

Green Channel facility

The largest importers can receive the green channel clearance facility. This means that the flow of goods will be easier, with fewer routine examinations. You have to make a declaration at the time you deposit your goods. There will be no physical examination of your goods.

Payment of Duty

You can pay the import duties at the designated banks. There are different establishments to pay for these import duties but it is necessary to verify before depositing this right that this bank is approved.

Prior Entry for Shipping Bill or Bill of Entry

Article 46 will allow faster customs clearance of goods and the deposit of declaration will arrive before the goods. This entry ticket will be valid within 30 days of the date of submission of the entry invoice.

Specialized Schemes

The importation of goods under a specialized regime such as DEEC and EOU, etc., is necessary in order to establish links with the competent authorities. If the obligation does not work the importer has to pay the habitable tax on the goods. Bonding is also required with the bank guarantee. The amount claimed for the bank guarantee depends on the status of the importer.

Bill of Entry for Bond/Warehousing

A specific entry invoice may be requested for the clearance of your goods. Its price and the evaluation of its price will be done in the same way as previously. A separate form of entry invoice is used for customs clearance of goods for storage. The assessment of this entry invoice is done in the same way as the normal entry invoice, then the right to pay is determined.

More information customs with Siam Shipping we invite you to follow this link, you will join: Central Excise and Customs Council of India