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Freight between Thailand and India

SIAM Shipping is the partner you need to export goods from Thailand to India, by Sea, Air, Rail or Road Freight. We can plan full container or groupage from Thailand to the major cities of India every week. We accept all kind of products, usual goods, hazardous or perishable.

Are you in contact with a new supplier in Thailand? Do you need a few CBM of products from Thailand for your business or e-commerce?  Are you planning to import heavy and large quantities of products or raw materials for your business in India? No matter what your current situation is, this article will provide you great data and advises that will help you implement or boom your business between the two countries. We know that going global for the first time or searching trade information between two specific countries can be a difficult task to achieve. Our decade of experience in International trades in Asia, and our hours of research spent on this subject enabled us to build this page, for your own interest.

First, we will talk about the different freight methods, the time and prices involved. Afterwards, we will approach the trade bonds and formalities between Thailand and India. We dispatched a few personal advises that our experience gave us, through this page.

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Our customs broker inform you

Customs clearance in India

What duties and taxes will I pay for my goods ?

Remark SIAM: It is the first thing you need to think about when you’re planning an International freight.

Thanks to the ASEAN-India Free Trade Area (AIFTA), 90% of the tariff barriers applicable have been eliminated on both ways. This corresponds of a total elimination of 96% of the trade barriers between the two countries.

*In total tariff barriers over 4,000 product lines have been eliminated.

This allows to ease trades between the two regions and we’ve seen a growth on Indian investments in Thailand during the last five years.

SIAM Advice: Here is the composition of an HS Code, you can now see what an HS code is and what does it mean.

hs code composition

SIAM Info: You can also search for the taxes on the official website of the Indian customs, here you will find the link: Cybex India

If you know the HS code of your goods, write it in the searching bar. If you don’t know the HS code, type key words to designate your goods in the “Product” bar. 

Once the search has been done, you will reach a page showing tax information regarding your goods. Let’s continue with the pineapple example:

indian customs duties

The Certificate of Origin (CO)

The CO is the official document that testifies of the origin of your goods. It proves that the goods have been made in a precise country and place. Normally, it is delivered by a government or a notary public. It is generally split in various regional certificates of origin, and non-preferential certificates of origin and into GSP certificate of origin.

*It is one of the few documents that must be issued to the Indian customs in order to clear your goods once they arrive, with the bill of lading (BL).

Info SIAM: Here is further information regarding the Certificate of Origin, check directly the following link: Indian Chamber of commerce – Certificate of Origin

ASEAN-India Free Trade Certificate of Origin

The ASEAN-India Free Trade Certificate of Origin is valid for importations from the following countries: Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei Singapore, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar. It must comply with the relevant provisions of the product, determined by the ASEAN-India Free Trade Area. The countries mentioned above are benefiting of preferential tariffs (up to a 5% lower tax rate).

*The “Trade in Goods Agreement” defines the sample format of certificates of origin that must be respected.

This kind of business relationships between countries has been a real driver for the development of the ASEAN community.

SIAM Advice: If you want further information about the region, check our dedicated article: ASEAN. You can also contact our SIAM Expert ! Fill our online form in 1 min, our crew will contact you within 48H!


Customs contact in Thailand

thai customs logo

Official name: Thai Customs Department

Official Website: Thai Customs Website

Customs contact in India

customs in india

Official name: Customs Central Board of Excise and Customs

Official Website: Indian Customs Website

Customs process

customs process import export

Our customs broker inform you

Prohibited & restricted items

Remark SIAM: If you have one of the following item, you should check directly with our SIAM Experts. Some of those items are restricted or even totally prohibited, it is important to anticipate such shipment to avoid any problem.

Drug contraband

prohibited drug


prohibited ivory


prohibited poison


prohibited explosives


prohibited batteries


prohibited pornography


prohibited biohazard


prohibited flammable items


prohibited knife


prohibited chemicals


prohibited firearms


prohibited cigarettes


prohibited corrosive items


prohibited prescription drugs


prohibited gambling


prohibited counterfeit

Counterfeit notes

prohibited notes counterfeit


prohibited hazardous items

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sea freight logo

Ocean freight will be the best deal for you if:

  • Your suppliers are located near Thai seaports
  • Your goods are bigger than 2 CBM
  • You are not compelled by time.


Remark SIAM: If you’re able to wait a few times for your goods to arrive, Ocean freight will be a very competitive choice for you.

Info SIAM: If you’re interested to know more about the ports and sea freight in Thailand, here is our special article on the topic: Ports in Thailand

India’s geography and position, makes it an incredible pivot between Europe, the Middle East and South-East Asia. Its triangular shape penetrating the Indian Ocean makes of India the greatest peninsula in the world with 7517 kilometres of coastline. This linked with its tremendous population and economy, explains the amount of big ports that are boarding its coasts. The Ministry of Shipping announced that 95% of the international trades in volume and 70% in value are made via ocean freight. The biggest ports in terms of TEU are the ports of Jawaharlal Neru and Chennai.

All your goods departing from the ports located in the Gulf of Thailand will have the same itinerary in order to join India. Firstly, they will go south to join Singapore’s shore. Then, they will go north-west by crossing the Malacca strait.

Multiple routes are possible to take after, depending where is the final place of destination.

  • If they are going to Kolkata and North-east India, the vessel will go through the Andaman sea.
  • If you’re joining Chennai and the East-coast, the ship will cross the Bay of Bengal to rally the destination.
  • Finally, if your goods should arrive on Mumbai or the west-coast, the vessel will go straight west to join the south of Sri Lanka and go along the west coast onto the port of arrival.

Info SIAM: If you’re sending goods from Phuket or Ranong (west-coast of Thailand), they will directly go near the north of Sumatra and join India after.

SIAM Shipping has collaborators positioned in every major ports of Thailand. Thanks to them we’re proud to deliver a complete range of sea freight services to India. We can plan a LCL (less than a container), FCL (Full container), for 20’, 40’ and 40’ HQ containers. For special goods we’re able to program freights by reefer container, Bulk cargos or Roro also.

Here are is a table that defines transit times on average, between the biggest Thai and Indian ports. Smaller ports will have a slightly higher transit time than the two majors, because of their tiny traffic:

Bangkok / Laem ChabangPhuketSongkhla
Kandla14 days11 days13 days
Paradip10 days7 days9 days
JNPT17 days10 days12 days
Mumbai17 days9 days11 days
12 days6 days9 days
Chennai10 days7 days9 days
Kolkata15 days7 days9 days
10 days7 days9 days
Mangalore11 days8 days10 days
Tuticorin10 days7 days9 days

*Please note that those transit times are just indicative timing between Thailand and Vietnam

SIAM Advice: To have precise rates and transit times for your Sea freight from Thailand to India, don’t hesitate to contact our SIAM Experts.


air freight logo

Air freight will be the most efficient solution if:

  • Your goods do not exceed 2 CBM and 200 kg
  • You’re in a hurry to receive/send the goods

Remark SIAM: This way can be used as your principal transfer method, or only on punctual times.

Air freight will be an interesting freight solution for you because both countries have numerous international airports that are serving the major cities. Thailand and India are strongly bonded by air. Many direct lines are linking both countries. Several Indian Airlines possess branches and daily flights going from Thailand to India or vice versa.

A cargo plane will usually join the two countries in less than 10 hours door-to-door. An express air freight (courier) will deliver your goods to India in less than three days usually. A normal air freight will allow to transfer your goods in 6 days at the most.

Remark: Transit time are hard to estimate as it mainly depends of the budget: a direct flight available within a day is possible, but will probably be more expensive. In average, you can expect 3/6 days (export process included) 

We putted a lot of time and effort to negotiate attractive rates and services with Indian and Thai Airlines. This permit us to present you a complete range of Air freight services. Courier services (Express), Normal Air freight, Delivery at the Airport terminal, Air freight coupled with trucking… A lot of options and freight combinations are offering to you.

Info SIAM: You want further information about air freight service to India? Our SIAM experts are every time at your disposal if you have any questions ! Fill our online form in 1 min, one of our experts will contact you within 48H !


*Here you will find some tips on how we price an air freight solution:

calculation weight air freight
volumetric weight air cargo


trucking service

Road freight will be the most convenient option if:

  • Your supplier is located on the west side of Thailand
  • The final destination of your goods is in the north/east side of India
  • You’re not in a hurry to receive your goods

Remark SIAM: Road freight will rarely be a great solution to consider, to transfer goods between these two countries

Road freight between Thailand and India will go through similar itineraries than rail freight to link the two countries. Roads in Thailand and India are well designed and maintained, but in Myanmar and Bangladesh they still need a few improvements.

Compared to sea freight, transit times of road freight are halved, but prices are multiplied by 3 or 4 at least. Also, road freight is riskier and there are greater occurrences that your freight can be delayed or extended. In function of the key parameters for your goods and you, we will compare the rates between sea and road freights, in order to find the more adapted solution.

Here is a table of the regular transit times between the biggest Thai and Indian cities by Trucking:

Bangkok / Pattaya
Chiang MaiUdon Thani
Phuket / Hat Yai
Mumbai6 days6 days6 days7 days
Delhi5 days5 days5 days6 days
Bengalore6 days6 days6 days7 days
Kolkata4 days4 days4 days5 days
Chennai6 days6 days6 days7 days
Hyderabad6 days6 days6 days7 days
Ahmedabad6 days6 days7 days8 days
Pune6 days6 days6 days7 days
Surat6 days6 days6 days7 days
Kanpur5 days4 days4 days5 days


rail freight logo

Rail freight will be the best solution for you, in the case that:

  • Your supplier is situated in the north of Thailand
  • You need the goods to arrive in the north-east of India

Remark SIAM: Most of the time, it will be more expensive and longer than sea freight.

Thailand doesn’t have common borders with India. To transfer them by rail freight, they will go through Myanmar, sometimes Bangladesh and then join the territory of India on the east.

rail freight in asia

The Trans-Asian Railway is a project firstly thought in the early 1950’s by the United Nations, wishing to create a great rail network between Europe and Asia to ease international trades in the world. It was also established to help develop landlocked countries like Afghanistan, Laos and Mongolia.

Because of decades of political conflicts and wars in Asia, and also the huge development of sea and air freight during the second half of the 20th century, the TAR has never been greatly achieved yet. One part of the project, “The southern corridor”, was to link Eastern Europe to South East Asia via India and Thailand. But gaps are still remaining between India and Myanmar and Myanmar and Thailand. This explains why India and Thailand are poorly linked by rail routes, and that most of the train traffic between the two countries is used for passenger’s wagons. For all of these reasons, rail freight is usually 5 times more expensive than sea freight, with greater transit time.

It will be a reliable option for you only on very particular occasions.

Here is a table of the regular transit times between the biggest Thai and Indian cities by rail freight:

Bangkok / Pattaya
Chiang MaiUdon Thani
Phuket / Hat Yai
Mumbai12 days12 days13 days14 days
Delhi10 days10 days11 days12 days
Bengalore12 days12 days13 days14 days
Kolkata8 days8 days9 days10 days
Chennai12 days12 days12 days14 days
Hyderabad12 days11 days12 days14 days
Ahmedabad12 days11 days12 days14 days
Pune12 days12 days13 days14 days
Surat12 days12 days12 days14 days
Kanpur9 days9 days10 days11 days

Remark SIAM: Regarding transit time you can expect maximum 14 days if it starts from the extreme south of Thailand (like “Phuket” in the south) and finish to the west/south side of India (like “Ahmedabad“). Otherwise, the transit could start from 8 days if we ship from the west side of Thailand to the north/east of India.

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