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Normally, we recommend our clients to make an appointment with us at least three months before theĀ moving date. This is to ensure we are able to provide a detailed and precise consultation with regards to the quotation and steps involved throughout theĀ moving process. This also allows ample time for you to determine the items to be moved, sold, given away, or stored at any of ourĀ storage facilities.

With regards to your finances, find out more about the different types of banking facilities available if you areĀ moving abroad from ThailandĀ and what do the banks require from you if you decide to open an account with them. At the same time, notify your local bank and credit card company that you will be away for a certain period of time. Clarify with them whether there will be any additional fees or restrictions for foreign transactions.

SIAM Shipping Advice : Be sure to do the same round of checking with your insurance and tax status. Check whether there will be any changes, penalties or additional charges with regards to your move.

For thoseĀ with children,Ā we recommend you find more information from their new schools, especially on what are the documentation needed during registration.

One area of importance is to ensure your passports still have many empty pages and have not expired yet. The exact number of empty pages and expiry date may differ depending on your destination.

If you intend to sell your house, bear in mind it may take weeks and even months before it gets sold. Thus, it is best to plan ahead and engage a property management company to put your house into listing. Alternatively, you can engage the same company to rent out and manage your house during your absence.

Those with cars or any other vehicles, you have the option to decide to sell or keep it elsewhere.

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Finding the Perfect Place to Move to Thailand

After all that traveling, you have finally made that bold decision to pack your things for good and move to Thailand. Before you make that drastic move, how would you know whether the country is the right country for you?

Before you set the appointment

  • Set aside at least an hour to talk to our relocation specialist about your needs and concerns.
  • Do an inventory of items you would like to move and leave behind. Do the same for items
  • you would like to bring along with you instead of having it moved by our team.
  • Bring along some toys and/or books if you are moving with your children.
  • Check the compatibility of your electrical items if you are moving it to another country.
  • Go through and understand your employerā€™s Relocation Policy if the decision to move is your employerā€™s decision.

During the appointment, our relocation specialist will

  • Discuss on your needs, requirements and concerns.
  • Go through and finalize your inventory of items to be moved and left behind.
  • Determine the rightĀ packingĀ and handling procedures for fragile and/or expensive items.
  • Assess your items and determine appropriate protective packaging.
  • Determine the packing andĀ movingĀ date(s).
  • Discuss on additional services including house cleaning andĀ transporting your car, pet, liquids, food and/or alcohol.

Our relocation specialist will also furnish the following

  • AboutĀ SIAM RelocationĀ and how we can work together to ensure a smooth and stress-free moving experience.
  • Our protective packaging and transit options.
  • Information on the required paperwork.
  • Customs regulationsĀ and other requirements for overseas relocation.
  • Risk management and policies.

Perhaps you have been traveling to Thailand several times in a year, however the duration may not be enough to give you a clear picture of the advantages and disadvantages of adopting the country as your new home.

Over atĀ SIAM Relocation, you can rely on the skills and expertise of our diverse team of globalĀ relocation specialists. Based in over 50 countries, they are well-versed with the local knowledge and take pride in helping our clients to make clear and insightful decisions.

Known for their ability to arrange comprehensive and personalized preview trips, all you have to do is to notify them of your interests, needs, concerns and requirements, and they will do their very best in furnishing you with in-depth information.

As specialists in this field, we are well aware of the amount of stress our clients may have to endure after they have made the decision to move. We assure you that our relocation specialists can provide a smooth and hassle-free moving experience.

Tips for an international move from/to Thailand


Everybody wants their items to be moved safely and securely. As a result, we have prepared some simple guidelines to help you in making the necessary preparations prior toĀ packingĀ andĀ movingĀ day.


Your Items

  • All fridges and/or freezers should be emptied, defrosted and disconnected at least 2 days before being packed and moved.
  • Remove all bed linens and fold them nicely. Waterbeds should be drained and dismantled accordingly.
  • All washing machine(s) should be drained, and the bowl or drum should be secured with a stabilizer bar or bolt.
  • Electrical items such as the stereo, television and/or home theater system must be disconnected. For printers, the ink cartridges must also be removed.
  • Batteries should be removed.
  • Back up all information that are stored on your electronic devices.
  • Fuel from all mechanical equipment should be emptied.
  • All outdoor items should be cleaned thoroughly.
  • Ensure all loose items from the garage and/or garden sheds are sorted accordingly.
  • Keep an inventory of every item that needs to be moved and ensure our team knows about it.
  • All self-assembly furniture should be dismantled unless you have made other arrangements with our team.
  • Certain countries prohibit or enforce strict rules if you intend to bring in certain items such as food and alcohol. Check with our team what are the prohibited items and the possibilities of bringing them over.


Your Premise

  • Make parking arrangements for our commercial vehicle(s) and ensure we have full access to your place. Notify us in advance if you are unable to make the arrangements.
  • Let our team know if we need to apply for any special permit(s) or make advance booking(s) in order for us to move items from your premise.
  • Someone should be around when our team comes and leaves your premise. The person has to be responsible in making sure all your items that are to be moved, are packed, loaded and transported.
  • Make sure your children are taken care of by someone you trust when our team areĀ moving your items in Thailand.


Several factors who influence the price of the move


While you have made the same request to several movers, the quotes they have given you are very different. Why these discrepancies?


The distance traveled by movers

Moving companies calculate their quote according to the number of kilometers to be made between your old and your new home. Some discrepancies may occur between two movers because the rate applied per kilometer is not always the same. It also happens, on short journeys, that rather than paying a price per kilometer, the mover charges based on a lump sum, which may be different according to the companies. The distance will also change the way :Ā air freight,Ā sea freight, trucking or rail.

SIAM Shipping info : You are free to use the method of shipment you want according to your needs in terms of time and budget.Ā If you want further information about method of shipment, you can check our dedicated pages:

You still have a doubt on how to ship your goods ? Feel free to contact ourĀ SIAM Experts: Online Form

The weight of the goods to be moved

The cost of your move will depend not only on the volume of business to be transported, but also on its weight. The latter is more difficult to estimate from where possible price differentials. To make their calculation, movers often rely on their experience and ask to visit your home to check ā€œon the spotā€ the information that you have communicated to them.

SIAM Shipping Advice : Sometimes some movers make a low estimate to decrease the amount of the estimate and then review it upwards on the day of the move. If you ask for multiple quotes, trust the highest estimate in terms of weight, this is usually the fairest. The weight & volume will also influence the price of theĀ packing service.

Access to housing

The more the moving truck can park near your dwelling, the lower the quote will be. In case of difficult access situation (narrow streets, presence of trees, lack of parking, elevator cage too narrow, stairs very ā€œsteepā€ ā€¦), movers will be able (or not) Use of a goods lift.


Other criteria explaining the amount of the estimate

Other factors may explain price differences, especially if your move is atypical. For example, if you have fragile objects that are difficult to transport (works of art, dishes, etc.), if you decide to move during the holiday period, if you should store your belongings for a few days before Be able to move into your new home ā€¦ Make sure that all costs are clearly indicated in the quote so that you know exactly what is included and what is not included.


Maximum coverage, wherever you are


Regardless of where you are currently based at and where are you heading to, we have you and your items covered every step of the way. Our worldwide coverage includes protecting your tangible property as well as personal liabilities. As an added service, we can extend the coverage to protect you and your family should any of you be exposed to political instabilities.

The extent of our coverage only ends when you have safely arrived at your destination. As for our professionalism towards you, you can expect the exceptional service to continue for many years to come.


Coverage for your personal property

  • Our extensiveĀ all-risks coverageĀ covers a large number of scenarios including and not limited to when you are on vacation, at home or on business trips.
  • All your paintings and antiques are covered under ourĀ insurance plan. Also covered are situations involving theft and unknown disappearances.
  • The insured amount for every item is based on a full replacement cost, unless the item is found to be irreplaceable.


Coverage for your valuables

  • All valuables such as jeweler, cameras, furs, fragile items, silverware and golferā€™s equipment receive anĀ all-risks coverage.
  • The items are covered based on the value that was agreed upon earlier.


Coverage involving political risks

  • In the event of political risks such as insurrection, war, expropriation, terrorism or sabotage, we ensure your personal property and valuables remain protected throughout the period.
  • The political environment around the world is constantly changing. As a result, we highly recommend our clients to include this coverage in their pre-existing insurance policy.


Coverage involving personal liability

  • This policy provides worldwide coverage for you and your family against personal injury, unintentional injury or property damages law suits.
  • It also protects you from being held liable for any third-party damages as well as unauthorized use of credits cards, acceptance of fake money and forgery.
  • In terms of medical payments to other people, this policy pays up to $25,000 per injured person.


Coverage involving personal excess liability

  • At the event that all your primary liability insurance limits have been used up, this coverage helps you to pay for all legal defense costs (if applicable).
  • Moreover, since this coverage can be extended globally, even if the insured is prohibited from being defended, we can arrange for reimbursements of legal defense costs.


Quality claims handling service

  • Highly experienced customer service, with a long-standing reputation in providing fast and efficient claims handling services.

SIAM Shipping info : AtĀ SIAM Relocation, we understood that communication is very important! Thatā€™s why, out team is at your disposal 24/7 (except national holidays for local customer services) viaĀ ourĀ website, regularĀ mail,Ā phone,Ā Line,Ā Whatsapp.

Why should you purchase our door-to-door comprehensive protection plan? SIAM CARE


Our wealth of experiences as one of the leadingĀ relocation expertsĀ has taught us that there are occasions when things get out of hand. Incidents like a malfunctioned motorized vehicle or accidents caused by other drivers can happen in a split second. Under such circumstances, even the most experienced drivers may face difficulties to keep the situation under control.

Knowing this, we encourage our clients to take up ourĀ door-to-doorĀ comprehensive protection plan. A simple way of looking at it is to think of our plan as a safety net for your items. The plan insures your items, ensuring it remains protected from any damages, regardless of the circumstances.

If you are thinking of relying on your personal insurance policy, we recommend you check on the extent of the coverage. Some policies may not provide adequate coverage for your items when it comes to international relocation.


What is the extent of the door-to-door comprehensive protection plan?

The extent of our plan includes partial loss or damage caused by breakage, war, riots and terrorism. The plan also covers any form of damage incurred when your items are inĀ storage.

There will be no additional costs if your items are stored at ourĀ storage facilityĀ for a maximum duration of 2 months. However, if you choose to extend the duration, we provide the service and coverage at a nominal monthly rate.

Clients can choose to add-on their protection coverage for the following risks at a small premium.


MildewĀ and/or mold

Changes to the weather can sometimes produce mildew and/or mold, leading to unnecessary damages to your items. The purchase of this policy helps to provide a substantial amount of protection for your items.

SIAM Shipping info : Only available for goods that areĀ professionally packedĀ by our team, the reimbursement value is limited to 75% of the insured shipment value.

Pairs and/orĀ Sets

Certain items come in a pair or a set. When one of the pair or set gets damages, this policy covers the costs to replace or repair the damaged item and will not include any possible reductions to the initial value of the pair or set.

Due consideration will be given for fair reductions depending on the value and importance of the lost or damaged item.

Damages incurred in electronicĀ and/orĀ mechanicalĀ items

Damages to electronic and/or mechanical items are often overlooked as there are hardly any signs of damages to the exterior. The damages are only discovered when our clients use the items.

Under this policy, all items that do not have visible damages are covered against damages. The coverage is only applicable for items that are not more than six years old and are professionallyĀ packed by our team. Our team will ensure all items are workable at the time of packing.


Where do I sign-up?

Ask ourĀ relocation specialistsĀ for the Protection Plan Form. Complete the form and return it to them before our packing and moving team comes over to your place.


Does the policy extend to my items stored in your storage facility?

As a matter of fact, yes. The policy includes protection for all items stored for a maximum of 2 months. Additional premium is required if you decide to extend the duration. Take note that the policy is only applicable to items stored in our storage facilities. Items stored inĀ self-storage facilitiesĀ are excluded from the coverage.


How should I make my claims?

Inform your relocation specialist immediately and ask for the claims form if you have any claims to be made. Once you have completed and submitted the claims form, your relocation specialist will assist you accordingly.


Immigration in Bangkok


Moving on your own can be complicated especially if you are not accustomed to the immigration requirements. WithĀ SIAM Relocation, our staff are well-equipped with the knowledge and competencies to ensure you and your family not only have complete understanding of the immigration requirements, but are also able to have a smooth and stress-free move.

From processing your entry visas to producing sufficient documentation for the application of your permits, our staff will take care of all of your immigration requirements and processes.


Ensuring your information are constantly updated and kept in perfect order

While you are residing in a new country, there are bound to be some changes to your personal life. The changes include changing jobs, changes to your marital status, or you have recently given birth to your child. Apart from notifying your consulate, these changes should also be recorded at the local immigration office.

As part of our service, we conduct periodical audits of your status and if needed, we will also accompany you to the local immigration offices to ensure all your information is kept updated at all times.


Immigration requirements

For those who would like to familiarize themselves with the immigration requirements in other countries,Ā SIAM RelocationĀ have compiled a comprehensive list for your reference. Also included are employment-related issues.


Information for business visitors

There are several types of visas that can be issued to business visitors. If you are unsure of which visa would be the most appropriate for you, head to our FAQ section. We provide in-depth information about business visitor requirements in various countries throughout the world.


How much coverage do I really need?

The first way of determining is to produce a complete inventory of all of your items and value each item according to how much it would cost you to replace them at your new place. Any items that are not declared will not be covered by our policy.

The second way, which happens to be the simpler way, is to produce a lump sum figure based on how much you think is the value of all of your items.

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