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A new E-Commerce strategy : The drop shipping

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“Should I implement a drop shipping process in my business model ?”


What are advantages and inconvenients of the Drop Shipping ?

A company involved in e-commerce must take into account a number of factors related to the implementation – the shipment arrangements, where goods will be stored and the most competitive and least items. That’s why drop shipping has become one of the favorite choices of e-commerce sites today.

The concept of Drop Shipping is actually using the process of sending deliveries from suppliers to your business and having the item delivered directly to the end customer. This process removes the unnecessary step of taking a shipment to easy ship it again. This concept saves money compared to postage and removes any concerns about storage space for small e-commerce sites. But despite the fact that the drop shipping is advantageous on several aspects, it’s not the ideal process for you …

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Advantages of fall delivery

Start-up costs are smaller

To create an online business, it is necessary to have a good capital in order to purchase your inventory of products. It is a project that requires a lot of work because there is no clue about the amount of stock you are going to sell for a month or a year. Drop shipping allows you to avoid this kind of problem as it will avoid the chance of loosing your money on an pending stock.

You can offer items almost instantly

Most of the time, when a retailer begins to sell a product, he has to wait until all his stocks have been shipped to start publishing them on his site. After all, why putting an item on sale if you don’t even have it in stock? Using drop shipping is convenient because once you decide to put a specific model on your e-shop, you can start promoting it almost directly.

You can offer a high range of products

The fact that a company can aspire to have the opportunity to offer an increasingly wide range of products is something very sought after and with drop shipping, it’s now possible. Don’t worry about the different colors or sizes of your products and where they will be stored, simplify the task by listing them on your site and your supplier will take care of the rest.

Testing new products without risk

It will always have a risk of non-selling in the background when you add new products to your range. It’s very tricky thing for your business to imagine and guess what your customers want to buy, being able to test before and without making any real investment will always remain an advantage.

Time saving is key

Organizing your stocks and preparing products to be delivered can be a real ordeal. This is why we recommend the use of a third party who can ship your items by saving handling, labeling, packaging, shipping, etc. With this, you can focus more on growing your business in its various sectors.

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Disadvantages of drop shipping

Processing your orders can become difficult

There are so much E-Commerce that choose the drop shipping as a real strategy by working with several wholesalers, knowing that each wholesaler has special requirements in relation to order deal with, invoicing and sending. Those steps could make your activities very difficult. The gap between sales and obtaining this product after shipping can take longer and longer because many conversations and actions will take place before the product is expelled.

Not having all the information about the product is problematic

The fact is that you do not have a really realistic idea of ​​the products you are selling since you do not really handle them. The manufacturer does not necessarily give an adequate description of the product so you can not answer customers’ questions about the dimensions, weight, ease of use of the products, without passing on these questions to suppliers. Lack of information is not a good thing for a company because it will leave apparent gaps on your E-Shop and an empty or wrong information can make you lose a customer.

You do not know the opportunity of a model until a customer purchase it, but what happens if you discover that it is out of stock? This can be irritating for a customer to know that he bought a product, when in reality he did not buy anything at all. An automated system that can update the availability of your stocks during the day to eliminate this problem. If the stock is exhausted, you can always contact your supplier by mail or telephone.

Customer service problems

Drop Shipping removes much of the customer experience under your control as well as responsibility for shipping. The problem is that it is impossible for a logistics company to ensure that a product has arrived in the same state it was supposed to be and on time. If a customer complains or simply wants to inquire, the resolution process is slowed because either you do not have the necessary information, or the query or complaint must go through the third party provider before you can resolve it.

Competition is everywhere

Great competition is everywhere and finding good drop shipping means that generally there will be competition with other suppliers in your industry. Many manufacturers invoice their realization service so product margins can be low, so you have a little room to maneuver to keep your products priced while beating your competitors. The choice of drop shipping should not be made without consideration given the potential benefits and problems this may cause. Careful planning and implementation of contacts between vendor and vendor can help you solve problems you may encounter. By careful and thoughtful consideration, these disadvantages can be avoided. If you are in the midst of preparing for whatever is planning your ecommerce business we can give you some tips for designing your website and also for all that is online marketing via social media. Do not hesitate to contact us to discover how we support your company…


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