Top 10 Shipping Companies Thailand

Top 10 best shipping companies in Thailand in 2024

Over the past decade, Thailand has become a booming hub for shipping companies in East Asia, with almost 90 billion dollars of logistics market size in 2023. New actors keep discovering it and often fail to get a good grasp on its internal logic. The smartest ones rely on freight forwarders like Siam-Shipping with deep and thick local networks to guide them.

To help you make an informed choice, we created a list of the 10 best shipping companies in the area, listed without any ranking.

Thailand’s shipping market in 2024

Still recovering from the COVID-19 outbreak, Thailand’s logistics market reached 88 billion dollars in 2024. It is expected to achieve a staggering 120 billion in 2029, which represents nearly 20% of the additional market size at an average rate of around 6% per year. It seems the Thai logistics market is the next thing to invest in.

While the Thai authorities massively invest in infrastructure development (25 billion Dollars), demand for its main segments is already exploding: non-temperature controlled warehousing for e-commerce is the best example, with 90% of the warehousing market. Nevertheless, Thailand's shipping industry continues to skyrocket, supported by subsidies, new infrastructure, and East Asia's booming economy. Considering that investing in the Thai logistics sector should be your next move, in this article, we will go through the major shipping companies in Thailand and determine which ones are the best. If you need to improve or simplify your shipping process, consider this article.

DPX logistics

DPX logistics logoDocument Parcel Express (DPX) is a Thai shipping company that opened in 1988, following the international development of the parcel shipping

market in East Asia during the 1990s and 2000s.

They provide export services with door-to-door delivery options and import solutions that include express customs clearance, importer certificates, and all kinds of consulting. It is important to note that it works with documents as well as other small packages.

In addition to that, DPX brings about domestic delivery and distribution center systems, allowing businesses to store goods delivered by their suppliers and later redistribute them locally to other warehouses or domestic branches.

Customers Reviews

Glassdoor : 3.8 stars ⭐⭐⭐


  • Various warehousing options are available all over the country in strategic areas
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Express customs clearance service


Lack of stability: Glassdoor reviewers have pointed out that the company’s management seems to change quite often. This is not necessarily alarming, but before engaging in any form of contract, you should check local reviews and financial statements and carry out thorough risk assessments.

Siam-Shipping info: “customs clearance” is the process every parcel, package, or cargo goes through when crossing a border. It requires registering and signaling your container to be compliant with the laws of the destination country.

Siam-Shipping offers customs clearance services in Thailand in order to find the best way to ship your cargo while respecting customs laws. Do you still have more questions? Contact us now, and we will be glad to guide you!

Trans Air Cargo

Trans Air Cargo is an international freight forwarder that grew and flourished in Thailand.

Trans Air Cargo logo

It is now gathering more than 300 staff members, 16 square kilometers of warehousing space, and more than 25 trucks.

Taking advantage of their A-class customs broker license, TAC offers paperless import services as well as customs clearance for any exporting endeavor in the area. On top of that, Trans Air Cargo provides a wide range of solutions for specific kinds of cargo, including:

  • Fragile, oversized, special cargos
  • Perishables, 2000 tons per year
  • Automotive industry for exhibitions, handling race cars and bikes
  • Animal transport with related documentation
  • Film equipment with time-sensitive schedules and express requirements

Customers Reviews

Google: 4.4 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐


  • A lot of different options for specific cargo
  • Customs broker license
  • Paperless import
  • Big local fleet, warehousing space, and crew


  • A light website: shipping companies tend to have a higher online presence and deep databases on their websites to help customers find the best fit for their needs.
    TAC does not have the same vision. It lacks a few basic details about the exact type of transport offered, whether express is possible, premium, economy, chartering options, etc.
  • An absence of a quote request/page: a quoting page is a must-have when speaking of digital presence through a website, especially when 90% of the industry is doing it now. Information should be available easily and with less friction to customers.


Best Global Logistics

Best Global Logistics logoFounded in 2014 in Bangkok, BGL offers a thorough list of options, from general to priority cargo shipping, from standard-size products, pallets, and containers to oversized items and plane chartering to specific goods that require temperature control.

The company insists on their time management skills, which would allow you to deliver your merchandise on time.

Following air freight, BGL naturally underlines ocean freight services as well.

They will handle general cargo with standard containers, but also oversized items when it comes to Full Container Loads (FCL) or even reefer containers to protect perishables. On the other hand, they manage smaller batches with Less than Container Load services (LCL) through buyer consolidation.

Closing this list, customs clearance and brokerage services, along with warehousing solutions, are brought about by BGL to support businesses in Thailand.

Customers Reviews

Google: 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


  • A lot of accreditations: IATA (International Air Transport Association), Free Zone, Federal Maritime Commission, and TIFFA (Thai International Freight Forwarders Association)
  • Various options to fit some specific kinds of cargo


  • Absence of options: BGL does not advertise for any form of “multimodal transport”. This means that they do not offer solutions where different modes of transportation are mixed to create synergies. This is a setback since bimodal and multimodal transports are crucial to achieving more flexibility, fluidity, and time efficiency.



Sokochan is a fast-growing e-commerce actor that handles smaller parcels and relies on software solutions.


If you check their website, you will find various options to organize your internal or external logistics:

  • packaging services
  • warehousing solutions
  • software development
  • logistics management app

Indeed, Sokochan offers traditional solutions such as shipping services with arranging pick-up conditions and e-commerce-oriented parcel management.

This actor is taking advantage of the blooming parcel-trade activities in the area, following big marketplaces' examples overseas.

Customers Reviews

Google: 4.9 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


  • Software development and solutions
  • E-commerce oriented to handle specific projects in Thailand
  • Convenient locations


  • Their website is entirely in the Thai language, and it is not easy to use. Google Chrome does not translate this dialect as of now, meaning that you will probably have to use separate pieces of software or add-ons to be able to read anything on there if you are not a Thai customer.
  • We recommend you click on the orange button on the top right part of the website to get the phone number and arrange everything on the phone. Here is a short tutorial on how to do so



Go to their website. This will upload the front page.

Then, scroll one time with your mouse. Only one time will be enough to make the top bar appear, like so.


Click this button, and you will reach their contact page.

This is their contact page. You can fill out the form or call their number.

Sokochan contact form


Dynamic Air Cargo

D.A.C emerged in 1996, providing logistics solutions ever since.

DAC LogoThis 30-year-old company provides air freight services and has been appointed as an agent by 70 airlines.

More than that, they add packing services, warehousing and inland transportation in Thailand, and, more importantly, customs clearance.

In addition to that, Dynamic Air Cargo provides rather specific options, such as pet-moving and baggage management, reaching a B2C clientele by offering moving services.

Customers Reviews

Google: 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


  • Specific options: pet-moving, baggage management
  • Air freight experience and network


  • Specialization: Dynamic Air Cargo specializes mostly in air freight. There is no sea shipping mentioned on their website. This company might not be the way to go for business partners that have cost-sensitive shipments rather than time-sensitive projects.


Triple I Logistics Services

For this entry in our list, we find a 25-year-old logistics company with a strong network in the Thai and East-Asian areas.

Triple I Logistics Services logoTriple I offers two main services, which are sea and air freight.

Regarding air freight, Triple I is the GSA (General Sales Agent) for many airlines, which means that they represent them commercially, thus allowing this company to be at the center of air freight decisions.

This entry in our list is also special because of their Wholesale Based Air Freight Forwarder service that allows them to support export or import projects not only for retailing but also for wholesaling businesses.

In addition to that, Triple I is known for shipping hazardous materials and this can be a useful option for companies that want to import or export such substances.

Customers Reviews

Google: 4.2 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐


  • Hazardous substances handling, packing, and control
  • 3PL solutions
  • Experienced agents, especially when it comes to shipping dangerous goods


  • Lack of customer reviews/testimonials: there is extremely little information regarding customer satisfaction. Looking at the 100 Google reviews does not help either.
  • It seems like this company has had some troubles in the past, due to dozens of 2-3 star ratings, but the absence of text prevents us from knowing what went wrong. Some reviews give factual data and no real insights on how the company functions and handles their clients; most of them are probably written by local guides or employees, which is not helpful at all.

Siam Shipping alert: Hazardous materials have the potential to harm their environment. In reaction to this immediate threat, countries have devised lists and instructions to handle them safely, sometimes they can even be forbidden altogether.

That is why you need to reach certified experts like Siam-Shipping for handling hazardous materials. If you need more information on the matter or simply to make a quick quote, contact us, and a professional will respond.

East-West Logistics

The first thing that strikes you when you check E.W.’s website is the number of accreditations and partners that they have. Created in 1977, the firm is now well-established in Thailand’s logistics market.

East-West Logistics logoBringing air freight options such as oversized cargo, plane chartering, and large-scale project management to the table, E.W. seems to position itself as a heavy-duty actor. With consolidation services, it tries to reach cost efficiency nonetheless.

In addition to that, their large-scale warehouse service and wide range of specific cargo handling options (livestock, perishables, aerospace, and more) could be a good argument for some companies shipping risky or fragile cargo.

Being a Thai company, E.W. naturally offers customs brokerage and clearance, local services, and even provides helpful immigration basics (BOI) consultancy.

Customers Reviews

Google: 4.1 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐


  • The number of accreditations: IATA, TAFA (Thai Air Freight Forwarders Association), AEO (Authorized Economic Operator), TIFFA, UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service)
  • Local consultancy and proficiency in custom clearance
  • Experience in the field and Thai market


  • Weak trucking services: some bad reviews point to their trucking services. It seems the company is serious, but drivers often ignore their code and put other drivers in danger. This means that your cargo can be endangered, damaged, destroyed, or delayed regarding trucking service. We would recommend asking questions to the company to get guarantees and make sure that none of that will happen.


Pinnacle Logistics Thailand

This 20-year-old Thai company brings about sea and air freight shipping solutions for one-shots.


On the other hand, Pinnacle offers project management solutions for longer-term endeavors in this area.

Adding cargo insurance to the equation as well as customs formalities for import and export, Pinnacle tries to offer a complete service to its clients.

They also provide consulting services for import/export endeavors in the Thai area.

Customers Reviews

Google: no reviews yet


  • Project management solutions with on-site installation services
  • Consultancy


  • Warehouses: a weak point of Pinnacle Logistics is their lack of large storage units. They do not seem to have any locations in the area to store parcels, containers, and packages, which might be a deterrent to companies that are looking for extra storage.



PT Air Cargo Company was founded 20 years ago in Thailand.

PT AIR CARGO COMPANY logoNowadays, it specializes in air and sea freight, offering various solutions such as;

  • Door-to-Door delivery
  • Inland transportation
  • Warehousing
  • Cargo consolidation
  • Project management
  • Insurance
  • Truck-rental services

To ensure these solutions do work, PT puts forward customs clearance services, handling import and export documentation.

Customers Reviews

Google: 3.4 stars ⭐⭐⭐


  • Customs clearance and brokerage
  • A thorough list of options regarding transport


  • Weak reviews: people seem to have had a hard time working with PT Air Cargo Company. Some of them describe difficult communication, lack of transparency, and sometimes even ghosting when clients request information. This can be isolated events, but it does remind us to proceed with care and get more information before requesting a quote from this shipping company.


Pearl Logistics

When it comes to handling big and potentially very fragile cargo on the largest plane in the world, heavy-duty cargo handlers will be the way to go.

Pearl Logistics logoWith more than 23 years of experience in international logistics, specializing in air and sea freight for specific and oversized cargo, Pearl Logistics is one of these actors.

Offering import and export services on air, sea, and land, PLC teams have been chartering large airplanes and handling high-technology cargo such as General Electric and Rolls-Royce plane engines or even massive machine tools for years. This proficiency allows PLC to be trusted by airplane companies and thus be granted more cargo space and flights during peak seasons.

Customers Reviews

Google: no reviews yet


  • Experience in heavy-duty, big, and specific cargo
  • Chartering large and unusual airplanes (such as the An-225)
  • Custom Clearance


  • Poor assistance after the shipping phase: Pearl Logistics will help you with your transports, big cargo, and chartering, but they will not go as far as managing your inventories, and warehouses, and handling your internal logistics.
  • No 3PL services offered: as we said earlier, actors that do not provide 3 or 4PL solutions limit your desire to outsource certain activities and become more efficient.

Siam Shipping alert: companies that have no customer reviews or online footprints must be background-checked before any kind of partnership. This can be an indicator that you are dealing with a lesser-experienced young company.

Companies like Siam-Shipping have great ratings and a lot of customer feedback on all levels: sourcing, shipping, quality control, and moving which indicates that it is safe to work with us.

Who’s the cheapest shipping company in Thailand?

cheap shipping companyThe logistics market is no different from more classical ones, meaning that prices are often related to the options you are requesting from your service provider. Hence, answering the question “Who is the cheapest shipping company in Thailand?” will depend on many factors, including your type of cargo, the time sensitivity of your project, the destination country, and additional information: Is it a perishable good? Does it need temperature control? Is it oversized?

In the end, you can pick the right partner in this list by looking for the one that has the biggest number of similarities with your company, but mostly the one that suits or matches better your needs in terms of shipping projects.

For instance, if you are shipping a big engine for an aircraft, you might pick Pearl Logistics since they have already done it, which means they have experience in these projects.

On the other hand, as a smaller team, they will be considerably cheaper than a bigger actor. Finally, they may have preferential prices from their service providers, especially carriers, because they send them a lot of traffic.



How do I choose a shipping company in Thailand in 2024?

cheap shipping company in thailand

There is a simple process that will save you the trouble of endlessly looking for shipping partners:

1. Clearly state your query and needs.

Knowing what kind of relationship you want with the shipping company is important; do you seek a long partnership or just a one-shot? Is it for bulk or small scale? Does your project require extra solutions, such as 3PL or warehousing? You can devise a quick table in an Excel sheet with each requirement and its weight in the decision.

2. Use and compare the top 10, top 5, or top 100 lists.

Get some relevant information on the lists of shipping companies in the country you are trying to reach or export from. There are articles posted on the web that offer this kind of content. Just make sure that your source of information is recent (one or two years maximum), because those listings are not static information; they tend to change from one year to another.

3. Watch out for the shipping company's E-reputation and reliability.

Keep in mind that companies with no website, no reviews, and absolutely no online footprint are either too young, too little to weave a strong, reliable partnership with, or too unreliable and untrustworthy to give any attention to their Reputation, branding, and digital a Red flag. Most of the time, excluding sponsored answers on Google, you will find the trendiest companies with a lot of activity, reviews, and satisfied customers. Select the ones that meet your requirements and go to the next stage.

4. Run background checks.

For even more safety, you can run background checks with certified actors as a service, (which will require an investment on your part). If you want to do it for free, make a quick search on official institution websites that list untrustworthy companies.

5. Weigh up or compare your several quotes.

Finally, once you have a list of partners that are safe to work with and gather the services you need for your projects, you can compare pricing. Be sure to only compare quotes that have similar options.


What information do I need to provide to get a shipping quote from a shipping company in Thailand?

Most generally, shipping quotes require basic information that influences the price. The vast majority of automated quotes on websites will demand:

  • Estimated date of departure: When is your product ready for pickup?
  • Expected date of arrival: when do you want your product to reach its destination?
  • City, country, or port of departure: where will your product be picked up?
  • City, country, or port of arrival: where will it arrive once delivered?
  • Size and weight of the goods:
    • If you use standard packaging such as containers (20 or 40ft), pallets, or bags, you will not necessarily have to give precise sizing because it is standard, hence the weight will remain mandatory.
    • If you have a special, oversized item, just give the size of your item’s packaging: height, length, and width in centimeters or inches, weight in metric tons, volume in cubic meters, and floor space in square meters (or square feet if needed).



Picking the right shipping company can be challenging. With thousands of entries regarding logistics experts online, it is becoming more and more difficult to make an informed choice. However, you can use this article as a basis to analyze any shipping company and see through this smokescreen.

Also, if you have any questions or particular requests regarding shipping to and from Thailand, you can contact our experts at Siam Shipping, who will assist you thanks to their 11 years of experience in the international trade field managing importation and exportation in Thailand.

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