Siam Shipping handle hazardous items worldwide

Medical Equipment:

For your delivery of medical equipment and pharmaceutical products to hospitals, laboratories, medical centers, trade shows, … and even your patients, we take care of you.

We assure you that you oversee your pharmaceutical transport or medical equipment without breaking the charge. The delivery is dedicated to your medical equipment or pharmaceutical products.

Because this type of transport is sensitive and very delicate, it requires a very strict transport knowledge. Our drivers are experienced and used to handle this type of fragile material.

We use the transport mode without interruption of load, that is, door-to-door. Your carrier is totally dedicated to you during this mission, without any detour to other customers.

fragile dangerous transport

Air Transportation Dangerous Materials

The transport of hazardous products is subject to both national and international regulations. This type of transport shall be secured fully and shall fulfill all conditions imposed by the competent authorities.

During air transport, it is crucial to measure the consequences of potential deviations in temperature, humidity and the risk of vibration damage during successive handling operations.

Siam Shipping specializes in the transport of hazardous products to and from Thailand, we master all steps and regulations, the choice of packaging, labeling and documentation. Here is a list of the products we already carry:

– Chemical products
– Petrochemical
– Petroleum products
– Liquefied gases
– aerosols
– cosmetics
– Painting
– batteries
– Dry Ice
– Explosives

Cargo insurance

Goods insurance covers goods in transit by road, rail, sea or air. In its simplest form, it offers coverage against accidental damage and other risks. The “”all global risk”” option, covering a range of accidents specified on a contract (example: damage during loading, theft and negligence).

The cost of your insurance and under what circumstances you will receive compensation will depend on:

– the value of goods in transit
– whether the trip is domestic or international