Shipping trends

Shipping Trends: Meeting Customers’ Expectations for Shipping

The challenges of fulfillment, transportation, and supply chain are increasing. Customer expectations are similar. 

Customers like quick, free shipping options: 75% of respondents in a recent study indicate that the availability of free shipping significantly or very significantly influenced their choice to make a purchase. According to this study, shoppers value dependability and transparency while shopping online even more than price and quickness. For you, that is establishing trust through frequent, unambiguous communication. 

The Future of Commerce Report, a comprehensive roadmap based on in-depth research, information from millions of Shopify merchants, and expert interviews, was just published. The knowledge you get from this study will assist you in overcoming shipping obstacles, exceeding consumer expectations, and developing strong shipping strategies and procedures as you adjust to the ever-changing environment of e-commerce.

At Siam Shipping, thanks to our extensive experience in logistics, we're going to analyze this study to help you understand how to satisfy your customers and meet their expectations.

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