Do Ocean Freight Prices Really Need Reviewing?

The world as we know it is ever-changing, but as we all have come to realize that the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the entirety of the world, it made us realize that our planet is smaller than we think.

More than 80% of the world’s merchandise is shipped by sea. The pandemic's shock demonstrated how essential ocean freight traffic is to the world economy. That makes us wonder, do ocean freight prices really need reviewing?

We will answer this question in this article, and we will also see what are the advantages of using Siam Shipping for your ocean freight operations.

The pandemic’s impact on the ocean freight business

boat ocean freightSupply lines were disrupted by the coronavirus everywhere from Shanghai to Rotterdam to Los Angeles. The absence of sick employees at ports was a problem. Public health laws prevented the cross-border movement of ship and truck workers. Supply networks were unable to meet demand due to the prolonged lockdowns and large stimulus packages.

Along with creating delays, the cost of delivering items to clients increased. And as a result, multiple industries have suffered a lot of changes throughout the past two years, and that makes us all wonder, did the freight forwarding industry have been affected by these changes too?

And this is where we come into play, Siam Shipping is initially an international freight forwarder company headquartered in Hong Kong. Our group DocShipper covers more than forty countries worldwide and is in a continuous state of growth. We are not a traditional shipping company, not even close, we are the complete opposite. We try every day to innovate and stand out among the crowd with our services, like air freight, and the feedback from our clients is proof. This is an in-depth article about ocean freight.

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The development of an ocean freight startup handbook

sea freight illustrationThe ocean freight industry is developing by the second, just as any other industry on the market, but what makes an ocean freight startup successful is experimentation. Startups in this industry should be risk-takers, meaning that they need to take risks in experimenting to ensure development, but a startup needs to quickly evaluate choices before starting to dive into decisions like that.

While experiments are fascinating, experiments involving various institutions are even more intriguing. Furthermore, when increasingly advanced supply chain tech stacks become linked, I believe that experiments via coupling organizations are the future of the ocean freight industry where one can expect so many outcomes of said experiments and end up with positive results.

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When is collaboration needed to ensure better outcomes?

Collaboration as a method gains more significance than before. But exactly what does all this mean?

It is a way to ensure a better outcome in the ocean freight industry, to make sure that the business stays afloatand is known in the market, with that being said, one can’t help but ask when is it needed. Well to answer your question, a startup could use collaboration when it has a problem to solve; owning a business has its hardships, so what do we do when we get in trouble, give up? Of course not, we seek out help or find another perspective.

However, cooperation is not always a final option. The way your team operates should be influenced by collaboration; it should be ingrained. It is easier to identify issues with a project when there are more eyes on it from the beginning.

Another thing that makes a startup consider collaboration is when it requires higher preservation rates; People value workplace connection. Individuals want to work with people whom they can trust, and who respect other people's

collaboration-people-handshakeperspectives and their points of view, especially those who have varied educational and professional backgrounds.

Simply said, collaboration is what enables this. And lastly, when the said startup wants to boost its efficiency; Simply put, teamwork is more effective. We must be capable of acknowledging to ourselves that assistance will be necessary when the project is challenging and difficult.

It will need to be a team effort. And this is when cooperation is useful. It enables us to spread out a challenging job, come up with original solutions for challenging issues, and visualize the broader picture.

To ensure better ocean freight business, a startup needs to have a team that is collaborative, it also needs to collaborate with other startups that have businesses complementing to our own.

Perks of practicing experiments in ocean freight

Practicing experiments in an ocean freight business has its advantages, it ensures development and cooperation, it distinguishes us from other similar businesses, and so one gets to wonder what can we gain from said experiments.

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Simpler international trades

Increasing operations in and conducting business with new international markets offers the chance for significant growth for ocean freight businesses.

However, the complex web of rules and agreements that govern international trade, along with the expanding supply chain networks, makes it difficult for enterprises to succeed.

Thus, this is why we think experiments result in better simpler trades, as they can eliminate borders and obstacles, for the sake of the client, a startup needs to find a distinctive approach using contemporary cloud-based technology, co-creating with customers in quick revisions, and accepting failure as a learning opportunity to make sure that the startup is developing its business.

customer satisfactionCustomer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a metric that measures a company's customers' level of satisfaction with its goods, services, and capabilities. Information about customer satisfaction, such as surveys and ratings, can assist a business in deciding how best to adjust or improve its goods and services. It must be the company's first priority.

This rule is applicable to all types of organizations, including the ocean freight industry. To ensure a booming business, a startup needs to use up-to-date technology, which in return will ensure a better client experience, and that also applies to seamless booking and learning about the customer’s opinions and feedback.

The main objective is to make sure that the startup thinks of its clientele before making any decision, customer satisfaction always comes first.

Experiencing more development

Combining modest, repetitive tests with larger, comprehensive experiments has allowed us to make global freight genuinely transparent and accessible for small enterprises.

Ideal business model

business plan startup ocean freight industryYour approach to making your startup profitable will determine how competitive it is in the marketplace. The right business model is the first step in gaining a competitive advantage that will last over time. A successful business strategy focuses on producing and providing consumers with excellent value while also generating excellent profitability.

A great company plan should also try to prevent issues with funding, as well as client unhappiness or dissonance. Plans and techniques for achieving and maintaining market leadership should also be included. A startup continuously needs to come up with fresh approaches to provide value. Working in some creative businesses challenges your own success presumptions. Working with them forces you to step outside your comfort zone in order to offer shippers better solutions.

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The future of collaborative experiences in ocean freight

The rising cost of shipping is currently one of the greatest issues facing the container shipping sector. The shipping fee has increased by more than four times from before. The manufacturers' stability has been put in jeopardy, and they are currently looking for ways to convey their goods.

This exceptional storm in the ocean freight transportation sector was caused by a number of variables. The imbalance in the global commerce pattern is what's really at the heart of the issue. The lockdown that followed the outbreak made this imbalance much worse. Commodity demand has surged as a result of the e-commerce boom.

However, the shippers are unable to move the goods due to a lack of containers and an increase in transportation costs. In many regions of the world, port congestion is another issue we face. Unwanted jams, empty sailings, and finally significant delays resulted from this. In addition, the maritime freight sector is facing a number of operational difficulties due to a lack of manpower and equipment, as well as environmental regulations.

However, the ocean freight business has a lot of potential as an industry, it’s an ever-developing sector and as a customer, I advise you to keep tabs on these developments, so you can make the right decisions when you’re in need of ocean freight startup services.


Thus, we saw the impact of the pandemic on the ocean freight sector, the development of an ocean freight start-up manual, and the benefits of experimentation in the sector. Collaboration is seen as key to ensuring better outcomes and increasing efficiency in the ocean freight sector. Sea freight prices do need to be reviewed, and start-ups in the sector need to be innovative and take risks to ensure their development and stand out from their competitors.

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