Proven Strategies for Quick and Simple Shipping

9 Proven Strategies for Quick and Simple Shipping

The easiest approach to prevent damage to your cargo is to make sure it is packed securely and in accordance with the requirements necessary for particular product categories.

In many instances, this would necessitate the help of a qualified logistics firm that specializes in export packing and is familiar with the unique packing needs for various sorts of goods.

Wherever your packaging needs are, DocShipper has the expertise, know-how, and personnel to meet them. We adjust to the market's demands and the specifics of the transfer, which enables us to provide bids for all of our services swiftly and easily. Putting together and taking apart, packing into boxes, creating a wooden crate, fumigating wood... We handle the packaging with care in compliance with global standards.

 Use the USPS shipping box 

If you have a USPS account, it can simplify things for you. Users of the service have no regrets. Once you sign up, you can do pretty much everything that used to make mailing things stressful for you, including ordering stamps and packing tape, saving frequently used addresses, calculating shipping prices, and printing shipping labels.

Additionally, you can order free shipping boxes from USPS online.

Using USPS Depending on where you reside, you can choose the size and type of box you require online and have it delivered to your house rather of making numerous journeys to the post office, which frequently has lengthy lines, sporadic hours, and can be difficult to get to. You may plan free pickups during regular postal delivery times once your box is prepared, which is not possible with most shipping services such as UPS or FedEx.

Choose the ideal packing tape gun 

If you use packing tape at home, you most likely just use the low-quality applicators that were provided for free with a roll of tape. These work, but they frequently let the tape roll back onto the roll, making it more difficult to use. The tape does not remove from the roll as smoothly and easily, even when these applicators are operating properly. Spending a little more money on a more robust tape applicator will give you something that is more comfortable to grasp, applies tape more smoothly, and prevents tape from adhering to itself. The design also makes it simpler to create a tight seal at the box's corners, decreasing the risk of damage or opening while in transportation.

DocShipper Alert :The rapid and efficient production of an item  can be ruined if it is not transported and secured properly. DocShipper provides you with strong packaging solutions that add value by carefully balancing affordability and packaging effectiveness. Contact us to learn more about our services.

Pick the good Tape

You can only assert that there is no difference between good and terrible packing tape before you've actually used some. The cheap tape you somehow still have lying around from the last time you moved is the antithesis of Duck EZStart. Duck EZStart adheres, and it adheres well, without any jagged or floating edges that would threaten to tear your overloaded box free. The tape is amazingly split-resistant, which is possibly the most astonishing quality. It also doesn't screech when you dispense it. This eliminates the need to peel up adhesive hangnails when beginning a roll of tape and the need to swear as you attempt to reattach two disconnected strips of tape.

It's a tape that simply does everything well, and despite this, it's one of the most reasonably priced name-brand options available. It seems strange to wax poetic over packing tape, but if you ship frequently, it really does make a difference.

Use a strapping kit to lockdown big items

TV companies stopped utilizing the boxes that can be quickly put back together using plastic clips about two to three years ago. Instead, they began wrapping the package in reusable strapping tape. That is OK for first shipping, but if you ever need to transfer or send the box again, it is useless. There are home strapping kit that makes it simple to reseal the box or tie it down to a pallet, after returning a few test TVs that required half a roll of packing tape to prevent the bottom from falling out and damaging the TV inside. Other strapping options were typically pricey and made more sense in a warehouse than a domestic setting.

However, this one can be ideal for your purposes because it lasts longer than packing tape and has wired clips instead of the plastic ones that are normally included in low-cost strapping kits. Now you never have to worry about a TV box or any other large package you ship opening up in transit.

Weight small products with kitchen scale 

If you send a lot of goods for work, eBay and Facebook. Every ounce costs money when you're shipping a lot of packages, especially little ones. you weigh each shipment using Wirecutter's preferred kitchen scale, the Escali Primo, which measures down to the ounce, to make sure you are not overpaying for shipping. Some people are used to weigh goods on a bathroom scale, but it wasn't accurate enough for smaller packages, so they frequently had to round up and pay more. The Primo flips between grams, which are preferable for baking, and the ounces they use for shipping with ease. The scale gets more use when you are baking, but the shipping costs have more than covered its cost.

For cheaper USPS rates, use Pirate Ship

A website called Pirate Ship enables you to ship by USPS for the least amount of money feasible. When you enter the dimensions, weight, and origin and destination of your item, Pirate Ship will analyze USPS shipping costs and show you all of your options. Pirate Ship, in contrast to, provides the discounted commercial rates that are typically only offered by eBay and other commercial vendors. Whether you want the cheapest pricing or the quickest delivery, it's free, simple to use, and useful for both large and little packages.

DocShipper info : In addition to organizing the transport of goods, DocShipper offers several additional services to assist you. Contact us to find out more.

Download an app to track your shipments

tracking shippment

most people typically have a lot of packages (give or take) arriving to them or leaving them on any given day between things they are testing, those they are sending off to be photographed, online orders they've placed, and occasionally closet-clearing eBay auctions of personal items. so they use Parcel, the best package-tracking app, on iPhone and Mac  to not arrive without notice. Parcel doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles; all you have to do is enter the tracking numbers of packages that are coming and departing (either manually, by email forwarding, or using the in-built barcode scanner), and it will tell you where they are and when they will arrive.

Personalize your letter with a wax seal and a customized return address stamp

alt.att envelope wax may be a lot of fun to dress up outgoing letters and parcels with some analog accents if you're sending for joy rather than business. After a few months of regular correspondence ,some people decide to treat themself and get a personalized return-address stamp.

Despite the fact that many of these stamp offerings appear to be targeted towards soon-to-wed couples, you can get stamps on Etsy and elsewhere in all shapes and sizes by using a few strategic keywords. Instead of attempting to locate a waterproof pen or scrambling to gather the free address stickers that are distributed when groups ask for donations, stamping your address is enjoyable and quick. Wax seal sets are a reasonably priced option to spice up your letters if you want to go further. Pre-made and custom options abound on Etsy, Amazon, and AliExpress. An envelope gains seriousness and flair when it is sealed with a wax seal.

Preserve those padded envelopes and use them again!

alt.att padded envelopes you  feel like a failure when you have to buy padded envelopes. You have to try to remove whatever you get in a padded mailer without tearing the package. Even if it is one of those kraft paper envelopes with the convenient pull-tab on the side, you must open it at the end. The empty envelope is then added to a stack that is kept in your office supply cupboard. (See? You will adore them so much.) When you need to mail something, you pull out the appropriate-sized envelope, place the item to be sent inside, fold the top over, and staple it shut (one staple every inch or so).

To prevent anyone handling the package from being scratched by the staples (front and rear), you then stretch a piece of Scotch tape over them. next use a big Sharpie to erase any outdated addresses or barcodes from the mailer. The final step is to write the recipient's address and your return address on a clean scrap of paper and stick it to the front of the mailer. If you are feeling very ambitious, you will completely encase the paper in protective transparent packaging tape.

Bonus tip: Seal bulky, soft packages with a vacuum

The bedding is heavy. Although fluffy towels, bed-size blankets, and pillows don't weigh much, they can take up a lot of room when packed into a box. You also have to make an effort to keep things clean in the mail by saving the zippered bags that new bedding comes in. However, we don't always have enough, and occasionally we require a different size.

If you need to fit something into a small box, you can vacuum-seal them, but most of the time some people just use them as large zip-top bags. They function flawlessly and get textiles to their destination without picking up dirt or stains along the route.

DocShipper Alert : Be careful while choosing your packaging, choosing the wrong packing can end by receiving damaged goods. That's why DocShipper puts at your disposal it's experts to make sure your goods are packed securely. Just fill out our free contact form and our experts will get back to you within 24 hours. 

DocShipper Advise : We help you with the entire sourcing process so don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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