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As you start a new business in a new country, you are not yet able to manage the custom & duties of your new country. This article is here to help you, we will explain what to do, to make sure that there won't be any legal issues with your cargo in Thailand.

Importation and customs in Thailand

The Thai Government controls the importation and exportation of goods in Thailand. The controls take the form of either:

  • An absolute prohibition, which means that you are not allowed to import the goods in all circumstances; or
  • A restriction, you must have permission to import the goods.

Prohibited and Restricted Goods in Thailand:

The following information broadly describes what goods are prohibited or restricted in Thailand. Where you can get more information and, in the case of restricted goods, request permission to import.

1. Prohibited goods

This field details which import or export into or out of Thailand is prohibited. Anyone who imports or exports prohibited goods are considered to have committed offenses and is subject to penalties described in Thai law. Moreover, such activity is also considered as an offense under sections 27 and 27a of B. E. Customs Act 2469. It is against the law to bring the following items to Thailand.

  • Obscene items/literature/imagescustoms-clearance-thailand
  • pornographic materials
  • Goods with the Thai national flag
  • Narcotics e.g., marijuana, hemp, opium, cocaine, morphine, heroin
  • False currency, bonds, or coins
  • Royal Fake Seals / Official seals
  • IPR infringing goods such as musical tape, CD, VDO, software, etc.
  • Counterfeit trademark goods

2. The limited goods

This field details which imports and exports are restricted by law and therefore require authorization from government agencies.

Any person who imports or exports goods called “restricted” without having swallowed a public body is considered to have committed offenses and is subject to penalties outlined in national legislation.

Moreover, such activity is also subject to the offense under sections 27 and 27a of B. E. 2469 Customs Act.

The Ministry of Commerce designates several classes of goods that are subject to requirements such as specific authorization and/or import license. Although, this control is liberalized, at present more than 50 categories of goods require import licenses from the Ministry of Commerce. These categories are often modified by notifications from the Ministry of Commerce. An import license must be obtained from the Ministry of Commerce before importing. This license must be accompanied by an order, confirmation, invoice from a seller, and other relevant documents.

In addition, a number of products are also subject to import under the control of other relevant organizations:

  • The import of drugs, foods, and dietary supplements requires prior approval from the Food and Drug Administration, and the Ministry of Health.
  • The import or export of antiques or art objects, whether registered or not, requires the authorization of the Department of Fine Arts.
  • Imports of arms and ammunition, explosives, fireworks, and real/replicas guns require an appropriate license from the Interior Ministry. Other weapons such as electric shock devices must also be declared. Some of these items may require a permit before importation.
  • Regarding cosmetics, any importer of controlled cosmetics must provide the name and location of the representative office and the place of manufacture or storage of cosmetics, the category or the type of cosmetics to import, and the main components of cosmetics.
  • The importation of wildlife, plants, fish, and other aquatic animals requires permission from the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, the Ministry of Agriculture, or the Ministry of Fisheries.

DocShipper info : Thai Customs are responsible for stopping the import and export of prohibited goods. In addition, they are also referred to intercept the import and export of regulated goods, to ensure that all laws and regulations are followed correctly. The complete list of prohibited and restricted goods, as well as information on control and, in the case of controlled goods, import authorization can be obtained from the Department of Foreign Trade: the Ministry of Commerce.

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Advantages to hiring DocShipper as a customs broker

It is very important to choose a freight forwarding company, do it as soon as possible. Indeed, it will be able to guide you step by step for the clearances and the expeditions.

Every day we have many merchandises that are shipped throughout the world. So, make sure your goods arrive at the dates and where they are. A logistics company such as ours is indispensable to you. We know all the legal requirements of each country, and this greatly facilitates transit. Its transit process is smooth.

It’s a complex process that varies from country to country, it’s very difficult, and it does not matter where you send your merchandise. Customs clearance can be quite difficult to manage to send your merchandise legally. This must be considered as there can be significant repercussions on your goods and their costs. The best thing to do is to let an experienced transfer agent help you with customs clearance.

It will work according to your needs

We can provide you with customs clearance. Which one will be the most suitable for your needs? We will help your company in its development. In this process, we will consider the cost and time to find the best solution. You must also ensure that the goods will comply with the law in the country where you send them.

It will provide advising

A carrier will be able to answer all the questions you need. For example, on import licenses, classification, valuation, and duty-free. You will thus have more knowledge in this field, and you will better master the process of transporting your goods.

It will analyze all the documentation

You do not have to process and take care of all the documentation in the customs clearance process. The freight forwarder takes care of this for you. He’s going to have to analyze all the papers and make sure you have everything you need. That all papers correspond to the country’s regulations and provide you with measurable reductions of your right and your fiscal responsibility

It will avoid delays in delivery

One of the most important things for an international trader is to be booked quickly and in a timely manner. This is reason enough to hire a specialized company that will be responsible for clearing your goods. Everything will be done by this company, and everything will be planned so that everything happens quickly, and your goods arrive at their destination as quickly as possible.

DocShipper info : DocShipper has this expertise for customs clearance. We have an experienced team who can accompany you all the way through the transport process so that everything happens in the best way possible. Our solutions are tailored to each need, and we are here to help you. Feel free to contact us for more information about customs clearance.

Clear your shipment upon arrival with us

We can provide you with the best online customs clearance service, it will be personalized, and we will ensure that all documentation will be transmitted to you. We do it as quickly as possible so that your delivery arrives on time. The fluidity of our logistics process is one of our great strengths. Our expert Custom Clearance services and personal custom house license will prevent you from experiencing all the problems associated with paperwork. For advice or follow-up, our expert team will always be there, always available to listen to you.

We have three principles for the Custom Clearance solution

1 / When this Act requires the owner to confer something primarily for exporting or importing goods.

2 / Anything you can do as an agent whatsoever of importing or exporting goods. The owner must agree with the procedures. He will also be legally responsible.

3 / A person may be designated by the owner, who will import or export goods with his agent to transport these products anywhere. The advice of the US Commissioner is sometimes asked for imports and exports.

A detailed list of custom clearance service

  • With systematic import and brokering systems, there are national and international maritime and air transport operations
  • In order to comply with approved legal procedures, we have internal experts for brokerage services
  • Management of the logistics of the freight Step-by-Step Project
  • Management Reports evaluated step-by-step
  • mandatory customs obligations
  • Customs agent license required
  • Special treatment of the project

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