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Cross border transportation for CLMV region. The Asian economic community expects to strengthen Thailand’s positioning as the key transportation hub for the Greater Mekong subregion (GMS), according to a study by Solidiance. Growth of the GMS trade Indeed, Mickaël Feige, responsible for the country of Solidiance, believes that the AEC would increase the trade of the Kingdom with the surrounding countries: Myanmar, Malaysia, Laos and Cambodia but also countries like China and Vietnam. Thailand has gradually benefited from reducing import duties on products shipped

Development of the cross border from/to Thailand

Border Trade: A Future Direction or the Thai Economy in ASEAN The near future, it seems certain that Thailand will 11 become a hub for land-based trade in Southeast Asia and a gateway for the movement of goods through the region, because of its strategic location at the heart of the ASEAN Economic Community. As a result, the country will enjoy an increase in the value of cross-border trade transactions as well as more tourist arrivals, consequently boosting the Thai economy. Exchanges

Logistics development in Thailand

Measures to upgradeThailand’s logistics industry In recent years, the Thai government has realized the importance of the enhancement of the capacity, competency and efficiency of the country’s logistics service providers, especially those offering transport and warehouse-management services. The objective is to boost the sector to develop ; to enable contribution to national economic growth by lowering production and delivery costs, as well as to enhance the country’s competitiveness. With these objectives in mind, public and private agencies have shown interest in the development

Thailand’s logistics challenge

THAILAND’s next challenge towards Logistics Hub of ASEAN When talking about logistics in ASEAN, all eyes are on Thailand because it has been marked as the most highly potential country for both transport logistices hub and business center of the region. This is due to the Kingdom’s central geographical position and the fact that it is connected many of its business partner countries by its land border and transport networking system including road, rail, air and sea. Thailand is also the

ASEAN community

ASEAN Economic Community « Economic Integration has arrived. We must make the most of it » The 10 nations of ASEAN are putting the final touches on their creation of a single market and production base with a population greater than either the European Union or North America, and the Permanent Secretary of Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce, Chutima Bunyaphraphasara, says the Kingdom must now strive to make the best use of the new régional economic integration. For much of the past decade, the leaders of

Thailand’s Transport Infrastructure Development

Bangkok crossroads of the world With a population of more than 19 million, Bangkok is one of the most visited cities in the world. This city is considered as an attractive destination for expats who benefit from all the benefits it offers. Bangkok welcomes more than 20 million visitors a year. In addition to be a popular destination, Thailand is a member of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations which is a political, economic and cultural organization of ten Asian countries.

Airport in Thailand

Thai airport infrastructureAn increase of international passenger numbers, combined with a strong domestic traffic, led Thailand to accelerate its program of investment in airport infrastructure. Thailand is facing a slower growing number of traveler in the last 18 months, due to the recent political events. The figures show that while domestic traffic rose 16.1%, the increase was offset by a 5.6% decrease in international passengers. Overall, the six airports run by Airports of Thailand (AOT) experienced an increase of 37.8% in

Ports in Thailand

Ports in Thailand Thailand has a coastline of 3219 km with over 4,000 km of waterways. Major ports of Thailand :Bangkok Laem Chabang Map Ta Phut Rayong Phuket Songkhla Sattahip Si RachaThe development and management of all major ports in Thailand depend on the Port Authority of Thailand (PAT). Siam Info : At present, there are eight international ports in operation, including four private ports equipped and approved for handling containers.Port Authority of Thailand (PAT) The Port Authority of Thailand (PAT) is a public company under the general supervision of

Economy of Thailand

Economy of ThailandAccording to the IMF, the economy of Thailand is considered as an emerging economies, heavily dependent on exports which account for over half of GDP, 654 billion of dollars in 2015. This same year, Thailand is the second largest economy in Southeast Asia, after Indonesia but ahead of Malaysia. The recovery in Thailand since the Asian economic crisis of 1997, is expressed in particular by specializing in certain export sectors such as automotive, food processing, electronics that make return significant

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