Seven Ways the Logistics Industry Is Developing To Keep Up with Demand

Seven Ways the Logistics Industry Is Developing To Keep Up with Demand

Owning to the recent trends of the logistic situation of the country, we have seen a huge rise in the demands of products. Most e-commerce applications are bringing the shopping cart to the fingertips along with exclusive products. Studies show that every month, there are more than 197 million people globally who visit Even if half of the people do not end up ordering, that gives us almost a hundred million orders every month. Additionally, e-commerce sites are expected to contribute to 22% of retail sales by the end of 2023.

In such circumstances, there is a good chance that the current logistic industry has already started to expand. More and more ways to meet the demands are budding. There are multiple ways that the logistic department already has managed to come up with. One of the growing facilities is the on-demand delivery app that allows live tracking through the application.  Generally, a normal delivery takes up to 3-5 business days. Nonetheless, with these delivery apps, the least they can do is get updated on their product in real-time. Here, we are going to talk about 7 more ways which have helped the logistic industry. They have vastly influenced these companies that bit by bit caters to their everyday goals.

More space for storage 

There are multiple ways that the logistic department already has managed to come up with. One of the growing facilities is the on-demand delivery app that allows live tracking through the application.  Generally, a normal delivery takes up to 3-5 business days, which makes the consumers restless. Nonetheless, with these delivery apps, the least they can do is get updated on their product in real-time. Here, we are going to talk about 7 more ways which have helped the logistic industry. They have vastly influenced these companies that bit by bit caters to their everyday goals.

This is one aspect whose inclusion makes a lot of sense. How can you deliver more if you do not have enough space to keep them in the first place? Therefore most logistic service providers have started expanding their warehouses. A report showed that in the US, most warehouses covered an area of 65,000 square feet in the year 2000. By 2017, we see the expansion with warehouses covering 181,370 square feet

Another study shows that in the year 2016, warehouses that had three or buildings added six more. The number of logistic service providers of this addition was at least 28%. It is very simple, let us say, the e-commerce site that you deliver for, increases their sales. Therefore, more people are ordering products from all over the country, even globally. Thus in order to make sure you deliver to them on time; you need to achieve the products yourself. You might get 20% more products than you usually get. Therefore we see a problem here. Hence the best solution is the simplest one. If you do not have enough space to keep your things, make more space.  

We have also seen massive growth in the size of distribution centers over the years. In 2016, we calculated the average square feet of the distribution centers, which amounted to 539,000. This number increased to 672,080 in 2018. 


Another great change that has brought about a huge influence on the betterment of the logistic industry is the inclusion of robotic automation. The need for human hands has thus reduced along with human errors. The ability to do several things at once has created much ease in time and efficiency. It has contributed the same as a mobile development company producing delivery apps.

One such invention that aided the process of saving time is AMR. What every warehouse has to do is go through the boxes to authenticate the products. This is a huge manual task considering that one has to go through thousands of boxes. Even if there are a hundred people working over it, it will take days to finish the existing lot. Consider doing this work by robots that scan the package and tell you exactly what is there. 

This is the primary work of AMR or Autonomous Mobile Robots. These have high sensitivity as they use their sophisticated sensor which enables them to give out accurate information about the inventory. Therefore we see that a logistics app development company has found out great ways to minimize human labor. Additionally, they make the redundant work get over in a jiffy.   According to studies, just two years ago (2019), people used to do the tracking. Companies used up to 72% of manual labor which made the work slow down by a huge margin. Today, the implication of robotics into warehouses has increased by 8%.

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Delivery and Drones

droneDid you know that the average delivery time is 12 minutes? It takes a person 12 minutes to deliver one package. But sadly there are two down and 200 to go. The logistic industry is working so hard to make them more efficient. So why should they lag behind in the aspect of delivery?  Fortunately, they have found innovative and fun ways to deliver products and even food to people. 

More and more people are getting involved in the delivery section of the logistics. With the usual unemployment division getting wider every day, we are finding new ways to find jobs. Even though delivery is a rather tedious task, many people are opting for it. Nonetheless, there cannot ever be too much of a good thing. We have seen many industries that have made their sales reach the sky. This happened with the introduction of drones as a part of the delivery unit. Many industries have introduced drones to speed up their delivery. 

All they need to do is build software through the nearest mobile app development company. You just need to mention the address of the product and attach payment barcodes. Your drone will reach the desired location in the shortest time possible. Studies show that by the end of 2022, the drone logistic industry will value around USD 11.2 billion and USD 29.06 Billion by the end of 2027.

Cloud computation

The Cloud ComputingSlowly but steadily we are seeing a lot of usage of cloud computing in the logistic industry. These have vastly influenced the world of deliveries. A lot of industries are seen to go to their mobile development company to get themselves a cloud-based logistic service. What is cloud computation? It is a platform that gives you a huge space to work out your functionalities. Storage of data, networking, and other analytics is automatically computed. Moreover, you can work from anywhere with cloud-based computer development. 


So why are they so popular? We can narrow down the advantages two-three reasons: 

  • Everything is on the screen- with cloud computation or SaaS application you can have information on your screen at the same time. This includes chain supply and otherwise. Therefore, supervision costs are cut down to a minimum. 
  • Collaboration- if you are running a logistic industry, you would know that you have to be in ten places at once. Well, that is not possible which causes your supply chain transaction to suffer a gap. Even with the constant development, cloud computing makes the entire process simple and elegant. Thus follow-up is the easiest. 
  • Cost-efficient- the need for hiring manual labor minimizes with cloud computation. Moreover, apart from the updates and the first-time investment, you do not need to spend on anything else in this regard.

Logistics app development 

logistics app development

Most logistic app development companies add majorly to the success of such industries. These apps are the most reliable with the delivery time and shipment tracking. This can not only be done via companies but the customer as well. Did you know that at least 58% of the consumers do not like waiting for more than 40 minutes for their package? Therefore, with these apps, people will be getting updates in real-time which will aid customer satisfaction. But there are more reasons than just customer satisfaction. Mobile development companies help establish those apps in your system which therefore helps you greatly. Some of these advantages are mentioned below: 

  • Delivery time and cost – Mobile app development firms  provide some upgrades that allow facilities that save you much time and money. The application comes with huge databases that make the delivery time scheduled for you. Additionally, it predicts the route and thus fuel expenses therefore you minimize unnecessary expenses.
  • Paperwork – all logistics app development companies produce real-time analysis with the supply chain. Additionally, you will have complete access to the entire database. Therefore it eliminates the need for paperwork.
  • Provides control - With an integrated GPS system with the package you can easily track the shipment. These GPS provides real-time updates so you can have better control over your establishment. 

Wearable products  

Did you know that wearable technology can improve efficiency? In an experiment where google glasses were used as a prototype, there was great correction against human errors. They provide accurate results with the process of picking up orders. It enabled the workers to identify the products without having to open the boxes. 

It was found out that the average time it took for picking up orders with google glasses was comparatively less than without the glasses. The efficiency of the place was 25% more than usual. Additionally, it significantly helped with customer satisfaction. Even with on-demand delivery apps, we have not seen so much increase in inefficiency. This is a major change that has brought great development in the logistic industry.


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The IotIoT or the internet of things is another example of achieving great results with minimum investment. The Internet of things is like physical chips which when attached to a product or a physical thing, automatically connects to the internet. After that, you have complete control over it through your application by mobile development companies. Once you attach this physical device to your products you can control things like the temperature, humidity, and other things that would help you monitor the supply chain. 

In a report by Cisco, there is an estimation that suggested something on the lines of IoT. It suggested that by the year 2020, there will be around 50 billion products that will be connected to the internet. This will give you complete control over the supply chain thus it is going to completely revolutionize the system. Additionally, we found that this product will cost an investment of about USD 1.9 trillion. Even though this looks like a huge investment, once added to the products, it will provide lifetime security.


Many logistic  app development companies have found extremely innovative solutions to cope up with the demand. The control over the supply chains is much harder to grasp in general. A huge floor with the arrival of products, categorizing them according to the location and then checking its state. Additionally, the logistic industry has to ensure the proper delivery of the said products. They have to be in a good state in order to recover maximum customer satisfaction. Moreover, the chain has the delivery system at the end which is the most important bit. 

There are many companies which have introduced delivery till the last mile. This enables the arrival of products in the most remote areas of the country. Therefore, logistic management is also accountable for handling the delivery system. There are many people who are more interested in one-day delivery. In amazon, the statistics show that 72% of their deliveries are done within 24 hours. This is more opted by the consumers which make reverse delivery operations a little difficult. 

The facility of delivering products around the world has spiked the sales of the e-commerce sector. The estimation suggests that by the end of 2023, delivering furniture will increase to 32%. This will provide great customer satisfaction and soon it will be the highest operating service in the market.

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