Shipping tips

Packing Tips

Packing advices Exporters should be aware about the packing during international transport. They should keep in mind four potential problems when performing an export: sensitive, moisture, theft and / or excess weight. Generally, goods are transported in containers, but sometimes it is shipped as general cargo. Besides the normal handling encountered in transport, a bulk shipment transported by sea freight can be loaded on ships in a net or a sling, conveyor which puts additional pressure on the packaging. During the trip, the

Thai Silk, Fabric & Textiles in Bangkok

Wholesalers in Bangkok The sourcing of textiles is a serious business in Bangkok. This magical city in Thailand has become a huge wholesale market. If you are one of thousands of contractor walking in the streets of Bangkok in search of wholesalers, then this article is for you. We receive many requests for advice sourcing clothes. Find products is one thing, transporting them is another. Do not think it’s easy, and here are some basic tips: 1. The owner should be your main contact Often, the customer